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October 24, 2008


Just reading about the whole Rhinebeck experience gave me a warm fuzzy. I'm so glad you had such a good time! I am a bit jealous of the opportunity you had to learn under JMM. So I do hope you'll put together a post of all the nuggets of wisdom you learned at her "feet". :)

Yes. That was exactly it. Under the influence of good friends. It was a very special three days.

What a great post!!! So true that the festivals are so much about friends..although the fiber is terribly tempting and I've never left empty-handed..Fiber related events are definitely a Friend 'Thing'
Some great looking buys..but the uncontrollable fun with your friends weighed in heavily~

Your memories are priceless. Thanks for sharing them. And, the haul? Damn. I'm so overwhelmed. What goodies!!!!!

I love being under the influence of all of you! The spindle is beautiful.

I had more fun at dinner and the hotel than at the wool fest, so I totally understand. I laughed pretty hard at the deer/not deer situation and I wasn't even there for that. Good thing because I probably would have pee'd my pants.

The colors of some of your purchases look like they were definitely under the influence of Terry and her favorite color blue :-) Nice collection of fiber, yarn and spindle. You forgot "unforgettable fun"! Wish I had been there.

We sure did giggle a lot didn't we? You came home with some beautiful little goodies, especially that spindle. Very nice!!

You had a great weekend all around! I can't believe I left without Briar Rose fiber. I went back and forth over it all of Sunday until I left without. Next year....

The blue Jacob is gorgeous. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Your under the influence purchases are beautiful!

You must post all spinning knowledge for those of us that weren't able to be there!!!
I really looks like you had alot of fun.

Looks like a great time with friends and lots of fibery stuff.

What is not to love??

Beautiful spindle! And what's better than good times with great friends?

I would only add "Uber."

A wonderful, fun-filled recap! Friends and fiber are a combination that can't be beat.

Great U! It looks like it was so much fun...

It was uber-fun!! So many silly moments. And I loved that your some of your Ewe-tah girls were there too!

Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Rhinebeck this week! I could almost hear the laughter, touch the wool, and smell the sheep, even though I was here in Utah all the time.

Sounds like Unbelievable fun!

You and your grrls are too much! I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself to you -- I was in a bit of a festival daze by the time that I bumped into you and Laurie.

The Great Rhinebeck Incident sounds like a movie title.

I sure hope you decide to post the spinning info you learned from Judith. So many of us just don't have the opportunity to learn from her in person, so sharing your experience would be a real treat.

Looks like you had an amazing time and I have my fingers crossed that I can attend next year.

thanks, Margene. i'll be under the infulence of your Peaceful thoughts today.

Understandable that you had such a good time. Expected, even.

Happy Weekend, Margene!

Oh, this is the best U!!!

I'm soooo glad you got east for this, but so sad we didn't have more time together. I'll repeat it again: At least we had July. Honestly, if we hadn't, I'd be truly moping about it.

That Golding is STUNNING!!! I just love Goldings. XOXO

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