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Periwinkle Golden

Color me tickled pink over yet another wonderful sweater.  Golden Vintage is one of the most versatile and wearable sweaters in my collection. She's the perfect dress up/dress down, go anywhere sweater and she's comfortable, too.  If all of the sweaters knit for MoDo are nice to wear as the first three I am going to be ecstatically happy come the end of 2009. 

The simple details of the baby cable cuffs, hem and front bands gives this cardigan an elegant look.  Simplicity reigns, and adds to the classic, long wearing design with exquisite detail.


A knitter could use any favorite yarn of any fiber content for a successful outcome.  The unique quality of Spinderella's Spun Thrums give this sweater a one of a kind appeal.  Lynn's thrums are blends of unknown wools and this particular yarn is likely a soft wool, alpaca (the tan flecks) and silk (the bright periwinkle bits). The blend is soft against the skin, comfortable and warm.

Verywearableandcomfortable Backofgoldenvintage

Rather than sew I-cord around the neck as the pattern suggests (I didn't think my sewing skills would produce a good edge), I first tired an applied I-cord. It might have worked out, but it was going to take considerable work, trial and error, forward and backward knitting to end up with a good outcome.  When the idea of the rolled edge popped into my head I ran it by Susan and she immediately approved.  It didn't take any time at all to pick up stitches around the neck and knit 6 rows of stockinette.  This produced a rolled edge of reverse stockinette and a very neat neckline.  Color me please as punch (pink punch!).

The yarn and pattern together made knitting this sweater a joy from beginning to end.  GVC was a twelve day project and it's a good thing as I've dithered away the last 10 days trying to decide which sweater to knit next.  If all projects were as smooth and easy as this one has been I'd be finished with MoDo by July. 
Pattern: Golden Vintage Cardigan by Thea Colman
Yarn: Spinderella's Thrums 3 skeins (390 yds/skein)
Needle: size 7
Time to Knit: Feb 12 – March 2, 2009
Modifications: Lengthened sleeves from elbow to 3/4 length and instead of I-cord around the neck I picked up stitches and knit 6 rows of stockinette to create a rolled edge.


That looks lovely. The buttons are perfect, too.

That color is not just beautiful on you, but gorgeous against the granite, too.

Of course the big question, though, is have you decided what to do next?

Beautiful! Lovely color and it does look very wearable.

Another huge success~! She is gorgeous, looks fabulous and not wanting to overuse superlatives, very very feminine. You have every right to be tickled periwinkle!

Perfect . Every part of it. Perfect.

I my world it's: LoFoWhaMaWiKnNe (Looking Forward to What Margene Will Knit Next)

I love the new addition...color and fit are fantastic.

Love it on you! The rolled collar and those buttons are a great finishes-I may need to add this to my list too.... (I think I say that about every sweater you knit!).

I love it and I can tell that you do, too. That's the same collar treatment as on the Everyday Cardigan and I like the simplicity of it.

very, very, nice. looks like it took a lot longer to knit than it did....beautiful detail.

So nice! Love the color, love the little rectangular buttons, love the rolled edge....and you look wonderful in it.

I saw this on Ravelry last night and LOVED it! Margene it looks perfect on you. The color suits you so well and it has such a springtime look to it.

Have fun wearing it!

Oh, Margene. That is a beautiful color on you and a flattering shape! You are really getting me motivated to knit more sweaters.

Very nice! That rolled edge is a great touch.

Wow Margene! It's just perfect in every sense of the word!! You are such an inspiration...

You always make the best choices for yourself! It looks fab!

You're so inspiring, Margene, with all of these beautiful sweaters!

Great color! The sweater looks wonderful - and wonderful on you.

Definitely a multi-season, go-anywhere kinda sweater. I love the color you picked too!

I saw this on another blog and thought, "um, nice". I see this here and think "wow!". I love the simplicity of it, but not boring. Now what?

Looks really beautiful!!! Is it me or have you lost more weight????

Stunning work, and definitely a classic! Looks great!

Congrats on yet another new sweater! You are indeed going to be very happy by the end of the year!

How do you do it?..You always select such flattering, perfect fits, color etc..it's always a huge WIN!! It's gorgeous and you wear the color beautifully!

It's lovely, Margene! Love that neckline... will have to check out that pattern.

Love this sweater! The rolled edge is the perfect solution. Nice choice of buttons, too.

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