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June 19, 2007


Sounds like you had a wonderful time! You're right , fiber festivals is more about the friendships made and solidified. Pretty fiber and spindles.

Beautiful spindles. And I love the fiber festivals simply to share my love of fiber with others.

Sounds like a wonderful time!

Glad that it was a fun and friend filled weekend! Beautiful spindles too.

Oh man! You guys went to the Stanley this time! I wish we had done that last year. Sigh.
Sounds like such fun. I was there in spirit, you know.

sage green mixed with reds; aahh...thanks for the sharning lovely mountain. beautiful as always.

Sounds like a very good reason to drive 8+ hours!
Those are beautiful new spindles.

The memories are worth far more than any fiber you could have bought!

I am hoping to get to Estes one of these years.

Beautiful yarn! I agree friends at fiber festivals is the best part of going....so much more than the fiber :-) It looks like you had fun!

What beautiful new spindles you have to add to your collection! It looks like you had fun!

That's what I was disappointed about missing...the friends, not the fiber. And, I would have loved to visit Rocky Mountain National Park again. Love those spindles.

I love your Tracy spindle. Was he there in person? I'd love to meet Tracy and Jean.

Yay for wonderful memory-making!! I'm so glad y'all had fun -- never a doubt in my mind that you would, but still...

It sounds like a perfect weekend. Glad you had fun!

We're glad you're back, whether you brought lots of loot or not! Glad it was such a good time...maybe next year.

It really IS all about the people! Oh, and the mountains:) I am so glad you had such a good time.

Oh, it looks like it was so fun!

You are SO lucky to have so many wonderful friends!
The hummingbird spindle is gorgeous and I am loving that sage green and mixed reds yarn.

Furthermore your photos of those mountains are making me homesick for mine. (The Cascade and Olympic ranges in case you were wondering.) London is woefully short on mountains. And while we're at it...let me just say that the things they call mountains out here really don't even come close to some of the foothills where I come from. Le sigh.

It's really nice to read about such a lovely time had with lovely women (grrrls!). It makes me miss everyone back home, but also quite happy remembering the times I have had.

Thanks, Margene! You brightened up my day, even if I am a bit homesick. :)

Tracy's Comet spindle is probably my very favorite. I'm glad to hear Sir Spindle is still making 'em!

Ah, you are lucky to get one of Tracy's spindles! Every time it occurs to me to check his website, the workshop is closed. ;-)

And I know exactly what you mean about the memories being more important than the purchases. But I'm still glad you got to enjoy a bit of both! ;-)

Thanks for the memories - sounds like a song to me. I love the 'hummingbird' spindle!

Free Joho, pleeese.

Friends and fun is what it's all about. So sorry I didn't get a chance to hang out with you all this year, but definitely next year! P&F is the best! Some of my CO grrls were all over this year, after I've gushed about the yarn enough, I suppose :-)

you are a spindaholic. but it sounds like fun.

Looks like you had a blast and that hummingbird spindle is exquisite.

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