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We still can't believe it happened. It's so sad for all the families involved.

How tragic it is that no place is safe from violence.

What a terrible thing for all the families involved, including that of the shooter.

I am so sorry this happened.

I'm glad that you were not involved and saddened by your community's loss.

That is horrible. Beyond comprehension.

so tragic, gives me shivers. thinking of you.

Senseless, just horrible.

I was thinking about you when I heard about that last night, since you're the only one I know in SLC . . . another stupid, tragic, horrible event. Too, too sad.

horrible. my thoughts are with your community.

I heard about on the 11 o'clock news last night. It was awful what happened and my heart goes out to all who were affected.

How terribly sad and tragic. I heard about it on the news this morning. Big hugs to you, sweetie. I'm here if you need to talk.

It happened here too about a year ago in the Tacoma Mall (about 45 minutes from home) It is beyond believing.
May healing come to all who were there.
May peace enter their hearts.
May peace return to your heart as well.

I'm so sorry, Margene. I'm glad you're safe, and my thoughts are with you and your neighbors tonight.

My mind is reeling. On the same day that this horrible event took place, another one happened in the city where my parents grew up, the city I love best in the world: three men were murdered, and one wounded, at a meeting in an office at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The gunman attempted to abduct two people from the office and exchanged gunfire with police before turning the gun on himself. Between our two cities, ten people were lost yesterday.

Glad you are sad this all is....

That is horrible. Glad you are OK.

It was all over our local news, of course. It is tragic beyond belief. And makes me angry. And I know it's kind of like someone saying they are from Australia and me saying, "Yeah, do you know Donna?" but all I could think of was my Margene.

Yes, I'd seen this, and thought of you all immediately. Such scary things and they happen without warning. I'm so glad that you and all the grrls are safe. Take care.

So glad you are safe.

I was thinking of you when I heard the horrors of what happened. It's just terrible how commonplace the taking of life is nowadays. None of us can predict at all what tomorrow will bring.

I'm glad your safe, and hope you and everyone else out there can find some peace.

How horrific and senseless.

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