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May 21, 2007


Beautiful purchases. I'm really intrigued by the tubular fiber! Glad you had a fun day.

Nice haul! I've seen the Tubular spinning kit out there in blogland. Looks interesting. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Another great weekend for Margene! I love your haul, you'll be spinning for awhile now, won't you?

i have a knitting needle case like the case 'o spindle you bought. it's barber pole striped. my brother got it ata yardsale, full of # 10 beadspread cotton.
i'm still loving the flower pix on your sidebar.

I like your 'spindle' case. Someone gave me a bottle of wine two Christmases ago in a really pretty (and heavy cardboard) case with a daffodil paper surface design. I've had it sitting on the mantle because it was so pretty, but with no idea of what to do with it. I now think it is going to be transformed into a traveling spinning kit! Attach a cord sling handle, maybe make a hinge to keep from losing the top. As my mother would say, "Do-able." Thanks for the idea. I knew that container's day would come.

Beautiful choices! I love the spinning case.

Fiber Season ushers in such excitement and possibility! As renewing as spring. :)

We really don't have a fiber season in my neck of the woods. I am starting to feel very deprived. But I'm glad that you are able to indulge! What a beautiful spindle case!

Why on earth do I have to always make such idiot faces? Geez.

Grrlfriend, it was SO GREAT to see you!! I'm still unpacking all my goodies, and am having a great time playing with that beautiful spindle. Aren't we lucky to have such a passion?


A good lot of fiber for Saturday Spin Ins for months to come!!

Oooh - looks like great fun.

What FUN! Of course, for those of us on the Right Coast, it's already three festivals into the "season" with another coming up next weekend. (If I go to Cummington (MA) on Saturday, and get to the Big Sky one in Montana, that will make four out of five for me!) By the way, you probably won't like that Crosspatch fiber much, so you can just save it and give it to me in a few weeks, hee, hee!

Well, no, you didn't buy -ALL- the pink...

I've got enough fiber for now, so my wallet thanks you very much for letting us enjoy the festival vicariously! Love the pinks.

I love Crosspatch! That one looks like I might have had to fight you for it.

What a great write-up! I hope you are going to submit this to Kristi for her edition of Yarnival... just what she said she was looking for! I love the spindle case and will have to be on the lookout for either a pre-made one or a nice wine (or single malt) tube such as Helen mentioned. The fiber color kits are so much fun, all "coordinated", but you will be so busy with everything else you bought, that you'll be blending your own variations soon.

It looks like everyone had a great time. You got some really beautiful fiber!

I have a new appreciation for drop spindles and unspun fiber, thank you for sharing the fun!

Happy Fiber Dance!!! WooHoo Margene! You know how to get the fiber-love juices flowing with stories of festivals, friends, and fiber. Yippee!! Less than a month until Estes! (do I sound a little bit happy?)

Sounds like a fabulous time!

What a wonderful way to get some more fiber into your diet! I just want to wallow in the back of that car. What a feast!

Sounds like great fun! I'm hoping to get a Greensleeves spindle at the next Great Basin fair. My kids would destroy a wheel in under 24 hours, but I think I could contrive to keep a spindle hidden from them. :D

Looks like a great time and great products to choose from!

Now, if I only I could have been in two places at once! I too, spent the weekend fondling fun fibers of all kinds of colors, but it was still walking around. What a great fair--sorry I missed it.

Blue skies and happy spinning!

How fun! And you picked up some great stuff. I shipped the fleece that I picked up in Connecticut off to Lynn this morning.

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