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May 05, 2009


I'm on board for Mellow Mondays! :)

Hmm. What does one do with a rubber band ball past its expiry date? Obviously too many ends to knit from it. I wonder if you could crochet something from it?! It'd be the stretchiest string bag ever. Until one of those weak rubber bands snapped and slingshotted your groceries all over the place.

Don't mind me, I'm working and am sort of punchy!

That is a wonderful quote.

I'm glad you had the quiet weekend you needed, and if that results in a Mellow Monday, that is even better.


Lawn ornament?


That rubber band ball inspired me to start one. It's much smaller than yours but I have bands that are rotting already, too. There's just no quality control these days. Sheesh.

Use it for a Cinco de Mayo recreation of the ancient Mesoamerican rubber ball game? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mesoamerican_ballgame)

Cover it with yarn and make a Tatami ball????


Send it to NYC for The Ball Drop..My DH thinks it's most creative..

Mine sat on my desk, bands added occasionally for years. I'd bounce it, the cats would run after it, and I figured I had a lifetime of rubber bands. Until.. I needed to use them. Turns out that they were getting old and stretched out, fatigued more and more as I peeled them off. I don't know what to do with them, never did. Just loved them for what they were, and how very cool it looked on my desk. But, Sammy, he knew what to do. Those things sure can roll. There is a lot of momentum with that much weight behind them. toy.

Nothing wrong with some mellow moments for Mondays, especially as the weather warms up!

I don't know if it would work with those but immediately thought of elastic for core-spinning some stretchy yarn!

Don't you know any 8 year old boys who would think that was da bomb? You'd be their eternal hero (or at least the cool lady of the day).

Donate it as a prize somewhere. Let someone else find the solution.

give it to Goodwill or your favorite thrift/charity? someone else will appreciate it and maybe have some fun adding to it. or the staff will have some fun using it to distract themselves for a moment or two.

hang it from a longer band for a cat toy. Not so imaginative, but really could work.

Your quote is perfect. One of the best pieces of advice my husband ever gave me (I'm a blatherer) was to offer the least amount of info possible when explaining or giving an excuse. Most people won't even ask for more, so then you're off the hook without a long story. It works.

I love that quote. It's so right on the mark!

Love the hotpads but as far as the rubberband ball I hate the looks of them as they rot! Maybe you could use it as a white elephant!

I'm with Jennifer and the 8 yr old boy except a kid that is 8 would get it confiscated in 3 minutes. I'd go more for the ten-elevenish range.

Give it to a second or third grade teacher to award at the end of the year for most improved student. You could change someone's life with that kind of "carrot".

Give it as a gag gift and the recipient has to add to it for a while before gifting it to someone else. It could be the gift that keeps bouncing back. Or isn't there a world's largest somewhere? Maybe they need reinforcements! Loved all the sunny yellow on Monday, maybe all I need on Monday is a change of attitude!

I'm afraid to answer in case the prize is the ball of rubber bands.

Not to be selfish, but send it over to my house! My kids would have a ball (pun intended) with it! :)

Knit a cover and give it to a kid! Bouncy, bouncy!

yeah, rain can be a knitter's friend. unless the knitter has to sit right out in it, getting drenched (despite the umbrella and rain slicker) watching a lacrosse game. now, sunny lacrosse games are spent actually knitting while watching lacrosse. so the deluge was doubly icky. yes, I said "icky."

I'm with Cheryl. A rubberband ball as prize. I could put it atop a vase filled with marbles....

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