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March 18, 2008


That sweater is GREAT! And looks da BOMB on you! (I know, I couldn't resist!) You are the cutest! CUTEST!
Great job on the sweater. It looks like a perennial favorite! And you'll even have time to wear it before Sprummer sets in!
extra hugs for my Margene!

Wow - beautiful sweater! Looks like it was made just for you! :0

The sweater is great! And it looks like you were having so much fun during your photoshoot.

It's wonderful! Perfectly designed and beautifully executed! Really, Margene, it's outstanding.

It's beautiful, Margene! And it fits like a glove.

Wow! That really does look stunning! I'm tempted now. ;)

Fabulous! It's PERFECT. And those colors are wonderful on you.

OH MY MY..OH HECK YEAH..that is absolutely gorgeous...well worth the wait`..it would make a gal 'wanna' dance..the color is just perfect..one of my favorites~

Oh, Margene! It's perfect! Really. It's stunning! This is why I love EZ and Meg. The EPS in baby size was one of my first knits. Daniel wore it for a couple of years.

you are so freaking cute! :) love the sweater. mine...someday.

Love it and it looks terrific! Did you write the verse in falsetto?

Margene...it's fabulous!! You almost make me want to do the EPS math....and I hate math.

You are just too damn cute for words - and EPS is a work of art! Congrats - she's beautiful! But it looks like you might know that already! ;)

So nice sweater, I love it!!!
Congratulations... :-)

I love it! It came out absolutely perfect!!

It's stunning!

Well, of COURSE it fits: you planned it that way! I'm taken with the fair isle part. It lies beautifully, nary a hint of ripple. Well done!

Great fit, great yoke, perfect! Very impressed. And great photo shoot, too.

Fabulosa. It is a perfect sweater!

Hee hee - fabulous pictures! (And the sweater turned out great, too!)

I LOVE it! It looks so great on you! I need to get spinning so I can make mine!

Love it! What a fab knit. Looks great on you.

Fantastic Margene!! I love, love, love that yoke!!! Your EPS looks great on you!

It's fabulous - you give me the urge to knit one all over again! :)

WOW!!! It's FABULOUS...GORGEOUS...LOVELY...INCREDIBLE...I'm running out of adjectives!!! I may just have to queue one for myself!

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