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Putting a Spin on the Weekend

Spring Cleaning Jag

The return to winter last week looked as if it would stretch into the long weekend. Fortunately that did not happen, and while the wind was chilly, Saturday was graced by sun most of the day. Sunday was much the same, slightly warmer.  Very early on Monday morning the rain pattered outside the open window, the cool breeze filled the room and the birds sang to the new dawn. Nature is a lovely alarm clock, albeit a bit early for a holiday morn.

The weekend was filled with friends, fiber and massive attacks of spring cleaning.  Even Smith caught the bug and the pantry/storage room is now 90% empty.  (He is not amused that I call it my new fiber storage room.)  The bookcase in my "junque room" also had a face lift . The knitting books are up from the bottom shelves and much easier to see.  They look marvelous interspersed with yarn, fiber and other memorabilia of my craftiness.  Stacy's room was the inspiration that set off the cleaning jag. It looks like boudoir for yarn and knitting.  I had serious envy for her lovely space and decided to create on of my own.  Even with all the clean up, spinning was accomplished.

Max is fitting in as if he was always here. He is a dream dog, better trained then any we've raised.  He obviously didn't have overindulgent parents and toes his own line.  There has been little to no adjustment period. He is sweet, comfortably content and we are all very happy, all very lucky.


Your fiber space is revoltingly organized. *sigh* It's a lesson in making a beautiful space to work.

Max has such a sweet face.

I always love seeing photos of "my" room! Max looks like a very sweet dog, I can't wait to meet him.

Max is a very, very lucky dog!

Hmmm....Smith will adapt :-)LOL

Max is indeed a very lucky boy to have found his way into your home and hearts!

Sounds like a lovely weekend and I love "your" room. The Saturday sky is gorgeous and Max looks like a sweet sad little old man. How dear.

Your "junque" room is lovely and looks so fiber-friendly. Max looks like a sweetie.

A good space makes all the difference. I love yours.

Sounds like a very productive weekend! I like Max's expression in that picture - very patient with his new mom and her camera. :)

Max, you are one handsome dog! :)

I also got my clean on this weekend; doesn't it feel nice to get out from under all of the stuff?

Max looks like a very sweet puppy and the room looks great also.

I need to do some serious organizing too. Too bad I have no designated fiber space :( Max is such a cutie, I'm glad he's being good for you!

Some day, when the kids have all finally moved out for good, I too shall have a fiber room of my own. Until then, it's all over the house...

It always feels good to get organized. Are all those books knitting or fiber related?

Oh, I think I'm in love with Max and look forward to meeting him:) If the weather we had this weekend is coming your way, it's a good thing you cleaned the house rather than packing up winter clothes... it has been cold and rainy since Friday. I do love the look of your spinning nook!

Max looks so handsome after his new haircut. And your fiber studio is looking great! You were right about Stacy's - it does look like a yarn shop!

You and Stacy are INSPIRING!! (Love Max, he's a cutie!)

Hi Max! Lovely room as well, so many lovely books to inspire!

Max looks soulful. Is Moxie learning to love?

So glad Max is fitting in well.

I'm glad that I could inspire you...since you inspire me with all your beautiful knits and mountain pictures all the time!! :)

Must be in the air... I had the spackle out last night, filling holes in my new studio/workroom/junque room in prep for painting today/tomorrow!

Your room looks WONDERFUL -- so relaxing and inviting. "Come in and spin..."

Your junque room looks great. I've been feeling the urge to do a bit of cleaning lately too. Must be something in the air.

I've been doing the same thing. I took some of the stash that I couldn't part with, but knew that I wasn't going to use for some time, and used space bags to store it. They're awesome!!!

Max is incredibly handsome! How's Moxie dealing with the competition?

i wanna give Max a little scritch under the chin...good puppy.

Your spinning area and bookshelves look fabulous. Wish mine was in such good order.
And that Max - what a doll. He's so adorable it makes you just want to cuddle him.

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