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November 28, 2008


Beautiful iPod! Congrats. The signs also make the sign of the X...

Pretty!..What a GUY!!

X is tough letter. I'm going to have to cheat when I do mine. Glad to hear Smith has a new job. I must have missed that earlier. He sure knows how to spoil you!

Very pretty and in blue no less! How apropos considering those who enabled you. And congrats to Smith on his new job! What a relief that must be.

Fill me in the new job! That's totally fantastic!!

Nice giftie too. He's a keeper. :)

Pretty blue Ipod! They are the best :)

Neat-o! And yay for Smith!!

Very nice new gift, and congratulations on the new job. Thanksgiving here was relaxing, and for the first time in years I wasn't sick!

I love my new orange Nano...the only odd thing is when you put it on its side....

New Job! Excellent.

I LOVE my iPod! I had a Nano for awhile and managed to fill it up so I bought the orignal iPod. It has an ungodly amount of memory on it. I don't know what I'd do withouth the thing though. lol

Great ipod! I can't live without mine...listened to over 24 hours of Ken Follet's Pillars of the Earth while I commuted/knit. Great book to listen to!

Smith got a new job? Hooray! I love my red iPod. Thanksgiving was nice. We ate and then played Apples to Apples and then had pie. Lots of wine, too. It was actually a great day.

I love multi-tasking! That book has been on my Christmas list - enjoying it?

I just got a Creative Zen player yesterday as an early Christmas present (we want to make sure it's functioning well before the labor warranty is up, so we didn't want to just leave it wrapped up for a month). I've already downloaded a couple of books. Yay!

I have a purple Ipod Nano, and love listening to books. Jim bought a new radio for my car that has an input, so I can listen through the speakers. Very cool. We had a mostly relaxing Thanksgiving, only going out for dinner at my son's girlfriend's parents'. The rest of the weekend will be given over to relaxing and eating. And maybe a little knitting. Have a great one! Oh, and did the doggies get some leftovers??

Sweet iPod! even sweeter news about the new job...hugs, chica.

Congratulation on Smith's new job and its great quick result!

Glad to hear about the new job--relief, I'm sure, especially in these crazy times!
I've never gotten into audio books, but I love catching up on missed TV shows on my iPod Touch. And downloading movies. And podcasts while walking. And carrying around the latest grandkid pictures!


What a pretty little giftie.

My day was quiet and relaxing for the most part. So much nicer than the years I flew to see the relatives and felt like a fish out of water the whole time.


Very, very pretty! :) My holiday was a pleasant explosion of extended family - but I am appreciating the quiet of today.

X is one of the hardest letters. I have the Ipod on my list, but much furhter down. Enjoy! I had a very fun Thanksgiving, filled with laughter and just enough good food. There's still pumpkin pie and a trifle, with lots of sinfully delicious layers at home in the fridg.

OH!!! How nice!
And did I miss that Smith had a new job? Congrats to Smith!!!

I am completely stuck at M.

Love the iPod!

What a cute little I-pod! And how sweet of Smith to get it for you (and congrats on the job!). Our Thanksgiving was nice, consisting of hubby and me preparing our favorite Thanksgiving dinner, taking a nap while the kids were off playing elsewhere, then eating at a formal table set in the middle of our living room renovation. The incongruity of a plywood sub-floor and china, crystal and silver was really fun. Hope yours was terrific too - did the babies get any treats??

what a sweet gift! lovely ipod, I love that blue. Good X too : )

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