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Boy, Oh Boy, Are You Going to Like This "B"

The Food Network has become a favorite of mine.  KimG turned me on to it last July and it was fun to watch while recuperating. It's been on frequently as there is so much info on good food, easy recipes and, the evening viewing is full of very entertaining shows. There are no dumb plots to keep track of, no silly characters and you can jump in anytime and enjoy a show.  I won't say watching has increased time in the kitchen, but a few times I have been enticed to try a new recipe. 

So, B is for Batter, Butter, Baking, and Blueberry Crumb Cake from the Barefoot Contessa.


From the minute Ina started this cake I was enchanted. It looked so easy, so pretty, and so delightfully yummy.  Rarely does something sweet capture my attention and become an obsession, but I could not get this cake out of my mind. As soon as I felt able I whipped it up and was not disappointed.


Monday afternoon, while the snow swirl outside my kitchen window, I decided to warm up the house and fill it with the aroma of a baking cake. It WAS easy, it smelled divine and it tasted even better.  Oh yes, I had a piece as soon as it was cool enough to cut. Smith enjoyed a piece later and declared it fabulous! The rest of it went to work with me and it was declared a winner by every person in the office.

It was fun to bake and fun to eat. You'll love it, too.


Barefoot Contessa offers approachable, quick, uncomplicated and delicious recipes! I have most of her cookbooks. I think I didn't buy the Paris one, because it didn't seem right to simplify the French.

Oh my gosh. You baked? Incredible! Seriously, though, that sounds fabulous. Thanks for linking to the recipe.


*must*send* B-L-U-E-B-E-R-R-Y crumb* cake - NOW!!!!! Mailing address to be provided offline.

YUM! My parents are HUGE Barefoot Contessa fans.

Mmmmm, blueberries. Sounds like spring and that cake looks yummy. I'll get one of the girls to make it. :)

Yum! It looks fabulous.

wish my puter had smellovision! yum

I love Ina too! Her recipes are sinfully yummy. Her love of food is wonderful to watch!

Ina has some really fabulous recipes. I'll be making her macaroni and cheese for my kiddo's birthday party :) I bet the cake was fabulous too!


I love Ina. I just made her grown-up mac and cheese for Dan and I the other night. Whew! It was yummy. I noticed though that the ingredient amounts are different on the web recipes than what she says when she's cooking. It's happend to me a few times.

Yum blueberries! What a delicious B. I love the Barefoot Contessa. She makes it all look so yummy and easy.

Yummy! But I must admit that I was hoping your "B" from the Food Network would be Alton Brown!

I'm so glad that I've turned YOU on to something, since you've got me hooked on SO MANY things, grrl! ;)

Blueberries are so good for you, and that cake looks fabulous!! Here's to recuperating! xoxo

On the Diet From Hell (yes, I'm still on it) I can eat only two fruits, blueberries and pears. Between you and Carole the knitblogosphere is temptress city this morning.

You're right, it looks fantastic! I will print that out and add it to the pile 'o stuff.

I love the Barefoot Contessa. I have made several of her recipes out of her books and they are always awesome. You cake looks so yummy!!!! I have a food network affliction as well. I really love Jamie Oliver's new show "Jamie at home" He's so cute and all the recipes sound divine!

I love Ina, and have all of her cookbooks. For me, that is really saying something.


And, I love Food Network for exactly the reasons you do.

I love Ina and her beautiful kitchen! The only birthday cake and cupcakes allowed in our house are from her recipes!

Looks delicious!

Mmmm - yummy!

I heard a rumor that your B was something baked, but it's taken me a while to pick myself up off the floor! Wow. I'm impressed. I adore blueberries, so I will have to check that one out.

That does look fabulous! I have a thing for blueberry pie, so this would be a fun variant to make. The link has been duly noted. :-)

I'm so hungry now!

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