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Spunyarninvaryingdegreesofnice As soon as I finish spinning one bunch of roving, I pick another and start spinning anew.  Susan suggested that I should start knitting with some of the yarn I’m creating, but this is more like exploratory spinning, as I want to see the yarn not an FO.  The goal is to learn how to handle as many different types of wool as possible, and to learn the ins and outs of the wheel. In the process I'm learning about myself, as often happens. 

Bobbinsofsinglewoolmohairfromfantomfarms_1 Knitting is a joyful and contemplative task and my love of its process is well known (isn't it by now?). But, spinning is another process altogether.  As it turns out, nothing relaxes me like spinning does.  The flow of fiber through my fingers, the soothings sounds of the wheel, the pace and repitition of drafting, all have a way of lulling me into a very relaxed state.  More than once I have felt myself slipping into sleep. Spinning is like Calgon...it takes me away.

Myspunskeinsofyarn Almost everything I do in life is done quickly.  I’m the first one finished with my dinner, never take long showers, and can rush through almost anything faster than anyone around. My body is covered with bruises, as rushing about takes away any grace.  Spinning has forced me to slow down, to analyze and understand the whole picture.  My singles are smoother if I carefully predraft or just slow down the wheel and take time to draft with care.  With each skein of yarn that comes off the wheel, I study its characteristics, the way it looks and feels, and if it is something I'd like to spin again.

Fantomfarmwoundonniddynoddy Once plied, every skein is wound on a niddy noddy, washed in a hot bath, abused to varying degrees, and dried.  A record of the endeavor is kept on the roving tag by writing in the date, how spun, how many yards, and any other useful info.   

Handdyedalpacaispunkarendyed The types of yarns that I like to spin have grown in number faster than the types I don’t care for.  The Fine Wool spun for my first handspun socks was very enjoyable and I’ll use it again. The alpaca yarn was a pleasure, too.  Blogless Karen dyed it for me and the color is fabulous and  I’m trying to decide on a scarf pattern now. This and a couple of other skeins have started to tell me they're ready to be knit.

Copperrosebarnswallowskein The Barnswallow batts that I purchased at Rhinebeck (in the color Copper Rose) were so much fun to spin and I ended up with about 350 yds.   The color is so wonderful and the yarn is fairly soft, too.  It cries to become a small shawl or scarf and that may just happen.

Awhile back I spun up some Romney wool and, while it was easy to spin, it's doubtful I would knit with it.  The end result was too course and scratchy for socks or a hat.  Lucky for me, I had a similar colorway in a wool/mohair blend and found it every bit as easy to spin. The end result was a softer texture than the Romney and a very handsome yarn. From 5 oz. I ended up with  330 yds of fingering/sport weight.


I’m completely in love with the warm, earthiness of its color.  The wheat colored gold, warm sienna brown, coppery pink, and glowing terracotta, make a rich and lovely combination.  I spun all weekend, but with the added advantage of Friday Spinners, I was able to finish on Monday afternoon. After it's bath, and bit of abuse, the yarn was more wonderful than I first thought. Stay tuned, as I may just need to knit something from it soon!

Next up...Teyani’s "Satisfaction" superwash roving.   I can't wait for Friday night!

Colorfulsnakesofsatisfactionroving  Satisfactiononthebobin


Very nice spinning Margene! I desperately need to ply some of my singles- 12 bobbins full I tell you. I too am trying different types of wool- so much fun and like you have found it to be extremely relaxing. Looking forward to seeing Teyani's superwash all skeined up.

I'm really glad the spinning relaxes you. I've seen you rush about and it's good for you to slow down now and again!

Beautiful spinning! I too so enjoy the relaxing qualites of spinning.

Another beautiful post, Margene, shot with gorgeous pictures. What a lovely meditation on spinning.

It really is beautiful, Margene, and I am so anxious to see what you'll knit with it.

TGTIF (Thank God Tomorrow Is Friday)!

Wow, such the prolific spinner. And your handspun looks terrific!

Beautiful spinning. I couldn't agree with you more about spinning. Nothing is more relaxing than spinning.

Fast sure seems to work for you! That was multiple eyecandy shots. You do really good fiberp00rn. I think the knitting part is more important than I previously suspected. It told me a great deal about what I was spinning. I found that I really do prefer to work with three ply yarn, which makes my purchasing habits potentially different (more of fewer fibers, perhaps).

You have gifted hands, clearly.

That wool/mohair is beautiful - I can just see it as a pair of socks:-) - a pattern with a bit of texture perhaps? or lace? The colours look subtle enough to take it.

You have been a busy bee, haven't you? Good for you for keeping everything with a tag on it. I have let that lapse a bit and now I'm finding skeins I've spun and (of course) I can't remember yardage or anything about them so I have to unskein, remeasure and reskein. A good habit to get in and stay in!

Ah, Margene, I must say I am so pleased to see how much you are enjoying spinning. But you made a point which I feel I must respectfully disagree with.

You said: Susan suggested that I should start knitting with some of the yarn I’m creating, but this is more like exploratory spinning, as I want to see the yarn not an FO. "

But you have missed something VERY important in my opinion. Each skein is a Finished Object in its own right. An accomplishment worth lauding for its own intrinsic beauty. Do not EVER belittle your accomplishments of making yarn as somehow not being finished. Making handspun into a garment or anything else for that matter is essentially creating 2 finished objects the first is the skein itself, and the second is what if anything you make with it.

You are creating MANY finished objects which are all beautiful. Not only that but they are teaching you things about the craft of Spinning and that alone makes them worth their weight in gold.

Many hugs and congratulations on your beautiful Spinning!

Your yarn is beautiful!

Oooo, I love the Romney color too! Gorgeous spinning!

uh, I think you have more yarn spun than I do.
Must. Get. Busy. :)
(spinning as a competitive sport?)

It really is remarkable how quickly (and well) you've taken to this. Your yarn is just beautiful, and I thank you for your keen observations and inspiration. That skein of wool/mohair is truly beautiful.

It's so much fun to see how enthusiastic you are with this!

OMG. I LOVE that last skein of yarn! It's the perfect color. Seriously, it reminds me of Fleece Artist. Delicious! :-)

That's enough for a hat, right? Or maybe even mittens?

Your handspun is gorgeous! Those colors in that skein are wonderful. Have fun with the superwash!!!

I love the way you have with words. I find myself looking at my roving longingly. Very nice. Really. :)

I know what you mean about doing everything fast. I race thru things too except the shower - there is nothing like a nice long shower. I think that knitting and spinning has a certain quality to it that causes me to slow down and savor the moment. I find myself stopping often to consider what I'm working on, the feel, the look, the smell. It's a nice change of pace. Great post!

Your handspun is beautiful. I love spinning, it centers me and if I've had a bad day, 15 minutes at the wheel, and I'm feeling much more peaceful.

lovely spinning. I find that I knit for a spell then all I want to do is spin for days at a time.

Love the yarn you wound up with! Whatever will you make with it?

The yarn looks very pretty on my monitor.
Nice job.

What beautiful yarns you are making! I am getting much more into spinning again now that I've joined a group, and a change in the weather is pushing me that way too. By next week we should see some serious cold, finally, not that I'm truly looking forward to it.

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