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The Hook with Socks

Usually there are four different projects on my needles, but at this time I feel more than complete with only 2 things to knit and one big hooking project.


While hooking I seem to move my whole arm and shoulder in a way that causes soreness. I need to concentrate and figure out how to avoid whatever it is I’m doing and nip this aggravating problem in the bud. I'll take the process slowly and carefully so I can get to the finish without injury. I'm blaming the big hook and tough yarn. The pads will keep fingers from burning, however, which is the point.

The hooking has only begun, and would you believe, I'm already dreaming of making Babette….in the future…after resting my sore shoulder…someday…not right now…(holy cow). We'll see if that desire stays after making 10 of the Tumbledown pads (hot pads need to be double thick), as you can see I have 8 more to go. It has been fun to play with color and I am enjoying the hooking process. But, something else, something bigger? Hmm.....

There is no rush to start the next sweater and maybe that's naive, and perhaps smug, but the need to finish this pair of Monkey's is strong.  It feels right to enjoy the simple knitting, familiar knitting of yet another Monkey. The last Monkey was well over a year ago, but the pattern is forever etched on my brain...this is Monkey number 5, after all.  The other day a friend said I had OKD not OCD...I'm inclined to agree.


Enjoy your weekend...we're hoping to see the sun and feel its warmth!! No more snow!


The colours of your hot pads are great. Why do you need so many? In my experience thick yarn and a stiff fabric are always hard on the joints, no matter your technique. Babette shouldn't be any problem. It would be a great project to take along and for using up left-over (sock) yarn.

Hmm 4 things on the needles. I was feeling guilty that I had so many things going. Right now I believe it's 5. So much to knit so little time!

Love the monkeys! Take care of that arm.

Yes. Please take care of the arm and shoulder. It probably is the big yarn and hook. Babette is simply gorgeous, isn't she? There are so many beautiful crochet patterns now. So much color and imagination. and, the Monkey's? Love'em. Happy Friday, grrl!!!! Here's hoping for warmth and sunshine.

I like Babette she looks very 60's. The monkey looks really nice great color. I'm really hoping for the warmer weather, I'm thinking of painting outside.
Hope the arm is working better soon!!!

I loved making Babette- I have some thoughts on the way to put it together (to make life easier) when you're ready.

I like the colors, fun for the kitchen.

Those hotpads are so cute!

Don't hurt yourself! Be careful not to work on those hotpads for long periods of time.

Careful with that shoulder! We don't want you sidelined for the season.

I love, Love, LOVE all of the colors you've shown today! They just make me happy!

I'm trying to find a more appropriate chair for spinning because my alpaca job exposed a huge problem with what I've been doing. My sciatic nerve acted up in a big, bad way, and I would like to avoid that problem in the future.

Would that be obsessive knit disorder? I think we all suffer from that! I bet using a smaller hook and smaller yarn for Babette won't hurt your shoulder, the movements will be much smaller. I need to get busy on my hot pads!

ouch! Take care of that shoulder!

I have wrist issues when I crochet too much...I too need to figure out what I am doing to cause that. I don't seem to get sore when I knit, which I guess is why I lean that way. I love your Monkey! The colors are gorgeous and I really like how the striping looks with the pattern.I think the next pair I make will have to be Monkey.

Croceting makes my thumb go numb! The motion might pinch a nerve or something - I really don't know. However, I limit my crocheting and would much rather knit. I'm excited to see your completed hotpads!

I'm right there with you Margene OKD here too! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors! Now you've made me want to make another darned pair of those addictive socks! Curse you! LOL

do you hold your yarn in your left hand to crochet? that's how i learned, and so i knint that way too. no soreness.

I need to practice hooking more!

Oh! I recognize a certain bag in the Monkey Shot! A certain POSY?
(do please take care of your shoulder!)

After not knitting socks for a few years I am starting to get back into socks. Your Monkey sock looks great but there are a lot of great sock patterns out there. Any thoughts as to why Monkeys are so popular??

I never think of you as a big hooker for some reason. ;^) I love that pattern and have thought about it, too.

Please be kind to yourself. Shoulders don't just grow back, ya know.

Love your hotpads...hate big needles and hooks! Looks like you are going to be warmer than us next week, so enjoy! (Monday here only in the mid 40's....YUCK!)

What fun colors you are using! I have to put some time into this project over the weekend, and am glad I signed on. Babette looks like a fun project that you could wind your way slowly through, in between sweaters and monkeys, and then one day be delighted with.

i was dying to see what you'd decided to come up with for the swap! like you, when hooking a couple pads with peaches and cream when i was pattern testing, my arms felt sore, then i switched to the elann cotton dk sonata and it helped a little, but then the hotpad's not as thick - back to the drawing board....btw i love your monkeys!

I've been bit by the crochet bug as well. I'm working on a couple of amigurumi projects for my kids. The crochet bug must have come by with the spring air!

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