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Snow, White and Colorful Socks

Pileofsnowthatisfluffyandlight It snowed all day yesterday...all day.  The snow was fluffy powder, just the type of snow that makes Utah the best place to ski. It's the type of snow that can be picked up and blown off your fingers, it's that light.  If you click on the picture hopefully you can see the individual flakes along the top edge.  It was so beautiful to watch it fall all day, and as soon as I got home I took Moxie for a walk.  Walking in snow is very quiet and peaceful. I love bundling up in my handknit socks, gloves, hat and scarf to ward off the cold.


Socksforpsandknitgreensocks_1 I've been thinking about socks quite a bit lately and had a post ready for today to talk about socks for Project Spectrum. In my stash, the over grown sock yarn stash, there are several colors and types of yarn that are perfect for PS.  Plus, I was very excited about the Knit Green Socks KAL because the button is a hoot.

But then, I read Cara's post and Stephanie's post about what happened to Blue Moon and the now famous STR Sock Club.  Just when you think sock knitters are taking over the world the 'muggles', as Steph calls non-knitters, screw it all up.  Haven't they heard!?  There are OBVIOUSLY thousands and thousands of us knitting freaking socks!! Maybe it's time we walked up to every person on the street and told them, showed them, that hand knit socks ROCK. Show off your feet, show off what's on your needles.  Show the world that sock knitters DO rule!  Wake up, folks...we're here in GREAT number. My goal will be to knit socks EVERYWHERE I go and proudly wave them in the face of anyone not paying enough attention.  Clearly it's time to do something drastic.  Get out the socks!  Let's rock with our socks.  ARE YOU WITH ME? 

Garterribsockalmostreadytostartheel So, the sock on my needles at the moment is being knit with Jessie‚Äôs fabulous worsted yarn. After this picture was taken they spent more time in my hands. The heel has been turned and I'm working down the foot.  I love the yarn and the way the many colors blend.

The SLC Stitch 'n Bitch Grrls have been spreading the sock word.  Very few of the grrls (or boyz) who come to SnB have been able keep the sock spirits away.  We have converted almost, almost everyone.  It's time the rest of  you SLCers got in the game, just sayin'.

The SLC SNBers have grown quite a bit in the last 3 years.  We just had our 3rd anniversary party Tuesday night.  Many of the regulars were there and we even got Bruce, the proprietor of the Jitterbug where we meet, stand up with us.  You can see him on the back row standing next to me (in my fabulous pink Eyelet Cardi).


Lauriewithherspecialgifttotheslcsnbgrrls Laurie made a special soap for the night, Hand Knit, and we're doing our best to talk her into putting it in her line.  If you haven't tried her soap you really should.

Blogless Karen has been doing her best to spread the word about hand knit socks.  Almost everyone in her family received a pair for Christmas and, right after she finished the gift knitting, she started a fabulous pair of socks for herself.  Her first color work and they are very nicely knit. 


Now you know someone is going to notice socks this cool!

Enjoy your weekend!


Ohh... those knee socks are to die for. they might even get me knitting knee socks :-) Hope you are enjoying your snow, there is little to no chance we will get any this year - although we have been known to get snow in March or April (once in a blue moon)

Unbelievable! All it would have taken the bank to know that Blue Moon was legit would be one person surfing knitting blogs for about 20 minutes!

I love the photo from your party - it's great to see everyone all together like that. And I agree that Jessie's yarn is wonderful.

Those knee socks? Oh my goodness but I want to have some...

I was also amazed by the Blue Moon fiasco, you would think that muggles would know better by now.

Delicious knee socks!

I'm knitting my husband's first pair of handknit socks at the moment, and I'm spoiling both of us in the process ... they're cashmere. I'm having a hard time knitting anything else, and he's going to have a hard time wearing anything else!

Just gorgeous! I saw the soap on Susan's blog -- love me some handmade soap! And, made especially for knitters? Lovely. What a fun group you've got there.

I need some of those socks. And some snow. We have a winter storm warning again here, but they're saying ice. Cross your fingers that there's no power outage. Heck, cross everything!

I'm with you! At this moment I am proudly wearing the socks I finished yesterday!

Wonderful knee socks! We really must convert those who continue to be amazed by knitters.

The snow flowed like smoke over the skis. A pile was like nothing at all. You aren't supposed to look at your skis, you are supposed to look ahead, but it was irresistible.

I've got about half my family converted to the joys of handknitted socks. On to the rest of the world! ;)

You will be pleased to know that I just got a copy of "Sensational Knitted Socks". ;-)

What a great turnout!

My daughters envy your snow very much. Just this morning they were lamenting the unencouraging forecast for snow in our area this season. Stinkerbelle wailed "we'll never get any snow!" It's nice to see you enjoying yours so much.

I totally agree that we must do our best to spread the word about handknit socks.

I LOVE those knee socks!

TOTALLY rockin' the socks! That is the way I roll ;) Thanks for being a part of PS and of the Green socks knitalong! Great post, M!

Those socks are amazing. Wow. Looks like a lovely evening!

I wish I could have been there for the anniversary party, but I can't say I miss the snow. Well, I do miss that lovely muffled sound the world gets when it is snowing hard.

those socks are lovely! and she's totally rockin' 'em. how did i miss the green sock kal?

Beautiful knee socks! They are sure to be noticed, but I wonder how many non-knitters will recognize they are not store bought.

Oh, I am SO with you. As Cara said, we must use our power for good; so instead of trashing Blue Moon's bank (which I admit was my primal impulse yesterday) I will be knitting socks for Dulaan, and I will be doing it EVERYWHERE. Possibly even in the elevator at work.

I am reading around the blog-town about this mess up with the STR club - how stupid! But about those socks - are they from EZ's design in the Opinionated Knitter? They're stunning!

What a nice large group! I'm afraid our group has kind of shrunk lately, though hopefully not permanently. Just a few member having some major life changes (new babies, job hunts, going to court, etc.).

Blogless Karen - I *love* your socks!

Yep, you guys converted me. The socks I wear the most are my knitted ones! Maybe someday I'll be just like you and own, what, 800 pairs? ;) (And wow, that blogless Karen needs to get a blog! Great socks! You can pass along the compliment for me, right?)

Just so you know, I don't think there is a Stitch n' Bitch in the world quite like yours. I miss coming! Maybe one day we'll make it back to that part of the world and I can rejoin. One way or another, happy anniversary to you all!

I wish Steph had invented her own word for non-knitters instead of using JK Rowlings...

You know you don't have to convert me! I'm working on my son's birthday socks as we speak. As for the group...mercy, has it grown! You guys won't have room for me when I come out in May!

I really need to try some of this famous Socks That Rock. I am appalled by the bank, but I bet they're regreting their decision right about now. Stupid muggles. I am, of course, a sock knitter and those Nowegian stockings are on my list in 2007.

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