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February 19, 2008


Can't wait to see yours!

I always think that "bits" of knitting can look somewhat uninspired, especially on the needles. Yours looks like it has promise!
Thanks for the comment on my blog as well.

One day when I get 5 minutes alone to think a little ;-) I know yours will be nothing less than beautiful.

The sleeve looks great. I can't wait to see the finished sweater!

The EZ EPS sweater is on my list. That, and the PI shawl. So much knitting, so little time. BTW, you Utah girls knit gud:)

Cheryl's sweater looks fabulous! I am looking forward to seeing yours, I know it will be equally as nice!

Ohhhh, I especially love the saddle-shoulder version. Perfect!

The finished sweaters DO look great!! You are getting really close to finishing, too.

Oooooo - I like that flash of color on your sleeve. Looking forward to seeing the FO. My EPS sweater is on the needles. Finally. Using completely different yarn than I intended. But my ribbing is done and the stockinette started. Hopefully, the momentum will continue.

looking good!

I bet you'll have those sleeves done in no time!

They look great! (Don't worry, I'm sure yours will be stunning, too. Sometimes you just lose your knitting mojo a bit.)

Both of those sweaters look great! I hadn't seen one with saddle shoulders before. I really like that look.

I think my EPS ship has sailed for the moment: it's been frogged three times and now I only have three months till the new baby! (Guess what has just moved to the top of the Priority List!) Can't wait to see yours finished!

All the EPS sweaters look lovely! Mine is at the yoke now, which I may rip back a few rows to center the motif some more (oops) tonight. Talk about learning as you go! Glad to see you enjoyed the weekend,
Anne in Calgary

Don't the grrls look fabulous!

You're right, there's no race. Yours will be done in its own time, and it will be great.

Fantastic! I hope there'll be a group EPS picture when that time comes. It's amazing how different they can be. Wonderful!

It's always such fun to see all of the different interpretations of a pattern. Those sweaters are beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest.

is it in Knitting without Tears? that's the only one i own. otherwise i'll have to get it from the library, lol.

I needed to figure out a technique last weekend and couldn't find it anywhere. Then, I thought of EZ. Sure enough, there she had it in one of the books and it was easy to understand.

Yay Cheryl and Eliza! And I can't wait to see your finished sweater. I'm looking at that tantalizing bit of colorwork on the sleeve and wondering how it plays out in the body... kind of like hearing just a theme from a symphony and then listening to the whole thing.

The sleeves were the hardest part--but they always are for me. That's why I often do them first! To get them over with. Yours looks lovely. Thanks for the great idea and the fun project.

How cool! I look forward to seeing your EPS!

It looks great! I'm working on the second sleeve and am yet to begin the body.

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