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Thank you for the accolades on finishing Harmony. She was worth the slog, but it will be some time before I want to knit another garter stitch sweater or any sweater with Summer Tweed. The minute Harmony was finished, the same minute the last button was sewn into place, the very same minute Harmony was set aside, I cast on for sweater #7, Tempest. I could not wait to have another sweater on the needles, a sweater that would replace the slog with a happy process, a sweet process, an easy going, easy to handle, charming sweater.


Tempest has been a dear and has not (as yet) lived up to her name. While her colors may evoke a dark and stormy night, she has stayed calm and easy going and, for that, I am relieved. Araucania RancoRav_linkredyarnball has proven to be a very nice yarn. The knit fabric is soft, looks great whether knit in socks or lace, and comes in a wide variety of colors, both semi-solid and multi-color.  Some time ago, with Tempest in mind, I purchased black (with hints of deep blue) as the main color and the contrasting skeins of gray tones.


They play very well together and, because they do, I am able to escaped into knitting time that is calming and joyful.  I followed Susan's leadRavelryredyarnball and started with a double start cast on and five rows of garter.   Thanks, Susan, for the idea, the edge looks great.
Tempest has already exceeded expectations as she has flown off the needles. The ease of stockinette stitch, even with the addition of striping, has been lightning quick compared to the garter slog of Harmony and the knitting atmosphere has radically improved.  With Tempest in the knitting basket and I foresee smooth sailing ahead.  This process is knitting heaven!


The names of the patterns seem to be the exact opposites of the knitting experience. Happy knitting.

Your Tempest looks really promising, very nice! I'm tempted to make one myself... those are just my colours :-)

Nice stripes! Still not sure about how one does the double cast on. Will have to google around. The edge looks vaguely picoted.

I discovered Araucania when I was digging around in a rather eclectic shop in NYC. The colors were nice and it seemed like a bargain, so I bought some. I'm always surprised more people aren't aware of it. Looks like you're on your way to another beautiful sweater.

Very pretty (and calming) blues!

The colours look outstanding. Can't wait to watch your progress. And I still think Harmony was beautiful!

Lightning quick is right! I love the solid stripes to break up the variegated yarn. Those colors will look great on you!

I love this combination! This is a great sweater - can't wait to see it done. And although Harmony was not your fave to knit, it is adorable on! I love the pink tweed and the lace - definitely crumpet-worthy. But you've brought her back to earth.

Wonderful color combination. I think this one will be a real winner.

Oh I love those colors, I can't wait to see more!!

Those blues are wonderful. Don't let Terry near that one!

How gorgeous! Love the colors, and so impressed with the speed.

Your sweater is going to be fabulous. I knit a shawl in Araucania Ranco, last year, in a similar colorway, and used a dark yarn for the edging. The contrast was so lovely, just like the contrast with your stripes. Can't wait to see it finished!

Thank heaven you have a more enjoyable knit on the needles now. I thought Harmony was going to break your spirit!

I am so inspired by your dedication to a sweater a month!! These blues are going to be perfect for you.

God, you are good. I can't believe how much you are doing!

That is going to be super! Lovin' the stripes.

I'm happy to hear that your next project is going to be a happy one, and as always I can't wait to see the finished project!

Wow! You've really moved along on that one. The colors are great!

Very pretty!

Great choice, I may have to knit this one too some day!

I am so glad to hear you say that garter stitch is a "slog". I always feel I am one of the VERY few who absolutely hate miles of garter stitch. Give me straight ol' stockinette any day the round or with the purl rows. Either way both sweaters are loverley!!!

I love your color choices, it looks great! (Also, hello! I've been reading for months, but I don't know if I've ever commented.)

The YarnDude rarely comments. Ask me how I know. /sigh

I canNOT wait to see this one on you. It's going to be amazing!

That's one heck of a come-back! Love the colors.

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