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Socktober or Bust

I did it!  Socks for Socktober are finished! Smith is one happy man. It was touch and go, right down to the last minute, so to speak, but the socks are ready to wear.   They look great, feel great, but were not great to knit.  The main reason was the metal DPNs and my  habit of keeping a tight grip on the needles.  My arms ached for hours after the finish line, but a good stretch put them back in the pink. (I love that website!)  I'll also be destashing my set of metal DPNs and buying another set or two of bamboo...bamboo, I love you.


Smith is now a fan of medium weight STR and he thinks the Tigers Eye colorway made very cool lookin' socks, too. (Too bad he wasn't around for the photo shoot.)

In a delusional state I had hoped to finish the Pretty in Pink Portrait Scarf by November 1st. From the way things are going, it's unlikely it will be finished by the end of the year.  Slippery yarn on metal needles (circular) makes a fiddly process.  Originally, I thought the smaller sections of the scarf needed to be knit on DPNs, but Jocelyn, in a comment, thought the whole project would work on circs...she was right. The lace has enough give to fit around the circular, however, the only 16" circulars I have are Addis...and it's working, just slow.slow.slow. 


Shockwaveneedsfinisihing Speaking of the end of the year...after NaKniSweMo and the finish of Scoop du Jour, there are a few items in my queue I'd like to work on in December. Mostly lace shawls (yes plural) and a sock.  But, to start next year off fresh I'd like to finish up anything hanging around.  Now, I'm of the mind that if I stop knitting, and don't get back to it, the project should be frogged or finished and not languish for longer than a few months. That means the second Strawberry Fields handspun sock must be the needles, right away.  It is the only thing left hanging, its time has come!


Worthy goals, hard to accomplish. Perhaps you inspire me to set goals in the first place!

The socks look great! I wish I only had one thing hanging around on my needles. I would love to finish what I have by the new year but I just don't see it happening.

Smith's socks are wonderful. Did you get the entire pair out of one skein?

I really need to adopt the knit or rip attitude for my WIP's. I'd have 3 pairs of new socks that way- and they're so close to finishing too! Never realized that Portrait was a knitted lace tube.

" start next year off fresh..." Yikes! It's just around the corner, isn't it?

Smith's socks look great! Congrats on a successful Socktoberfest!

My colleague is a little ahead of you, and I can tell you that the plodding pace will be worth it. It's a gorgeous piece.

Only one project?! Wow. I should finish up the things that await only one thing or two and start the year with a clean slate.... here's to hoping! I'm impressed by you... truly. One?!

Terrific. You get so much accomplished. Give yourself a big pat on the back.

gorgeous socks!! how did oct get away from me with out any?? oh yeah, um i guess i got my nov/oct mixed up - so much for NaKniSweMo - well maybe I can squeeze in a pair between here and then!

ERP! It is almost the end of the year. What happened to it? You'll get it all done. The pink fluff looks amazing. Are you doing knit unto others again?

I love those socks....SF. Smiths are cute too but I am just a sucker for those colors!

Great guy-socks! That's exactly what I do for the men in my family: 2x2 rib, extended down the instep! And thank you for saving me some money on metal dpn's...guess I won't be buying those! Love me my bamboos (Crystal Palace are my faves, Plymouth next). Would that I only had one UFO in my closet!

Talking about the end of the year. It's making wonder what happened to 2007???

The socks turned out fabulous! You are very virtuous to set such a high standard for UFOs... my role model in fact. I am paring down the number steadily, though.

Smith is a lucky guy...those are great socks! Oh my, you are already looking towards the end of the year and I still can't get my mind around the fact that summer is over...eek!

I really should knit John a pair of socks. Smith's look great!

Smith must be very happy to have his socks done. I'm sure he loves them. And the portrait scarf may be going slow, but it's sure pretty!

Great sox photo! I'm on my 6th WIP since July and it's so great to have all those FO's and free needles!

The socks look great. I am sure that they will be well worn.

The strawberry fields sock is so pretty. Hurry up and get the next one done so you can wear them. ;)

Good luck with your goals.

Great socks!! Wow, only that one sock hanging around?! That's impressive.

That's actually an idea worth considering. If something's sitting around that long without being finished, is it because the love was never really there in the first place? There comes a time when one must evaluate and either get on with it or send it off to a merciful frogging. Too much stuff laying around unfinished can be a drag on the spirit. Smith's socks are great. Lucky guy!

Great goals. I can't wait to see the shawls in your queue. I'm sure that they'll be wonderful.

Smith's socks are gorgeous! (If you can say that about man-socks)!

The mere fact that you only have the Strawberry Fields sock left as a UFO impresses me no end. Wow. I love the sock personally and am looking forward to its mate. And, the scarf? Simply ethereal.

I love that website too (even though I never really use it, because I am lazy.) The socks are awesome. It is even more awesome that you got to knit your man a pair of socks in a non-boring colour. I will show them to Brad and see if he likes (who am I kidding? tolerate is good enough) them. If so, you may have a copycat knitter on your hands. Daddy needs a new pair of socks.

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