Wrap Up of a Week

June 21st - First Day of Summer

There has been a  flurry of knitting going on in the Garden of Zen.  So far this month I've finished two pair of socks, a third pair is well on the way, FJ is near completion (and behaving) and Hidcote could see the finish line shortly (maybe).


Today is the first day of summer and, therefore, the first day of Summer of Socks.  This big summer event and KAL demands a special sock, a special beginning.  To wit, I’m knitting with my first true good handspun sock yarn…Strawberry Fields (from the Spunky Club). The yarn is from a Corriedale roving that I plied in chained singles. It's going to be interesting to watch the color change as I had no plan when I spun or plied.  The pattern is one I came across some time ago on Abigail's blog called Shock Wave and it should break up the color in an interesting way.  I'm raring to go and will start today as early as possible.

Monkeysockthesecond Once the Loksins! were finished, I did some (more) Monkeying around.  The second Monkeys are as addictive as the first pair and I predict another quick knit. The yarn is STR in the colorway Red Rock Canyon and it does a good job of mimicking the colors of the red rock canyons in So. Utah. One sock is complete, the second should come along quickly.

2007 seems to be all about socks. This wasn't my intention at the beginning of the year, but it's the way the cookie is crumbling.  There should still be a sweater or two this year and, hopefully, a shawl or two.  However, sock production will be way up (or at least it appears that way at the mid point of 2007).  Because of the Summer of Socks KAL I've decided on a few patterns I'd like to knit over the next few months.  In no particular order here are a few in my queue.

Naturespaletteoddduck Embossed Leaves from Favorite Socks- This has been on my 'to knit' list for years and I have the yarn ready to go. It's Nature's Palette by Hand Jive in Odd Duck.
Purplectrsolid_2 Also in the queue, is Anne's Summer Fun Sock. This might be moving up the queue as soon as I decide on a yarn.  It's a simple and elegant style which I love!  ETA: This CTH Purple is just perfect, so this sock just moved up my queue! (Hmmmm, looks like my sock knitting is going from blues to purples.)

Another sock is Whisper Lace Socks (there is also has a free pattern, Chain Lace Sock, which you can access from the same post) designed by Rachel. The pattern isn't quite ready, but the socks are fabulous! Choice of yarn has yet to be decided, but I'm dreaming of something in a soft orange.

Anne (WoolyWonka/Ewe-tah Grrl) has a beautiful new sock kit, Ceilidh (pronounced "kay-leigh"). It should be very pretty in the Seashell colorway she's offering.

This is only a the very beginnings of my loooooong list of socks to be.  Other yarns and ideas are bouncing around in my head at about a mile a minute.  So many socks...so little time. 

I've been keeping a queue of future projects on Ravelry and also, have entered much of my stash yarn.  This is such a big help in keeping track of what's on the needles and what's on the 'to knit' list. It has also helped me stay out of the on-line shops (to some extent) as I can shop in MY stash.  Many of you are still waiting for an invite to Ravelry and I promise it will be worth the wait.  You can check out many of the features in the preview and, if you're already a member, you might consider giving a bit of a donation to help keep it growing.


Great piles of SOCKS! Two pair so far this month? When did you manage to master sock knitting in your sleep?

Great socks! I'm planning on starting my first pair of Monkeys today for the Summer of Socks.

Thanks for all of the wonderful sock links! I should really go cast on a pair for Summer of Socks.
Happy solstice!

It's all about socks over here, too. Not that there's anything wrong with that. :-)

I totally forgot that today is the first day of summer!!! How crazy has my life been, huh? That is quite the flurry of knitting you got goin' on here, and your handspun strawberry fields is stunning. Can't wait to see the finished socks.

Thank you for the Whisper sock link. I love everything about it even ... gasp...the light pink yarn. I can't wait until she puts the pattern up.

Great sock plans you have there!

Wow! It really is the Summer of Socks at your place. I don't know why either but lots of knitters seem to be knitting lots of socks this year.

NO! You must shop online. Have you seen Sheri's latest update? Do not try to resist! :)

Hmmm... I don't see Joho on that list. :) I even hear that Mim was voluteered to kitchener it for you.

Someone has got to explain this Ravelry thing to me! Happy First Day of Summer!

Socks rule! I have a pair of Anne of Knitspot's Math Whiz socks on the needles right now. A good pick up/put down project!

I simply will not start another pair of Monkey socks or I will do nothing but knit those! Those damn things are too addictive.

Deja vu??

I've yet to see a RedRock Canyon sock that I didn't fall in love with. Oh that colorway.. Yours are brilliant.

Purple socks are going to be great. WOW that is a true purple.

wow, you really ARE all about the socks! Looks like a lot of fun. I am hoping my hands are better enough to take on one pair, of sport or worsted...

There is no problem with having a year of socks. Well dressed feet are important!

You and everyone else are going to finally convince me to try the Monkey Socks...maybe my next pair.

A good use of Ravelry, I think. I should try it! I'm looking forward to seeing your version of the Embossed Leaves socks -- lovely yarn choice.

And to think.....I heard in a podcast that sock knitting was on the out, and lace kniting was in. I think this is due to sock yarn being down.....hey we all bought our sock yarn and are trying to destash a bit. Socks are awesome knit projects and I love your yummy yarns!!

Summer Solstice is here! and the beginning of SoS ;) Looking forward to seeing your work, M!

Looking forward to the FJ photo shoot soon!

boy, you are FAST! Knit on, !

Thanks for the link to that Chain Socks pattern! It looks really cool!

Also, I'm excited about the SOSKAL too! :)

I was up bright and early this morning casting on for my first pair of the along! I'm so excited!

Goodness! Gracious! Great balls of sock yarn!

That's it. Now I do have to drag FJ back out of hiding (she's been hanging out with Salmon Rushdie.) Have been craving dark blue recently - see blog for details on color cycles - up by 1:00, if I can work my way through all my updated feeds on Blogline - 60 updated feeds! Don't you people have anything better to do?

Summer sock blessings! Happy equinox!

Oh! And I forgot to mention! You did a terrific job on spinning the Strawberry Fields roving! It's so beautiful! And so well spun!

I would definitely buy that in a shop! You're very right to be proud of it! :)

Happy solstice, and a happy, soxy summer to you!

I love the patterns you have chosen to knit for Summer of Socks. I would like to knit the Evelyn Clark pattern, too. I received a pair of socks in this pattern from the 2nd Sockapalooza swap, and I love them. Also, I am knitting my 4th Sockapalooza pal the Whisper Rib and Shepherd's Lace socks right now. This is a pattern by Anne Carroll that I purchased when the Wooly West still had a storefront. It looks very similar to your patter, but not exactly. I have knit this patterns several times as it is a real favorite!

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