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August 22, 2008


Here, have a Schnauzer or two. They're into some quiet time, on occasion. (May have to wear them out first!)

There was an awful lot of the silly going on! How funny to have a Q post that illustrates what it isn't!

It is just a shame you all had to put your "happy face" on. It appears you endured your time together very bravely.

It's a great Q. :)

What a great load of photos!!!

I like it, too. Quiet is important but sometimes it's more fun to NOT be quiet.

I looks like you all had a great time!

Quiet is probably what you are experiencing now that everyone has gone home, but that wouldn't be as interesting in pictures. I like these much better.

Better than a vacation away!

I LOVE these pictures!!!

What fun you all had!

I LOVE your Q!!!!

It's all quiet around here right now, and I love the quiet, but sometimes it's nice NOT to be quiet!

Am I talking in circles????? hee.

Great photos, great memories, great grrlfriends. :)

I am loving your 'Q'!

I'm not sure everyone around us appreciated our non-Quietness, but it certainly was an awful lot of fun!

Wonderful Q!

Great Q and great pictures. Quite a lot of fun.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your pix.

I like your Q too. You can feel the good vibes right through the monitor!

for like the millionth time I'm totally jealous. lol

"Queue" photo at Iguana is very, very cute!

I like your Q, too. I especially like all the laughing and silliness.

Q's a tough one, but I think you handled it very well! ;-)

Fun to see people enjoying themselves so much!

Quite wonderful!

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