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While the weekend was full of good times, the "must do" weekend stuff was compressed or eliminated. This makes the first of the week hard to face. Monday's work day turned out to be fine, but the brain just didn't want to get into work mode. The brain also wanted to knit, something it didn't get enough of over the weekend. The brain wanted to do more spinning, but very little of that happened, either. This weeks after work hours this will be cram packed with "must do" stuff and time at home will (hopefully) be full of knitting (and laundry and grocery shopping). The third sweater of MoDo must be finished this week and that's still doable (I think). Plus, I need to find buttons for said sweater and that's just one more after work errand to add into the multiple after work errands. I'm tired already.

Five days from now, March 1st, will be my 5th Blogiversary. The last five years has comprised of over 1400 posts, over 46,000 comments and nearly 200 finished projects! About half way through the 5 years I learned to spin, but only recently has spinning become something I need to do and something I want to continue doing, learning and pursuing.

The biggest bonus, the best gift, from the last five years as been the friends I've made face to face and across the miles. Some friends remain "imaginary" and others are very real, but both are dear to me. Every known and unknown one of you has become an integral part of my life. If I blogged only for myself I would have written a personal, private journal, but I do this for the interaction, the camaraderie and community. I'm honored and humbled that you come here 5 days a week to read and participate in my knitting life.


The packages from the last contest are almost ready to go out (I am behind) but that isn't going to stop me from offering even more prizes for the Blogiversary. This time you must make a guess as to the yardage on my newly spun bobbin of singles. The wpi (wraps per inch) is 17 (that's around fingering weight), the bobbin is a Lemdrum (and it's packed FULL), the fiber is a wool/mohair blend. It will likely be knit into a shawl or stole. That info may or may not help you make a computation, but in any case, just stick your neck out and guess! What have you got to lose? I'll wind it off onto a niddy noddy this week and report to you on Friday who the winner is and what the yarndage is. I'm dying to know, too!

You have until Thursday, Feb. 26th at 5:00pm MST to leave your guess on this post.  Friday I'll annouce the winner.  Good luck!


Dang, I haven't a clue, but as recommended, I'll just make a stab at it. 547 yards.
Happy Blogiversary! I've enjoyed reading your blog and admire your projects! Keep on blogging:)

5 years! That's quite an accomplishment, Margene. I'm so glad to call you my friend. As for the bobbin, I'm going to guess 427 yards.

Congratulations on 5 years. Reading the blog is a great pleasure, especially because I miss the southwest!
I guess 430 yards.

Happy Blogiversary. I'm going to guess 801 yards of singles. (I also don't have a clue!) I read your blog every morning and enjoy seeing all of your knitting and spinning projects.


I am stunned by how much this community has become such a vital part of my life these days...and I am grateful to those of you who blog on a regular basis...

895 yards!

Going for 736. But 1400 posts?!! Congratulations!

Look at that lovely spinning! (I just got my first wheel a week or two ago, so I'm madly trying to calculate things in my head here) It'll be a wild guess based on I have no idea how much yarn one of those bobbins holds but my 4 ounces did not fill up the ladybug bobbin, so I'm guessing you have between 6 and 8 ounces there, at someplace between 100 and maybe up to 400 yds per ounce, so my guess is 937.

well lets say 565
I enjoying reading you every day with my morning cuppa :)

Now, I'm all aflutter;-) 46,000 comments? Almost 200 finished projects in five years? Damn. I'm so glad you are here and that we "met". I value this community big time. I'll just take a shot because I don't have a clue. How's about 620 yards?

congratulations!I'll guess 711 yards

I do read you every day- but don't spin so my guess is a stab in the dark- I'll say 678yds.

How about 666 yards. :D Yeah. Evil Stacey and all that. I hate guessing.

It's hard to believe it's been that long already. Where did those five years go? Thankfully we blogged, so we'll remember? (my 5 years will come in October) Sometimes in the morning, I'll pick a random month/year and look at what I was doing and then look at the same month at a favorite blog.

Happy Tuesday Margene, and here's to the brain getting in sync with the week.

Since I know nothing about spinning except what I read on blogs, I am going to guess 450 yards. It sure is pretty.

Since you are perhaps God's Gift to the blogging community, I'll guess 666 yards. Congratulations on five wonderful years! I have *loved* reading about your life.

I so enjoy your blog. Haven't been here for the full five years, but probably the last two.

And I'll pull a number out of my hat and say...645 yards.

I'm going with 728!

Hmm . . . I'm not at all sure, but am going to guess 961 yards. Fingers crossed . . .

842 yards.

I'm so happy you blog. It's the first blog I read every day.

Congrats on your blogiversary!

I just tried to post my comment, but it didn't here goes again. I'm so happy to have met you first reportorially (word?) from our Margaret, virtually here at Zeneedle, and "live..." It's a big guess (and I can't remember my first one), but how about 623 yards? xo

Beautiful spinning and congratulations on the 5 year blogiversary!
I'm guessing about 412 yds on that bobbin, but regardless it will make a stunning shawl!

I enjoy your blog.

Beautiful yarn! I'm going to guess high--how about 1058?

Ooooo, pretty. I too have no idea, but... 902?

I'm in awe of your 5 years of blogging. 46000 comments! Congratulations.

I'm going to guess 475 yards.

Thanks so much for sharing your craft with us. You always brighten my morning.

I've never spun, but let's just try 847.

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