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Calming the Tempest

In all honesty, I really couldn't be more pleased with Tempest.  After all the problems and angst, her troubled spirit has calmed and she is lovely and enjoyable to wear.  No complaints here. It really doesn't matter if anyone else thinks the sleeves are too short...the fit is flattering and fine.  There is joy and relief in Zeneedleland.


The yarn was wonderful to knit, should wear well (even at the loose gauge) and the sweater is comfortable. With nothing underneath it will be wearable in the warmer months and with the addition of a t-shirt it should be comfortable in cooler months, too.

Tempestisfabulous Backoftempest 

Not only is Tempest one of my favorite knits, there are plans for a second.  Now that I know the pitfalls, I expect the relationship will be smooth sailing.


Pattern: Tempest by Ann Weaver in Knitty Spring 08
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Solid 120 (Black) 107 (Gray) 
Needle: Size 6 and 3 Addi Turbo
Time to Knit: May 23 to June 20, 2009
Modifications: Started with garter hem of 5 rows. Sleeves are shorter (an error). For more details see the two blog posts that outline the process here and here
Sweater #7 for MoDoRav_linkredyarnball
Raveled HereRav_linkredyarnball


Hi Margene! I haven't commented/read any blogs in ages (been super busy) but caught up on yours the last few days. Lots happens when you blink an eye and don't read for a while!

My thoughts and prayers to everyone and your shawl was a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

You look STUNING in your new sweater. I don't think the sleeves are too short. That's about where I push my sleeves up to you do that too? So I would say they were just fine!


I had my doubts about this one, but it is really fabulous on you. I loved the colors you picked from the beginning but I wasn't sure about the stripes. I was wrong, at least on you this is really great and the sleeves do seem to be just the right length- I agree with Stephanie, I would push them up anyway.
It is so fun watching you do your 12 sweaters in a year! I am inspired to plan this for next year. I'm amazed that you are knitting shawls, socks, potholders etc. too!!

The fit is great, the sleeves are charming, the colours are sophisticated. In order words: Tempest is just perfect!

tempest is a lovely sweater and you look truly fabulous in it. :)

I think the sleeve length really works for you. Draws attention to the narrowest part of the waist or something. Super flattering!

Looks wonderful!

It's perfect! As usual, fits like a charm. You're amazing.

Looks fabulous

I was right. It looks wonderful! I love it, Margene. In fact, it might be my favorite sweater of the year.

you've done it again, another perfect sweater!

Wow, that looks fabulous!

Wow, the fit is amazing! I love the neckline too, kind of heart shaped and very flattering. It's like the pattern was designed just for you.

That is so gorgeous on you. It was worth the trouble. What colors are you planning for the next one, because this sweater rocks! And, if you hadn't mentioned trouble with the sleeves I would never ever have known. Another lovely knit, grrl.

Wow..I think every sweater you knit is my favorite..this one looks so beautiful on you..and the sleeves..that's just where I wear mine because I have long arms and they're usually either too long or too short..You took Terrific youthful!!

Yep. Looks perfect to me too, sleeves and all. And you look wonderful in it! What more could you ask?

I agree with Carole....I think this one is my favorite on you. Well done!!

Tempest is beautiful and very flattering. I like the sleeve length. Bravo!

The sleeve length is great, particularly as you're wearing it here without sleeves underneath. The colours look swell on you, too. Great job.

Worth all your efforts! It's beautiful!

It's wonderful. I love the sleeves - and your attitude about them! xoxo

Sleeve length is perfect. Your subconscious must have been telling you something.

Another great sweater.

Love, love, love that sweater. I like the sleeve length too and having worked with Ranco I know how good it feels. What's next?

Margene - Tempest couldn't be more flattering on you if it tried. I'm so glad you beat the challenges she presented. Happy knitting!

In the past, a friend would see a striped sweater like Tempest and say "Who could wear horizontal stripes?" Now I know the answer: Margene.

I'm seriously loving it. Great job!

Looks wonderful Margene and I like the shorter sleeves. Perfect fit!

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