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(Not) Smitten by Mittens


If only I liked mittens more. I've knit several pair, but only occasionally wear them. (The purple Latvian pair were a gift.) I do realize that mittens are warmer than gloves, for the most part, and they are certainly easier (and faster) to knit. In a snowball fight I'd much rather be wearing a pair of mittens for comfort, ease in forming the snowball and staying warm and dryer longer. But, when it comes right down to it, my fingers cry to be free, love the freedom to wiggle, and need to feel useful. Mittens seem a hindrance to all of that. Maybe I just haven't acquired the ability to wear them. Is it an acquired taste or do you like them (or not) from the get go?

There are so many beautiful patterns and one of my favorite books to thumb through, and drool over, is Selbuvotter by Terri Shea. I dream of knitting any one of the mitten patterns (and gloves, too) and have even purchased yarn. Hopefully when Terri is here next month for classes she can help me acquire a taste for mittens. Lately, Kirsten has also designed some great mittens and I love the look of them, but alas and alack I feel they wouldn't be worn. Perhaps you can share your thoughts on what it is that draws you to wearing mittens to help me see the light. Just why they are so popular?


Acer is now sporting buttons and made her debut on Tuesday. After I saw the way Lene attached buttons to her Kingscot, with a smaller button on the backside,I had to follow suit. This elegant dress making technique adds stability and longevity to the button area.  I've fallen head over heels (again) for Beaverslide yarn. It's amazingly soft and feels good against the skin, but it has the rugged, worsted look of a warm winter sweater.  I might make another Acer, but it's certain I'll be buying more Beaverslide.


You. Are killing me and my cold, mittenless hands. I wish I could take that class with you.

I wear mittens purely for the warmth. I like the freedom and more elegant look of gloves, but I have terrible circulation in my hands and have been wearing my warmest pair of (store-bought) lined, ragg wool mittens in this cold.

Having said that, hand knit ones are so cute that I'd wear them just for the cute...

Yeah, I'm completely fickle.

Can't wait to see Acer.

I think mittens are warmer than gloves ... my fingers huddle together in there, and keep each other cozy.

I'm on a bit of a mitten kick right now, and doing the KAL, and finding that, like hats, they're a really good way to try something new on a small scale and still end up with something useful. My stranding has really improved in the last year, and I credit the stranded mittens I've made. You've got some beautiful mittens up there.

A class with Terry Shea!! Lucky duck.

I really don't even like gloves. I hate having "stuff" on my hands, but this time of year???? I most definitely wear gloves. I love your mittens, though. Maybe, you and Smith need to go out and have a snowball fight.

I am afraid I shan't be much help because I am not a mitten person either. I'm definitely firmly on the glove side of things. It's Terri's glove designs I covet for myself. I have the book and they're on my todo list, they just haven't floated to the top yet.

Gloves are nice when I need dexterity, but the circulation in my fingers is so crap that I really need mittens to stay warm. Speaking of Terry Shea, I'm currently working on Annemor #11 from the book. I'm thinking they'll be perfect for my sister, and I expect I'll still be working on them when I'm in SLC next week.

I grew up wearing gloves. Never owned a pair of mittens until I learned to knit just a few years ago. I like both, though I don't have to wear either that often. Fingerless mitts are good for our climate...and better for fishing.

I feel the same way! I LOVE mittens with a passion, and have a whole collection of mitten books tucked away on my knitting bookshelf. It seems like I only rarely make them, though, and then only the most basic designs for use by my kids. (Who are smart enough to prefer Mom's homemade mittens!) My favorite books are by Uptis and Shea, but I never actually take the steps neccessary to knit any of them. It's a mystery...

Personally, I rarely wear anything outside. I think even gloves are too much for my hands sometimes. It's usually not so cold here that it's a huge problem. I can almost deal with cold hands more than I can deal with not being able to use my hands freely.

I, too, like gloves more than mittens. But mittens are much warmer, so I use them when it's really cold, around -10 C or colder. Or if I will be staying out long, even if it's just a bit below freezing point. As either doesn't happen very often, I have knit much more gloves than mittens.

Here's how I wear mittens in really cold places: I put on a pair of leather gloves first, and then put the mittens on over them. My hands are sooo toasty warm, and if I need fingers, I can pull off the mittens and there they are, and my hands still stay warm.

It helps to have a wide cuff to wear over your coat.

I hear you- I love the look of mittens and also want to knit them- but I hate them. I like gloves! I equate it to the nightgown vs. Pj"s I am a Pj's & glove girl!

I always attach my buttons that way.

I am a serious mitten wearer, seriously. ;o) I have just cast on myself for the Acer. Not being a terribly pink person, I really like yours. I am not far enough for photos of it yet though.

You are teasing us with this little shots of Acer...

I hate mittens, but if the temperature is below 30F, I really need to wear mittens or my hands won't stay warm.

I love the mitten look! For a gal that isn't sure can 'crank' out some beauties!!
I rely on gloves if I have things requiring dexterity so I don't have to continually slip the mitt..I just began knitting mittens in the fall and was totally smitten but I'm thinking I'll never ever do gloves because the fingers scare the 'bazooka' out of me..
Love the mittens..but I guess gloves would be more user friendly for most that I do.

Are you diametrically opposed to fingerless mitts? I wear them much more than any mittens I've made. Although they wouldn't be much good in a snowball fight.... :^)

I love those purpleish mittens with the yellow flowers! What is that pattern?

My Beaverslide is on it's way...wheeeeeee!

Maybe I'm a freak, but gloves annoy me immensely. I would much rather have mittens. I find that gloves get all pushed up in between my fingers...and I don't have big hands or anything. I must be too sensitive. lol I DO, however, really like the fingerless glove and mitten combos (with the flip top).

It's fingerless mitts for me, all the way. They may not be the warmest, but I find them so much more functional -- I can buckle kids in the car, fumble for my keys, and drive away, all without having to take them off.

Mittens are warmer, but I do end up slipping mine off and on to do things with my fingers. I wear mittens a lot in Minneapolis! I think people like to knit them because they're so pretty and a much smaller commitment than a sweater. If I ever show the ravelry site to a non-knitter, I show them a project search on mittens.

I've recently been in love with the endpaper mitts by Enny Jang. They don't have finger, so they aren't as warm as most mittens. I like to wear a pair of gloves under them. It is the best of both worlds.

I can't be happy in mittens. Cute, but never very practical, had to use with a camera or cell phone.

Okay mittens are warmer true. But fingers always want to be free. My solution is to put a pair of thin ski glove liners on my hands first. Than the mittens go over the glove liners. This way is you need to pull the mittens off when you are outside for some reason, our fingers are still protected. And mittens do allow the yarn to shine when you are using variegated yarns. And color work is easier with mittens. And you should be able to find the glove liners at any ski shop in your area. They also help when the wind cuts straight through the mittens in keeping the fingers warm

And I love the color of your Acer. It is almost the same shade as mine!!! But I am using Seacolors out of Maine.

Mittens in everything except driving (need fingers for radio, GPS, etc). Warmer. Flip top mittens for walking around ski villages...same idea, but warmer than glove option with fingers.

Y'are or y'aren't. Why fight it?

First a peek, then a button...tantalize us why don't ya...

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