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May 30, 2007


It must have been something to have been there for the shearing!
Dyeing definitely has a strong learning curve! I've come up with some hideous coloured skeins and fleece. It is a good thing that yarn will almost always take more dye!

What a whirlwind weekend of fibery stuff! Most excellent, I'd say. Can you over-dye the orange to tone it down?

Ooooooh! Looking forward to seeing your LTL bag in all its glory.

The intense orangy-red looks like you should call it "lobster" or perhaps "lobster pot". Bet you find a good use for it! Actually I think it might be saleable.

Holy shit, you weren't kidding when you said that roving was bright.

What an INCREDIBLY full weekend!!! Your method of dyeing is just one step down from mine. Heh.

That is bright! Could you re-dye, add some black and make it a halloween fiber? I love when the hummers come back. I've geared my garden towards them and have nests of them in my trees. At least until the starlings move back in.

Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me! Must've been the weekend for dyeing. :) A bit of grey, black, or brown dye can tone down those eye-searing colors. Also using less dye to more water - but I have trouble with that one.

The blue sea wool is gorgeous!

Can't wait to see the bag!!!

Your weekend sounds great - I'm sorry I missed hearing all about Val's adventures! It looks like you picked a great fabric for your bag.

Blend that intense fiery orange with a dark red (Jenny Bakriges's blog on May 16 has a great post on blending colours using carding techniques). I'll bet it would turn into one of those wonderful multidimensional reds with glints of fire in it if you toned it down with a dark red or two...

And the blue is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.

Your peek at your finished bag has me excited to get on with mine... you sure had a fun and busy weekend. Less dye definitely, and I like Sara's steamed packet method, where you lay the roving or yarn on top of plastic wrap, lightly apply dye to the sections you want, wrap and place in the steamer for 20 minutes. i agree with Lee Ann - with roving you can always re-card with something on one end of the spectrum or another to blend a less searing version!

I'm sure there's a way to tone down the red if it's too bright for your taste, but I have no idea. For now, I'm leaving the dyeing to others. Maybe in time, I'll get the urge to experiment.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Love the colors of the Jaywalker. The blue yarn came out great! I

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Love the colors of your Jaywalker. The blue yarn came out great!

That orange would be a great accent in a color work project. You don't have to use it all in the same place.

What a busy weekend you had. Glad that it was sorounded by fibery goodness. I have never dyed yarn, but I am so wanting to. Even though the red/pink didn't turn out the way that you wanted you could always try to over dye it, but I think it is fun.

Wow! That is very bright roving. That will make an eyecatching skein of yarn!

If you have any hunters you know, that would make some excellent hunting hats ;).

I love the blue yarn, gorgeous!

What a tease! I am looking forward to seeing all these finished LTL bags. And I think the blue sock yarn is gorgeous, when will you knit it up?!

What a great weekend! I can't wait to see your bag in detail. (I'm working up a head of steam for the big finish.) LOVE the blue -- it's blue-tiful. ; )

I was doing that with words all weekend -- maybe too much time off of work. At one point, I was tripping all over my tongue trying to say MP3 player and it came out "empathy player." Heh.

How about spinning up the brilliant red stuff and then doing a bit of handpainting on the finished skein? For a Sundara-like effect--you know how she has those gorgeous "color over color" skeins that sell like hotcakes?

The blue is perfect just as it is. :-)

What a great weekend!
I'm looking forward to seeing your lining and completed bag, too.
I'm told, by one who survived many decades of the condition (my aunt), that you NEVER get over losing your Mom...and mine's been gone 11 years now, so I wasn't surprised to hear that at 18 anniversaries you still miss yours...

Haha! I did the same thing - overdyed hideously bright fuscia roving with equally hideously bright red and orange! I was afraid to dye it yet again, so I borrowed some handcards, mixed in some navy and white and made really cool rolags. I haven't knit with the yarn yet (it's rather patriotic) but at least it IS knitable! Live and learn, eh? The blue looks awesome!

I would see how far I could take the orange fiber. Spin it up and make a boucle with gold thread or spin in locks of mohair or ply it over another yarn and make slubs. It is already wild; how far can it go? You don't have to make something you'll use either. I like to go-crazy-spin and then give them away or donate them. Somebody out there will love it.

The Sea Wool looks fabulous. It is a great yarn.

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