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Have you ever kept track of your yarn mileage….how many miles of yarn you knit in a month or a year? I've been thinking about keeping track for 2009. By the time Lily and the Cedar Socks are finished I'll have knit 6,788 yds. That's 3.8 miles for 2009, so far. This might be a good year to keep track as the yarndage as it will include 12 sweaters worth. Of course, I will also include the mileage of my crochet journey, too.

Tahkicottonclassic I ventured into a big box craft store and bought some Sugar and Cream. For the Potholder/Hotpad Swap we can only use cotton or wool, and a thick cotton potholder sounded like a good way to go. In my stash is a bunch Tahki Cotton Classic in pretty colors, too (used for face cloths). I'll play around with both, but the sturdy, thick SnC may make a little more sense.  Potholder designs and inspiration seem to be unlimited (at least on Ravelry) and there are loads of vintage patterns available, too.  I think I've found the one I'll use (TBA).

An account executive dropped by our office yesterday and brought some goodies. The cookies look better than they taste (they might have benefited from a bit longer in the oven, imo), but they were so pretty I just had to share.
Yes, this post is to distract while I finish up another project.  Tomorrow something beautiful this way comes.


Some of those potholders have been showing up on ravelry and they are so pretty! I wish I had the skills to do that stuff but I'm not there yet.

I've been enjoying seeing the various potholders popping up on Flickr/ Ravelry. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Hey you! Hopefully, it will be wicked a.n.d. beautiful;-)

Those actually would be fun colors (from the cookies, I mean) FOR a potholder. :)

Can't wait to see what goodie you've got in store for tomorrow' post!

I love your SnC colors! So springy and will brighten up somebody's kitchen.

Look at all the pretty colors!

Now I'm intrigued by the thought of watching your mileage add up for the year. How are you calculating it? Thinking of the leftover yarn after the project is knitted up...Taking the total of the skeins and somehow figuring the yardage of what's left to subtract from the total?

I was out buying SnC yesterday, too. Thinking of knitting a guest towel for the newly painted bathroom.

Such springy colors!!! Helps to wake my brain up this morning...

I love the blue and green together - I think it fulfills my need to really believe that warm weather will be here one day soon! All the bright colors are great.

You are so funny I would have never thought about how many miles of yarn I knit! But its something to think about. Those are going to make some pretty potholders.

Awesome colors. I should make myself some potholders - we never have enough.

I have in the past kept track of the number of miles in my stash... (but haven't checked in a while, maybe THAT's what I should do today)... but not of my knitting. I want some of those cookies, now, please.

I LOVE the Sugar n Cream colors! Just wish it were a little easier on the hands to knit with...

I love SnC colors. They're all so cheery. If I used washcloths or could stand to put my knits or crochet in dishwater, I'd have a million...

That last picture makes me unreasonably happy.

The SnC colors are lovely. I ordered a bit of Elann Sonata for my potholders/hotpads. I thought the thinner yarn would allow more crochet acrobatics but now I'm wondering if thicker would've been wiser.

Can't wait! I haven't knit a stitch since Saturday, so I'll live vicariously through your knitting!

I love your colors.

I'm keeping track of yarn this year. If nothing else, I'll get a post of it in December. ;^)

Awesome colors for the potholder. Can't wait to see what pattern you use. I'm also looking forward to your mileage report.

Have a great day!

I took out a few older crochet books from my library, and I think I"ve hit upon my potholder design--I'll test her out this weekend!

You can't beat SnC for durability and they have some great colors to choose from! I can't wait to see what you come up with for your design.

Anything with lovely bright spring colors works for me. Cotton is such hardworking, sturdy stuff -- I just wish it didn't hurt my hands.

I keep track of yardage, and I'm continuously suprised by either how much or low little something is.

I recently gave to charity some kitchen cotton in those very same colors! I've tried dishclothes, but my hands don't like the cotton.

Interesting idea to track yardage. I've heard of it before, but it scares me a little bit...

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