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March 20, 2009


Beautiful afghan. I read about Adrian's potholder swap and thought it was such a terrific idea. Enjoy. It does feel very weird after knitting so much for so long, but it still feels good. Happy Friday!!!!!

I'd love to join the swap but I'm not quite there yet with my crochet skills. Have fun!

I picked up some Baby Bamboo for Lily but I'm going to try to finish the Garden Trellis first. I never learned crochet but I love your bag-and the linen you used.

I am hopelessly crochet-impaired. I really need to do something about that.

I think one of these days I need to learn how to crochet - more than just the occasional edging / basic stitches - because there are some really interesting things I would like to do with it!

Here's hoping you and Lily have a much better weekend together this week!

Have fun with Lily!!!

Have fun hooking! I'll be sewing this weekend!

Have a nice weekend..whether you are 'hooking or knitting'..

weaved potholder is on my hook right now and i'm thinking of all the vintage potholder patterns i have....hummm...

Hooking is fun every now and then!! Happy Spring, Margene. Have a great weekend.

Maybe I ought to go back to crochet....the knitting sure has been disappointing lately! Have a nice weekend!

Sounds like fun - crochet is so mysteriously interesting to me. Another thing to investigate one of these days.

I have a collection of old red and white crocheted potholders hanging in the kitchen. I used to buy one occasionally when I went antiquing. I have yet to really learn how to crochet.

I read little bits about the potholder swap here and there but I didn't know how to sign up. Now I do. Thanks! This could be really fun since I unexpectedly find myself missing the crochet now that my big project is done.

I have some beautiful potholders that my grandmother made, they are so fun. Her and my mother taught me to crochet when I was just 6 years old. I think they would love the fact that I have gone on to knit and spin.

I joined the potholder swap, too. The idea of playing with nice spring colors and a hook was too tempting to resist!

For some reason, I never think of you as a hooker. Even though, I know you know how...

Happy Weekend, my friend.

I always suspected that you had a wild side in your past. A hooker. I should have known! hahah.
Love that bag! Almost makes me want to make one!

Better you than me. I'll watch you!

I am using the swap to actually learn how to crochet. I think it's possible.

crochet remains a blurry fantasy for me, but i love looking at pretties like yours. happy spring!

I will have to check and see if I am fast enough to get in... what a fun, quick swap!

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