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Tuesday and Wednesday were incredibly beautiful with clear blue skies and 70+ temperatures. It will not be this warm again until next spring and I took advantage of the warm to free the toes. Ah, sandals, I will miss you.  The sun felt so good on my face as the boyz and I took a short walk around the neighborhood and snapped pictures of fall flowers as they also lifted their faces to the sun.

Salmonmumsinneighborsgarden Redmumsnotgeratpicture Pinkmumsinneighborsgarden

The mountains are now covered with new snow and wool socks feel good. Winter is settling in for its long nap. 

Flowersoncutawayafterallworkisdone All the beads have been sewn into place on Cutaway and she is looking very chic with her bit of sparkly detail. Birdsong thought I was ahead of the curve to have Cutaway finished before the Holiday party season, but I am not that together…it was pure luck (she was started in March after all). Needles are on order (my first Options) so that I can knit Ariann's sleeves in the Magic Loop method. Until they arrive she sits at a standstill and it breaks my heart.

Trekkingsockislookinggoodonrock Trekkingsockupclose Mim's Simple Trekking Sock was a willing companion last weekend.  It even made the trek to Silver Lake with us and I snapped a picture as it lounged on a large boulder.  The foot is nearly finished as of today and this easy knit has been enjoyable with so many other things on the needles. I'm in no rush to finish them so they only get a bit of time here and there.

Pinkgranitesockabout3inches Because our Stitch 'n Bitch group meets in a coffee shop with inadequate lighting, it was easier to spend a little time with the Pink Granite STR sock.   This is the first time I've knit with the medium weight STR, but it might be my last (at least on size 1 needles).  STR doesn't seem to 'give' much, which makes it a bit tough to do a K2tog.  It feels like my needles will break at any minute, but I do like the faux cable pattern and the sock should be very fun to wear.

Estonianscarfisgrowingslowlyr Kate in MA asked about the Estonian scarf I'm knitting from my handspun.  Sewing on beads has taken up my lace knitting time, but with the beading finished there will be progress made.  I'm enjoying the little garter squares too, Kate.

Redredrovingreadyforspinning My plan for the weekend is to spend time at the wheel.  I'm as determined to 'get this' just as I did spinning on the spindle. I've learned as much about my learning process as I have about spinning.  It seems I need to know every aspect of a process in order to absorb each step.  How something 'works' and why helps me understand how to make it happen.  At least this helped with spindling and it's also how I have approached learning the wheel.  When I know all they whys and wherefores, only then will I be able to go forward and spin least I hope so.  I'll let you know how it went on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend and may it be fiberful.


The thing I enjoy about putting shoes on for the winter is my "hidden" pedicure. It becomes my own little secret.

Beautiful photos--as always. I want to try that Trekking pattern.

The weather will be warm and nice here. I'm looking forward to relaxing and knitting this weekend.

Have a nice one.

If you have the spindle down, the wheel should be a piece of cake! So much more control.

The idea of spinning all weekend really appeals to me. Alas, it is not to be.

I can't wait to see what you come up with by Monday!

Your determination (and brains) will see you through the adjustment to the wheel. I'll be around if you need a phone consult.

Cutaway looks gorgeous with all the pretty beading! I'm sure by the end of the weekend you'll have the wheel mastered! Happy spinning!

May I ask? Why would you decide to knit mediumweight on 1s? WAY to stiff a fabric. I would've started with 3s I think.

My opinion on the wheel thing? You're overthinking it. JUST DO IT! The ZEN way. ;-)

I always tell people learning to spin the wheel to spend 15 minutes every day with her and soon she will become your friend :-)

LOVE the trekking sock!

Beautiful fall flowers. I've been meaning to take a photo of my Autumn Joy sedum -- it's so interesting right now (um, yeah, kinda joyful) -- but I think the backdrop shall now be snowy, as we're expecting it to start falling after noon. It was in the 60s yesterday. We're falling hard.

Have a great weekend. I have full confidence that you'll get the spinning before long.

Hm.... I was all for the STR pattern, but that sounds like way too much work. Maybe I will upgrade to 2s or 3s and just find something else that will go nicely with it (when I get around to actually knitting with it, you understand....). Enjoy spinning - Saturday sounds like a good indoor day!

Your Cutaway will be gorgeous for holiday parties. Have a great weekend and enjoy getting to know your wheel!

It's supposed to be in the 70's here today and tomorrow and I plan on making the most of it. Days like this, when the bugs are gone and the warm air pays a brief visit, are perfect for getting stuff done outside.

I thought I was in love with the Options needles, but am not so failed cable join and those points! Great for lace, I guess. Normal knitting, not so much. And I think I agree with need to put some time in on the wheel just letting your hands learn the muscle movements. (If you really want the intellectual side of it, get Mabel Ross' book and video. That'll cure you!)

a.p.p. = always pretty pictures

Margene, you may also want to try the different ratios on your wheel. You may find it easier to spin certain types of fibers on different ratios.

I set aside some lovely brown Blue Faced Leicster to do some ratio experiments with my first wheel. It was an interesting experience. After spinning all of the fiber and plying it I knit all of the samples up on the same needle size into identically sized swatches. Very interesting results and it helped me to know my own spinning intricacies. Spinning is all about process for me and I love it, hence my willingness to use a pound of fiber for the sole purpose of experimentation alone... :)

Have you tried the Spinner's Companion? Good resource.

Ahh, to have a little better definition of the seasons. Here in the So. Cal high desert it has been 30's at night and 80's during the day. Daytime and nightime wardrobes are needed. How I wish I had discovered the joys off wool socks sooner. My one pair is being well worn.

I seem to remember a shawl with a wierd name. What ever happened to that? ;)

Lovely flowers and mountain photos Margene! Have a wonderful weekend. I hope those Options needles arrive soon. My friend "Miss L" used Magic Loop with her Options needles on a recent sweater on my recommendation and she was SO happy with the needles and the results!

I'm not good at juggling more than one or two projects at a time. However, you seem to thrive on it...and still make progress. Have a great weekend.

Enjoy your time with your wheel this weekend. It seems to me that even after years of spinning on mine, I can always learn more :-) I try to continue remembering to also take time just to enjoy the process - and the soothing rhythm of such an ancient art.

I am the same way. I like to do my research and understand something before just jumping in :) I'll be spinning a lot this weekend too hopefully, have fun!

When I got my wheel, it came in parts and I put it together all by myself instead of getting my DH to do it for me. I wanted to be able to know exactly how it worked and putting it together really helped that. Before actually spinning on wheel or spindle, I had read just about everything I could find, so I knew the theoretical process before I actually tried it. (Doing it, of course, is something else, but the research helped.)

I also have to read patterns all the way through before I begin knitting so I know how something works or how it's constructed.

Hm, interesting. I am just the opposite kind of learner. Shoot from the hip -- do it by intuition. Which often means I never truly excel at something unless it's just one of those aptitude things (like my work) where you either have it as a born-in talent or you don't.

Beautiful! Can not wait to see a full shot of that! Enjoy your weekend!

I love that Cutaway so much! Where did you get the pattern for the flowers?

The only STR medium weight I ever used is the skein you sent me! I used a #2 crystal palace bamboo and they aren't bulletproof but I much prefer the lightweight.

Enjoy your weekend M! :)

For the moment, I'm reacting to spinning really differently (with spindle, of course, not wheel). I am normally just as you described, a total researcher, trying to get info into my brain so I can better get the info into my hands with practice. But intersetingly, what I really, really want to do is just spin and not think too hard about it. I realize this will turn out a less-good yarn, but I figure I will just take my time with this learning curve and enjoy it. I will still get better with time, I know, it just won't be as brainy a process, and it'll be a slower improvement. I suspect that I will at some point become very interested Alden Amos, though. Just not right now.

I'm STILL waiting for the Options needles I ordered for Ariann. I'm fondly wishing I had ordered some 40" cords to try out magic loop, too, but alas. I suppose I'll make it okay with my trusty DPN's :) Anyway, it's been 13 days now, and still no needles. Maybe today...

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