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An Adventure or Insanity?

Last Tuesday night at SnB Susan threw down the gauntlet. "I'm going to knit 12 sweaters next year. Who's in?"  CherylS and I thought that sounded very doable as we've both have knit quite a few sweaters this year. Everyone else thought we were crazy, but we're seriously thinking about going for it, anyway.   It will be the "Me, Me, Me, ME KAL" as all the sweaters we knit will be for ourselves (which isn't unusual). As much as possible we'll work from stash without making it mandatory. While I don't have enough yarn to knit 12 sweaters, I could get a good start with what's on hand.

I'm in a bit of a dilemma, however, concerning Jadis and the Gray Mist Bohus.  There is NO way to finished both (and Plan B) by the end of the year.  I WANT Jadis now, want to knit and then wear her, and the Bohus will be too much sweater to knit in one months time (at least I think it will be too much).  Do I knit Jadis now or put it off and make her the first sweater of 2009? (This would be very difficult.) Do I start Bohus now and, along with Plan B, work like hell to finish before years end? Do I try to knit all three? There's a load of knitting time coming up with the long Thanksgiving weekend and I could use it to my advantage. Couldn't I?!?!

Just for kicks 'n giggles here's the yarn list in no particular order:

Known Projects
Aruacania Ranco (two colors) slated for Tempest
Beaverslide Woodrose – Acer
Habu Gima Cotton for Gisela
Jamison Shetland -for Grant Avenue

Rowanspun DK – Possible Drops Cardigan like Cheryl's
Rowan Yorkshire Tweed – perhaps this is best for Kingscot?

No ideas as yet yarns
Silky Wool (Red)
Notlwonk Sport – (Gray) I'd love to knit with this yarn soon
Elann Peruvian Quecha - (Red - I'm not fond of this yarn, but it could make a nice cardigan)

Making a list of sweaters does not mean this is what I'll be knitting.  It's only a factual reference and possible guide. The list of sweaters I'd like to knit is longer than this list and I could/will be persuaded (by yarn or pattern) to change my mind at anytime.
Or hyperventilate. 
Or give up altogether.

The weekend will be spend knitting and pondering (and spinning).  Have a good one!


Adrenaline starts racing through my veins, just by reading this. Wouldn't it be just great if you could actually do it! Why don't I join you; there are so many sweaters on my wish list.
But no, I have just decided to limit myself to 4 sweaters next year max and 'just a few' other items in between, so as to really enjoy the process. Good luck to you and your friends!

Me. I'm in. Oh, NOT on the sweater knitting. On the crazy team. :D Crazy but supportive. And if ANYONE can do it, YOU can. Crazy or not! :D
Color me impressed.

If you did a couple of simple little T-shirt sweaters next summer would that give you more time for the Bohus?

I recently set myself a goal of 6 to 8 sweaters next year and thought that ambitious. And I have enough yarn stashed for a few more years of sweaters after that. I'm not sure I'd want to do a sweater a month for a whole year. It might cease to be fun well before the year was done. Still, it's an intriguing thought.

Gee, I thought NaBloPoMo and NaKniSweMo was ambitious. I'll cheer you crazies on. Knit Jadis for the first success of the year, and crank the Bohus (I typed Bogus...heh) out by Dec31.

OMG! You grrls crack me up! I'm with Sandy - on the crazy team that is - I think I might go crazy if I tried it.

But it is tempting and would be an awesome thing to do in 2009. Do all the sweaters have to be for you? Could you knit a couple baby sweaters in there to make more time for Bohus. I really doubt that I could do 12 but maybe I could do 6 - 1 every two months. Would be a good thing for the stash as I have a few sweaters in the lineup...

You are nuts. Admirable, but nuts.

Knit Jadis now and make your first sweater of 09 be *finishing* the Bohus, since it's definitely a stretch assignment.

I read this post twice. Um. It is not only ambitious, but an interesting challenge. I'm thinking process here, but I'm so slow that it would just produce stress for me. But you're not me so I'm going to be very very interested to hear what you decide. I wonder if you could count the Bohus as two months so that you could still enjoy the process? Damn! I can't wait to hear what you decide.

You are still really excited about Jadis so I think you should knit that one now.

Totally with spirit. It'll be fun to watch and cheer you on.

Good luck with your projects for next year!!!

this ounds next to impossible. sure, it could be done, but what would happen to all the "i just gotta fish something/ i need a hat/ etc" projects? good luck!

Sounds like there's sure to be plenty of drama around here. :D

I like people who think confidently and grandly, but it would definitely be nutz for me. I am more from the camp of a sweater every two months would be a challenge for me. I think you should make the goal 12 sweaters for 2009(and stick as close as you can to 1/month). That way you can do Bohus, enjoy the process and the coming 6 weeks, too. Can't wait to watch if you go for it. Well, love to watch whatever you're up to.

Good luck with the sweaters. It will be fun to see if you all can do it.

Yes, Jadis first or you'll never be able to concentrate fully on the others.

Yes, Jadis first or you'll never be able to concentrate fully on the others.

Were you grrls drinking at the meeting last night? 12 sweaters in a year? YIKES! I will be here cheering you all on :)

You've got me thinking this could be a good idea ... could I have some sort of handicap (like golf) ;)

Oh - I'd love to plan to knit one sweater a month, but I'm afraid to make a promise... usually I can't keep any knitting ones... And your list of sweaters seems so good!
(PS. I have Grey Mist on the list too. Why is it so scary?)

This sounds like EXACTLY the sort of challenge that I get all worked up and excited about. Hee Hee Hee. Then at some point I would rebel against the 'must knit' pile, and would end up with a half dozen shawls or socks or baby sweaters or.... you get the idea.

Well, you, Cheryl, and Susan are definitely the most likely to knit 12 sweaters in a year...

It will make good blogging!

Set Plan B aside now and knit Jadis. Seriously. I want to see it! As for next year, I think you should knit 13 sweaters--1 each month and Bohus over the year in your spare time.

if you decide to do a KAL I'm in...what a great idea...I have almost 8 sweaters worth of yarn and have been planning to knit through it next year...

I second Susan's comments, keep the Bohus for when you need to work on it, but let it be the reward/relaxation knitting that generates the bonus sweater by the end of 2009. Once you get through the yoke and into the acres of little tiny stockinette stitches you'll probably want some variety for your hands and eyes.

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