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Warming up the Toes

Blueskydaywasverycold This has been a very cold January with frequent days of snow, a constant front of arctic air and a few days of blue skies.  Thankfully there has been little sign of the usual inversions, the day after day of gloom we hate.  The few blue sky days we had have been very welcome, even if they are colder than cloudy days. Today it should be snowing to beat the band. 

At this time of year I'm very grateful to have a drawer full of hand knit socks, wool socks, warm socks, (and fleece lined Merrell clogs don't hurt either).  It's a rare day I don't wear both socks and clogs.


Closeupoflaceonfoot Even with a drawer full of socks, it's always thrill to finish a new pair.  Especially a pair that was as much fun to knit, and is made of such fabulous yarn as this pair.  This might be the most unique of all colorways I've knit with to date and I love it.  The pattern and color share organic qualities and that's pretty cool, too. You can read in Friday's post just how much I love the pattern and the yarn…nothing has happened over the weekend to change that.  In fact, I love them more simply because they are on my feet! (Happy feet!)

Pattern: Leaf Lace Sock, designed by Susan in Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book
Yarn: Kim's Woolen Rabbit Sock Yarn, Rosemary and Thyme
Needles: DPN Bamboo 1.5
Time to Knit: 1-11-08 - 1-18-08
Modifications: Leg and foot made longer.

I'll be away from the computer all day which means I may not have a post ready for tomorrow.  See you Wednesday. 

ETA 7:00am:  Seven inches of snow have fallen since 3:00am and it's still coming down hard. 


Those are nice! Hope you start seeing more blue skies!

That is one of her colorways that I have wanted to try! It is beautiful. The socks are just perfect.

Beautiful socks! I especially love the colorway.

Beautiful colors, and great pattern match.

OOOHHH...pretty colors.

Your socks turned out wonderfully. I love the colors and the picot cuff.

Hey! I was thinking of casting on for those same socks with Kim's yarn as well! Maybe tonight. Or tomorrow. or....

I've been complaining about the cold this January, but I'm very glad that we haven't had the endless inversion that we did last year. There's fresh snow on the ground here in western Weber County already this morning.

I hope the fact that you're away from the computer today means that you're out doing something fun on the holiday. Enjoy!

Those are stunning socks!! Hope you're doing something fun today.

Oh my.....that pattern is wonderful!! Once I finish all of my single sisters, I'm thinking this just might have to be my next pair. Susan's pattern is just beautiful!

beautiful - the pattern & yarn play very well together. Keep those toes warm!

Wool socks are a must in January. Beautiful wool socks are a bonus. These are simply gorgeous! Stay warm.

Beautiful socks! That's one of my favorite patterns too.

Those are beautiful!

Dude, can you knit in your sleep? Cause it seems every day there is a new finished knitty thing over here.

You, my dear, are making the rest of us look lame.


Very Nice! Those socks look like the colors of a Spring garden. Especially welcome right about now!

Crazy snow, eh?

Those socks are fantastic! I hope you'll be modeling them tomorrow. Unless you're already wearing them right now, of course!

Lovely socks, and even prettier in person!

Oh I adore the socks and especially Kim's wonderful color, it is even better knitted then in the skein (I still remember your post about it). 7" and still coming hard, Oh I am so jealous, I want snow here too,,, LOL

Beautiful socks! Stay safe and warm!

And how wrong is it that the stores are already displaying bikinis for summer?!

Your socks, on the other hand, are just gorgeous and appropriate for January.

there is something wonderful about having hand knit wool socks on a cold wintery day. that pair is absolutely lovely.

What beautiful colors!

mmmm.....that rosemary and thyme is calling my name....

You know, I love your rocks. Just sayin'.

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