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November 08, 2006


It sure looks different than it did last June. But the pictures are still wonderful.

You have such a lovely way with words, as well as your camera. I almost feel as if I'm walking along Silver Lake with you. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful place with us. You are so fortunate to have such a place near you, and it's wonderful how much you appreciate and enjoy it! And we get to enjoy it through you.

Absolutely beautiful! I enjoyed our walk together. I could feel the crunch of cold ground with snow frosting.

I am jealous of your snow - we haven't gotten any yet here, but we are at sea level! Thanks for sharing...

Ah, thank you for that lovely walk. I miss 'real' fall and winter so badly sometimes; here, in England, fall and winter are cold (colder than I ever was in Canada), grey, and damp, with a distinct smell of rotting leaves. When I think of sunlight on snow (those amazing shades of blue in the shadows!) I could cry.

I think you're getting the hang of that new camera! ; ) Your pictures have always been wonderful, with words to match, and it just keeps getting better. I hope you take us on some other Wednesday walks...

LOVE the photo of Kim and Judy.

I love seeing it all through your eyes.

Thank you for sharing these great pics, Margene.

It's grey and raining here today and the snow made me smile.

What beautiful, beautiful pics! Thank you for taking us along!

I always enjoy seeing your mountain pictures so much!

Between the elevation and the views it is a wonder you ever take a breath, this is the meaning of breath-taking!

Beautiful! Winter is really coming up soon, isn't it?

And it's not even Monday...thanks for the fabulous pictures. :)

Thank you for this calm and peaceful start to my morning.

Great shots, Margene. I'm looking forward to seeing all these things for real come next May!


What a lovely walk you had! The scenery in your part of the world is so pretty and so different than here. Love the littls swallow nest. :-).

Little Cleo will get her first venture today on our walk :-)

Beautiful photos Margene. They really gave me a chill!! I need to save this one so when it's not feeling quite wintery enough in Kansas I can see those photos again. heh It's supposed to be 81 here today. Ick. Not exactly scarf wearing weather.

I'm not a huge fan of snow but those snow covered moutanins are beautiful.

STOP! your making me shiver!

What a lovely post. I love that crooked tree. I really hope that we get some good snow here this winter.

I can't believe the difference! We know it is autumn here but today is the first day that the daytime temperature has dropped below 10 degrees C. As for snow we will be lucky if we see any at all, it snow here very rarely.:-)

A beautiful and peace-giving post... wish I could see it in this season, which I probably find richer in many ways than the riot of summer. Thanks so much.

So lovely! I love seeing all that snow and new ice -- I wish our Fall would hurry up and arrive!

More of that white stuff sounds like it's a'coming tomorrow! Lovely W pictures!

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