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In the Pink

Heading up one of our many beautiful canyons is the very best thing you can do when the inversion comes to camp out and uglifies the air.  The day in the mountain sun is even better if share with friends.  Cheryl and I, in our hand knits, were dressed appropriately for the sun and warmth.  We also happened to be the best dress people at Snowbird. She's wearing her darling hat from our SnB swap and I'm wearing the Just Enough Ruffles Scarf that Susan made for the exchange. Yes, it's green, but don't you think it goes beautifully with my pink Acer and the Leafy Mitts?  I do and I love them all together.

Acer is one of my favorite sweaters because she is soft, warm, nicely designed and knit from one of the best worsted yarns around. (Cheryl's sweater is also knit with Beaverslide!)
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Part of what makes this sweater fit well and look fabulous is the design detail of the yoke and the darts that create the waist shaping. Acer was a very quick knit because of the pattern was well written and easy to knit (large needles, size 9 also help). Acer is my first 10 day sweater...10 days from start to finish.  Of course four days off for the New Year holiday came at the right time. 
Some people have finished their second sweater for MoDo (and are going full steam on their third).  I'm knitting as fast as I can to keep up!

P.S. Our day of service was wonderful and we (25 of us) moved 67 TONS of canned goods! The food bank was so appreciative and said we were the most productive group that had ever volunteered.  We walked out of the facility a with our chins high and feeling like a million bucks (even if we did have aching backs).   Today I am a very grateful and happy to be an American and very excited for this moment in history.  Yes we can!


Acer looks fantastic on you!! What a great start to the year of sweaters.

What a great sweater! You and Cheryl look fantastic, and how awesome to be at Snowbird just because you can... people here pay big bucks to get there this time of year!

I note the guy in the background of one of your photos hiding his face - I wonder if he's on the lam??? ;)


You and Cheryl look great! Acer is perfect on you!

Gonna be a great, momentous day...feels so good!

Green and pink are a winning combination. Acer looks wonderful! You've sold me on Beaverslide. I love the look of Cheryl's sweater, too.'s wonderful! You and Cheryl look fabulous in your beaverslide!

Yes. We can;-) Acer looks fabulous on you, as does the darling ruffled scarf and your way cool leafy mitts. What an ensemble. And, the sun? How gorgeous and healing. Looks like you all had a great time, and it was a tad crowded too!

Acer turned out fabulously and looks great on you!

Time to go listen to Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Going To Come." :)

Acer looks fabulous! And I like the green scarf with it too.

Yes we can and we did!

That is a really beautiful sweater. I hope mine turns out as nice.

I do think those knits go very well together! Susan made a great scarf, I think!

I'm glad you feel proud of yourself for the volunteer work you did, and I'm proud of you too! That is a lot of canned goods you all moved!!


See you tonight. I'm going to bake something celebratory.

Looks like a fun day at the bird! Your scarf and gloves look like they where made to go together. Love the Acer, was she knit from top down?

Ah, the sun was so wonderful. It sounds like it might be back in the valley tomorrow.

You look gorgeous in your new Acer sweater and all your other handknits! What a great service you did yesterday. It must feel great to know you really made a difference for so many people. I'm all teary eyed and emotional today. Mwah!

Beautiful knits on great models - lookin' good!

It is terrific. Looks like a great day, too!

Pink is a wonderful color on you.

Great sweater! The colours are fabulous on you.

10 days?! Amazing! It is fabulous.

It looks great! We can indeed!!!


I, too, love all those greens and pinks together!

I love the pink and green combination and it looks wonderful on you. You have to get over that green thing. Love your hair, too, by the way.

Your Acer is lovely.

DH was pleased to note that the garter stitch bands on your Acer are behaving just as mine do. (I was worried that I should have knit a much bigger size to avoid the bands "gapping".I believe it is just the nature of the soft garter stitch.)

It is beautiful - I love the color and the fit, and the interesting, but not too busy design. I might have to move that up in my 12-sweaters list for this year, now that I've seen yours!

It just all comes together so nicely..looks like you even have a 'little' different hair..the sweater is a keeper for sure and it all compliments well.
It all depends on 'what you pair the green with' wear it beautifully with Acer~

Lookin' good! I like the pink/green combo, too.

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