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Truly Better than Two in the Bush

Twobirdsonthethumbsofmittens_2 While I haven't succumbed to Mitten Mania, I am a little maniacal about this pair of mittens.  I can also truly tell you that one on the hand (thumb, actually) is truly better than two in the bush, especially when one is playing in the snow!

Makingasnowballofsnowthatwontpack Scooping up snow and trying to make a snowball can be a difficult proposition with the "greatest snow on earth".  Utah snow is soft, fluffy and powdery and doesn't pack well.  Making a snowman can be quite the challenge, but skiing conditions are pretty darn good.  (Just be very careful in the back country, as we are prone to avalanches.)  But, back to my very happy hands clad in warm and beautiful mittens...I couldn't love these mittens more!


Using worsted wool made a big mitten, bigger than most people could wear, but they fit me well (as luck would have it).  They are thick and tightly knit which keeps the wool from absorbing much moisture (not that our snow is comprised of much moisture anyway).


As I said before, my mittens are far from perfectly knit, but the color, fit and warmth make me a very happy knitter. I'm satisfied with my below average ability, because the mittens are so pretty and soft. Blocking helped to even out the texture of the fabric and playing in the snow softened them more. What could be more fun than playing outdoors in such beautiful mittens, on a blue sky day, in the whitest of snow? Nothing!


Patterrn: Bird in the Hand Mittens  by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Cascade 220  - Blue 9468 White 8010
Needles: Bamboo DPNs #3
Time to Knit: 12-02-07 – 12-16-07
For KAL: Knitting Like a Latvian



Your mittens are lovely - great work!

They are wonderful!!!

Oooh very pretty! I wish I needed mittens here. But Charlotte doesn't get that cold. Or that much snow. If any. *sigh*

They match your blue sky and snow perfectly. Looks like you and Smith had some fun with this photo shoot!

Those mittens are perfect, Margene! They look absolutely wonderful playing in the snow.

Very pretty mittens. Carole took the words out of my mouth- they do match your sky!

Enjoy them, they are marvelous mitts. Actually it looks like you're doing an excellent job of enjoying htem, so keep it up!

Just gorgeous, and they brought out the kid in you -- again! :)

I might have to succumb. they look great!

So pretty! Your snow looks fantastic, too.

Awesome! I love the color.I think I will drop down to DK weight for mine - the worsted if just HUGE.

They're so pretty - and you look so happy! Great to see you enjoying a knit so much!

White birds in the sky - lovely!

I should make those mittens.
No, wait, I should STOP making mittens!

So pretty Margene! I love the photo where you are tossing the snow in the air - so joyous!

Now how cute are those? And they match that beautiful blue sky and white fluffy snow perfectly! Are you gonna knit a pair in grays for days we have inversions? :)

Beautiful!! :)

Oh... they are so much fun. Great post!

Love your Birds frolicking in powder! The snow around here has melted and re-frozen into a solid mass as hard and slick as a skating rink. Walking across my yard is very exciting right now.

That picture of you throwing snow is awesome! Love that color!!

Great mittens in my favorite color! Well done.

These are great! The mitts, the shots, everything. You look so happy!

FANTASTIC! So glad you inspired me! I'm really enjoying my mitten(s) as well!

I just love them! and that blue! beautiful work, M!

Beautiful, inspiring. And I LOVE the snow in air picture of you.

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