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It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

At the first of the year I talked Smith into buying me a Gray Mist Bohus kit as a combo Christmas-Birthday gift. The kit has been sitting in plain view (no out of sight out of mind) for a full year and nothing, zero, nada knitting has been accomplished. I'm determined to change that in 2009. The main reason for the delay, for the anxiety surrounding this project, is the shear magnitude of stitches…surely a design knit on size ZERO and 1.5 needles will have eleventy-ZILLION teeny, tiny, super fine stitches to knit.


After thinking, stewing, drooling and desiring this sweater, I feel much better about starting it. There will be no deadline, no rush to finish, only enjoyment of the process.  Its time has come and with zero days left in 2008, starting a sweater on size zero needles sounds like good luck.  In an attempt to calm my excitement about NaKniSweMoDo I got a head start (can you call 3/4 of an inch a head start?) and cast on the neck band.  The yarn alone will make this pattern worth knitting as the angora content makes a soft, buttery fabric...ooohhhh yeah.  (One thing I've learned this year is just how much I love the feel of angora.) 

And so, away I go, starting the journey of a lifetime, knitting an heirloom sweater of a zillion stitches, a journey that starts on size zero needles.  Wish me luck.

Happy New Year!!

The Needles Keep Knittin'

It might just work out that there will be nothing on my needles come December 31st.   That might not be good luck, however.  Should a knitter ever be without something, at least one little thing, on her needles?  I'll have to think long and hard about that and do something, not take any chances.  In any case...I'm  starting and finishing small projects as fast as I can go. 


The KushaKusha Scarf has enjoyed much attention lately. Growth has spurted since the merino strand was dropped and knitting continued on with only the stainless steel yarn.  It's still not quick knitting because the yarn is still wiry and the needles have progressed down to a size 3.  The end, however, is nigh has come.


Jadis was finished and a photo shoot is scheduled, but with nearly a full ball of the yummy yarn left over I just had to start a hat.  Anne's Belle Starr was just what I envisioned and it's now growing quickly. The pattern is free and on her blog side bar or on Ravelry


After mentioning to my dear friend Shelley that I needed one more little project to take me up to the last day of 2008, she beamed her smile and said I could knit her some mitts.  She'd never had mitts   and would like a pair (plus, no one has ever knit anything for her). Since she is the most generous knitter I know, it felt good to oblige with a resounding OK, I'll do it!  Shelley picked a lusciously soft Shepherd's Wool in a new strangely neutral color, Midnight Lake. It's not brown, or eggplant, or gray, or's ALL of those colors in one! She liked the Leafy Mitts pattern and that's what I'm using.

That's about the last of the projects for 2008 and, in fact, the year will start off with an FO parade. Now to decide what should be on the needles so my luck doesn't turn.

Favorites of 2008

It's nearing the end of the year and instead of looking forward in anticipation of NaKniSweMoDo I decided to look back at the fruits of 2008.  There was, as usual, a lot of knittin' goin' on and while much of it is enjoyable, wearable and beautiful, I do have a few favorites.  This year produced loads of smaller projects as it was the year of cowls and mitts.  I made my fair share of cowls, mitts, scarves, hats, and even a couple of tea cozies, all of which you can see in my Ravelry notebook.  For the sake of this post I've decided to share four of my favorite projects as a recap of the year.

The first of the year found me a little obsessed with lace shawls.  By the end of July I had knit several pieces of lace, each one special for its own reasons.  The one I enjoyed over any of the others, because it was challenging, exquisitely beautiful and unique in pattern and yarn, was Aspen Grove.  The design is Miriam's and she worked in conjunction with Anne who dyed the yarn.  The way it feels around my neck, the way the garter edge drapes over my shoulders and the rich, warm fall colors make this one of my favorite shawls.

Favoriteaspengroveshawl Favoriteshawlaspengrove

While Sock Mojo didn't hang around with me for very long this year, he did stay long enough to help me knit four beautiful pair.  It is difficult to choose only one favorite, but the whole idea of a Mystery, and the beautiful sock that resulted, made knitting this pair extra fun. (I'm looking forward to knitting Kirsten's Acer next year.)


Of all the scarves I knit this year the number favorite has to be Lace Ribbons. Not only was it fun to knit, I used a handspun angora blend (from Anne) which made it extra luxurious, warm and beautiful.


The reason I've picked Salina as my favorite sweater over Daniel or Jadis, both which I love nearly as much, is its wearability.  It's a three season sweater that looks good dressed up or down, works in almost any situation and is as comfortable as a t-shirt.  


Next year I hope to be as prolific and enjoy the process at least as much as I did in 2008. Did you knit something you especially love this year? I'd love to hear.

Spinning My Wheel


You can bet I am not twiddling my thumbs or sitting around and spinning my wheels.  I am spinning ONE wheel, Emmylou, my sweet spinning wheel.  Smith knows how hard it is for me to get along with January and so, he bought me "Happy Lights".  One is set up near my knitting chair and the other beside my spinning chair.  It puts a smile on my face to have that bright light shinning on me.  Let's hope it helps all through January.


Softsilky3plyyarn The Sanguine Gryphon merino silk spun up beautifully and might be one of my best yarns yet.  The complementary colors changed considerably in the plying and now show a deep, rich blend of hues.  The yarn is soft and nicely round (as a 3 ply should be), but has a sheen and "crunch" of silk.  It makes me very happy that another 4 oz. (in another colorway) is in my stash and should spin up into some heavenly sock yarn. 


One of the SnB grrls, Katherine (blog free but on Ravlery) has been knitting Flutter with some of her Wooly Wonka handspun.  (You should check out her best FO of the year!) She's been working on Flutter durning Sunday SnB and that has put the idea in my head to spin for my own. In my (considerable) fiber stash is a cormo/angora blend, color Seashell.  Spinning a fine weight is taking extra effort and time, but I do think it's going to be lovely and it will certainly keep my hands entertained until January 1st. 

NaKniSweMoDo Distraction

While trying to keep myself from starting a NaKniSweMoDo sweater before January 1st, I'm knitting a little of this and that.


Birthday Cowl by Nova in Malabrigo Worsted.  The colorway is Applewood and it's prettier in the knitting than it was in the yarn. This yarn is a delight around your neck.


After eying Ruth's Leafy Mitts kit for awhile I ordered it last week. It arrived on Christmas about perfect timing!  I cast on immediately and finished the first mitt in a couple of hours. Christmas morning I finished the second. I did not try to make them matchy, matchy and, in fact, would have liked them a little more fraternal. But, I couldn't love them more! Action photo shoot soon.  

Now....what's next!?

Santa Parade

HanukkahbearWe blend the Holidays in our home.  Smith has his Hanukkah menorahs and I have many needlepointed Santas. The glittering threads on each little Santa reflects the candle light of the menorah's and our home looks very festive.  It's been years since a Santa has danced across the shelves and table tops of the living room.  Taking each little guy out tissue paper and seeing his smiling face again has caused a bit of a stir and quite a bit of enjoyment.






Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to one and all!

Maelstrom Moment

This picture is truest to the color.
Maelstrom caught me in its current and I had a swirling good time. This sock is as much fun to wear as it is to knit.
The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight, color Coral. It worked well for the leg and heel as my instep is high, but the foot would have been too large had I not decreased down to 58 stitches after the gusset.

They look great in my favorite shoes and my toes are happy and warm.



The second time's the charm.  It was much easier to knit another pair of earrings after reading a few of the tips and tricks in Romi's Group on Ravelry.  Using exaggerated motions to round out the stitches and poking at them with the free needle to make them a little more uniform was very helpful.   The end result was turned out to well, and since it was fun to do, I bought Romi's book.  Inside there are so many different types of knitted jewelry and it will be fun to explore, play and knit my way through all the methods and styles.  I think I'll make a few more pair of Bijouterie this weekend, too.