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May 27, 2009


Margene...it's beeautiful!! I love the picture of you and the boys. :)

She is one very pretty sweater, even if she did drive you wacky. And yes, fancy tea is in order.

Bravo! Wonderful presentation. The fit is perfect, the colour is sweet and the lace gives it just that little bit extra.

For all the grief she caused, she turned out quite lovely. And the pictorial just cracks me up.

Love love love love LOVE that thing, and it is so flattering on you. Well worth every bit of grief she gave you.

Wow Margene it turned out just beautifully!

I second that wow. What a pretty sweater. I'm glad you stuck with her.

The sweater is perfect. A much better match for you than Liesl. I love the buttons and your take on the sweater! LMAO

That sweater looks wonderful on you, it was worth all the trouble.



BEAUTIFUL! It looks perfect on you.

That picture of you and the boyz is great!

What a lovely sweater. Way to whip that sweater in line! Nice to see the boyz again, too.

That is beautiful! It looks really lovely on you! Kudos!

Fantastic! Such a cute photo shoot, too. Clearly alls well that ends well.

You look so good in pink! You did a beautiful job with that sweater in spite of its worst efforts to thwart you. Well done!

Hi boyz! I was wondering how youze were doin'.

Oh my goodness! That sweater is totally worth all the trouble she gave you. So beautiful!

Oh my God Margene, that's a gorgeous sweater, and it fits you to perfection. I don't know how you do it.

With your tongue placed firmly in your cheek. Harmony is beautiful. You look so healthy and great!!! And, it's good to see the "boyz" again. I've missed them.

So, so pretty!!! Great photo shoot! xo

Now that's a keeper! I love the color and it can go from jeans to pearls, just lovely!

Awesome job on Harmony - I'm glad you tamed the arrogance. The photo shoot is great - but my favorite is you, Harmony and the Boyz.

By the way - in real life I have yet to meet a Harmony who wasn't just full of attitude! Maybe that trait is the same with knitwear. :)

What a cute picture of you and the M2 boys! I love that color on you too.

You are terrific!! The sweater turned out wonderfully!!! Love, love, love that last photo.

Oh, what a FUN photo shoot! Glam it up, she looks fabulous, and so, dear, do YOU!
(the boyz are cute as a couple of bugs, too!)

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