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Calming the Tempest

Trouble Brewing

Tempest lived up to her name. It might be very near impossible to recount all the errors made with this project, but I will do my best to give you a sense of what happened. Every error was 100% mine, not Tempest's. As usually happens, when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong from there on out. The lessons were many and I grew as a person and a knitter, but the lesson you could/should take away from my experience is that if I can be intrepid with a project, one that trips me up at every step, you, my friends, can be intrepid, too.


To make this very long project short here is a list of the errors:

  • Sleeve cap decreased worked by flipping the SSK and K2tog. This isn't a big deal but I would have liked it as written instead of what I did. Decision was made to move forward and not rip (I was already knitting the second sleeve) but this may have set the tone for the tempest to come.
  • Sleeves had purposely been lengthened by two stripes. I only realized this was an error when they were laid out to block. This error would be easy to fix so I wasn't too upset or worried.
  • While sewing the nicely blocked pieces together I picked up the two front pieces, instead of the back, and seamed them together. It was late and I decided it was better to wait and fix in the light of day.

The next day we learned that Charlotte was ill and I knew it was best to leave Tempest alone. After knitting the shawl, and working on a few blanket squares (mindless knitting), I felt ready to tackle Tempest's troubles anew, but the troubles just kept coming.

Picking up along the front and neck bands wasn't too much trouble, but when it came to binding off I had to decide whether I was in the right frame of mind to learn something new. In truth, learning a new knitting techniques isn't my favorite thing.  I'll often do what I've always done and go on, but this time I felt learning the sewn bind off was going to make or break the finished look of Tempest.

Knitty is very good at explaining how to do a technique and so, I followed the link and printed off the article. The sewn bind off is at the bottom of the page and it was well worth the effort to learn. However, I was a bit daunted when it said the length needed to execute was three times longer than the edge to be bound off and I just had this feeling I was in for a bumpy ride.

I pulled off way more than I thought I'd need (to go up one side, around the neck and down the other side of the sweater), but also hexed myself by saying I'd be 10 stitches short and that is exactly what happened!


It didn't take long to get into a rhythm when working the sewn bind off and I was very pleased with myself for learning this very beautiful and useful technique. (I'll be using it again.)  I was not in the least surprised to find the yarn was too short to work the last ten stitches, but to my delight, Ranco spit/splices perfectly. Whew! Disaster alleviated.


Now it was time to face the music on the sleeves. I cut off the four offending stripes picked up the live stitches and knit a few rows of garter stitch down. The sleeves looked great and the seaming, while carefully matching the stripes, went smoothly and beautifully. In short order the sweater was completed and looked fabulous. To my amazement it fit perfectly, too! But, as I crawled into bed that night I realized I had cut off FOUR stripes…not the offending TWO stripes. Now I'm worried the sleeves will look to short. Come back tomorrow and tell me what you think.


Tempest looks great. The large number of buttons is a wonderful idea.

It's a beautiful sweater, and your sleeves will be "bracelet length," which is stylish and lovely!

Tempest is a beautiful sweater. Like Marijke, I love all the buttons.

Isn't that just the way? I'll bet if the sleeves are a bit short, they'll still work very very well. It's a beautiful sweater! Have a wonderful day, grrrl.

Pretty Pretty! I always push sleeves up do they really need to be 'that' long.. I'm sure it will work beautifully..

When I read that I thought "four stripes? she must mean two on each sleeve, right?" I hope it fits okay. Can't wait to see the photos of it on.

She's beautiful in those pictures. Hopefully she'll be well worth the trouble.

sending you sleeve juju.

Wow, what a long slog that turned into. But I love the colors and I predict it's going to be fantastic on you!

I really like that pattern, though horizontal stripes don't work for my body shape. I hope you and your family are dealing better with your problems. I wish you lots of courage, and I keep you in my thoughts.

It's never good when you make a mistake while trying to correct a mistake. I'm sure you've tried it on by now and know if you like it or not. Can't wait to see for myself.

Oh dear! I had a pause when I read 'four stripes', but then assumed you meant two on each sleeve. Perhaps the sleeves will look great in an unexpected way.

I'm on the edge of my seat! :) I'm sure it will all work out - perseverance has to count for something, right?

Oh my god, poor you! I especially hated the wrong seaming part, I so don't like doing it! BUT the sweater looks really nice, I am waiting patiently to see it on you tomorrow.

Oh no!!! *suspense builds*

Poor you. That is so frustrating. Way to stick to it. I love the colors.

Oh my! That's quite the story! The last part added insult to injury. Looking forward to the Tempest postscript tomorrow! Love the coors and I think it'll look perfect on you.

Looks great so far! Can't wait to see it on you! Tempest sure tried to live up to her name tho'

Its looking really good to me! I really like the stripes.

I can't wait to see the finish, she looks lovely so far. I'm another one that pushes sleeves back and I'm hoping you'll find they still are a workable length for you!

It's encouraging to see all the knitting tribulations you can overcome. I'm looking forward to the fashion shots!

My prize package arrived in yesterday's mail, Margene. I've blogged about the goodies today. Thanks again!

oh no - I thought that when I read what you wrote... omgosh. this is the sweater that just keeps on demanding more knitting time, isn't it.
I can't wait to see it. all those buttons look like such fun.

Whoa...what a saga...standing by 'til tomorrow!

Your Tempest is wonderful, and the color choices for the yarns were perfect.

those are some beautiful details. May all sweaters fit well for all who give them time and attention. plus, i feel for you; i've made a zillion mis-Takes on my Garden of Alla; i'll sdmit i havent fixed them all.

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