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There isn't any more knitting to show or talk about…you know it all as far as the knitting goes. Acer may be finished this weekend, but it's unlikely it would dry fast enough for a photo shoot.

TeresaC made the comment that she'd be trying to knit all 12 sweaters for MoDo in six months. I admit this crossed my mind as they'd all be done and I'd be free to do as I wished, plus have 12 new sweaters to wear. What's not to love?! However, (I keep reminding myself), this is about having fun (FUN!), not (necessarily) being competitive with anyone (including myself) and enjoying the process. Besides, Gray Mist alone could take a year.

The weather has been all over the place, bitter cold, then snow, then warm air and blue skies. So far, other than ice (which caused me to fall and bump my knee), the winter hasn't been too hard. There is a bit of haze and inversion coming in next week, but it remains to be seen if it will clamp down and stay. 


I must admit that my aversion to green has changed ever so slightly. It's not as strong as it once was and there are more greens I actually like. Not enough to wear, mind you (I'd look putrid in green), but enough that I don't recoil at the sight. Having a blog has opened my color horizons and just as you changed my mind about orange tones, you have been instrumental in advocating for green. The colors and textures of this Georgia O'Keeffe picture speak to me. She named it Blue and Green Music (love that!). Wouldn't it be a beautiful colorway for yarn or fiber?

Speaking of color, when I started this blog the color theme was pink (you're not surprised?). A couple of years later Kim made a fabulous new banner in a purple color theme and I've loved it. However, over the last year, my taste for purple has waned. It was never at the very top of my favorite colors list (red and blue take turns), but it was in my top 4, and now, it's relegated to "meh" status. I've been talking to Kim for quite awhile now about a new look for the blog. I love the red umbrella and didn't want that to change, but I did want something new and different, a fresher look. I'll be working my way through the color changes this weekend and adding the new banner Kim designed. It's going to be SO cool!


Green is such an interesting colour; there are so many different hues. I, too, have avoided green for years, but am now totally into it. I have about the same skin tone and hair colour as you, judging by your pictures, but I have green eyes. Yellowish greens make me look sick, but greyish or blueish greens are great. Rowan's felted tweed has a lovely blue-green colour: Watery nr 152.

Can't wait to see your new look!

Very exciting! I love your umbrella, too.

I'm a huge lover of many green shades, but there are some greens I detest. Kelly green, for example. I also hate royal blue - reminds me of band uniforms. And primary yellow. Ick. But some blues and yellows are heaven to me.

That's the fun of color - infinite possibilities and surprises. And thinking of it, I can't recall a Georgia O'Keeffe painting whose colors I found offensive.

I can't wait to see your new look. We all need change. As for O'Keefe? She had a way of being bold with color without making you think of primary colors. I feel the same about greens, but have mellowed a bit about certain shades. I only look good in deep forest green because it's almost black;--) And, 12 sweaters in 6 months? That goes a bit beyond the process doesn't it? Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing your new blog look. And as far as the sweater thing goes, aren't you already doing as you wish? You should be.

Can't wait to see the new look for your blog digs! I'm afraid, though, I am still quite fond of the purple. :)

You know what a fan I am of it! I really love reds as well, so I will be looking foward to seeing your new look :)

I never outgrew my purple phase..or haze~..whichever!! But green never found it's way into my wardrobe until a few years ago..and it's still 'rare'..actually there's 1 green outfit ..a very DEEP green that could almost be mistaken for gray or black..I rarely even pick up green yarn except for gifts.

My own color choices change seasonaly. For years now I've had a fall/winter and a spring/summer palette. There might be shifts within those palettes, but for the most part the groupings stay the same.

I do love me some purple! New look eh? Bring it on! Being a creature of habit, it will take a while for my eyes to adjust.

Oh, blog redecorating! Exciting!

Hmm - plus how excited are you going to be to finish sweaters in June?

I'm excited to see the new look!

New year, new look! Sounds good to me.

Yes, I too have been thinking that this sweater project is a journey and not a competition. I will do what I can and enjoy the process! As has been said before - if it's not fun, what's the point.

Be careful on that ice!!

Sorry about your knee.....we've got thick ice here right now and I won't go out! Looking forward to the new "look"!

I'm excited to see what you and Kim have come up with for your blog. It's funny how our color tastes change over the years.

Blog redecoration! Cool.

Oooh, I can't wait! It's a good time of year for rearranging and redecorating.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Kim have in store for us!

How are you going to bind off the sleeves and bottom of Acer? I never like the way the bind off looks on these top-down things.

Neat Georgia O'K, and I do like the red umbrella. Maybe it's a new year thing? I've been thinking about a new header too ;)

I like to try to work outside of my comfort colors. But I can never seem to work with yellow. But it seems like color preferences change depending on the season.

I hope your knee is feeling better. Ice is a perfect excuse to stay inside and knit and spin.

I'm so glad you are keeping the red umbrella, I love it. I could see it against charcoal grey like the rocks in the zen garden. I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose.

New year. New look. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Yes! About the painting colorway! (though I'm not rushing off to do it)

Fun! About the new blog design - can't wait to see!

Have Fun! About the sweater knitting. I just got yarn today for Feb Lady Sweater. I hope it loves me (the pattern).

Does it seem silly for me to ask if you're going to Estes this summer? I'm shopping for lodging and will possibly bring a van full of fiber lovers to share expenses.

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