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September 05, 2008


What a cool glove. My goal is to knit a glove this fall or winter.

Isn't the let down after all the finishing something else?

Love the gloves, you are fast.

So, you call that much glove "slogging on?" Sign me up, grrrrl! That hollyhock looks like a yarn I've seen somewhere. Perfectly beautiful. Have a terrific weekend!

I'm not really fond of knitting fingers, but I may just have to give this glove a try. It is gorgeous!

Oh, thanks for the link to Carole's new site! Wow, I'm amazed at how far you got on the 2nd glove last night.

Sometimes the "disjointed" post have the best scoop in them!! Have a great weekend!

Sometimes a "taking care of business post" is just the thing. Thanks for posting about my new site!

"Glovely weekend"...Love it!

Augh! I was wondering why Carole hadn't been posting!

Thanks for reminding me about the upcoming JMM class....I need to get my spinning muscles back in shape, too! And watch that video once or ten times....

Thanks for the heads-up on Carole's new site! The hollyhock is spectacular. They're so impressive.

Oh, and by the way, I left something on my blog for you.

Our sweater weather is a long way off, though we did have a noticeable drop in the humidity. :)

My Spinning Mojo took a vacation too (perhaps it was with yours) and I'm hoping that I can convince it to return this weekend. It seems a bit reluctant though. I'll hope for the best.

I'm just catching up on blog reading - all your FO's are beautiful! But, of course that's no surprise; your work is always lovely.

That flower looks a lot like a hibiscus. What color! Thanks for the links.

Did you complain to those weasels at TypePad? Because they don't know unless you tell them and, as a power user, they should be more interested in keeping you happy.

I still love those gloves.

It drives me crazy when movable type doesn't send me my comments. Your gloves are really awesome! Are the fingers a pain to knit?

Oh geesh, I just this week got the courage to do a mitten..a thumb is enough..don't even give me fingers yet!!

That flower is gorgeous! It's starting to get a little cooler here, and I'm ready! Love Lady Day too, looks smashing.

Run over to my blog and check out today's entry.... there's a little something for you there.


You will love that class with Judith.

those gloves look so warm and cozy.

and I totally understand about the calm after the amazing flurry of FO's you just had. :-)

my sock mojo seems to have gone on a long trip (perhaps mine and yours are hanging out together in someplace warm and sunny together, tanning on the beach, no doubt sipping mojitos)

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