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October 27, 2006


Yay vermont! as much as i tend to complain, mostly about winter here, it is a beautiful place to be!
it looks like ya'll made it down to my neck of the woods.
that little quilt/yarn store is cute. they don't have a whole lot, BUT the ladies who work there are nice and sweet. (and i can't say that for all the LYS here.)

I don't get to Vermont as often as when we skied, but occasionally, when I make the two hour trip to WEBS (I know, I'm so lucky!), it's only another forty or so miles up the highway to Putney, Vermont and the Green Mountain Spinnery! Maybe when we accept the invitation to come stay with friends in Burlington, I'll pop in on Norma and check out her Marthness for myself!

yep, yep, ye-up

Look, at you. One week in New England and you're saying "wicked" just like a native.

I got married in front of a building just like that! In Vermont no less!

Glad you had such a good time with our Norma.

I love Vermont -- of course I love all of the New England states, like siblings but each with her own unique personality. There are at least six different ways of saying "wicked."

Those rovings are making me want to spin the day away.

Sounds like a wonderful time. Norma is awesome. Such a nut. But in the best way. :)

Looks like a great trip! I've never been to Vermont, but I've heard it is gorgeous!

I'm so glad you got to see Vermont and all it's beauty. I know firsthand what a wonderful tour guide Norma is.

I really love Vermont. As a child I spent vacations on Lake Champlain and we'd take trips accross to Vermont to wander the crafty spots. It's deginitely somewhere that I hope to visit again soon.

Oh, you made me laugh with that opening photo. I really DID greet you with open arms, and I didn't even remember it. I have some other good photos of you I took up on the mountain. I'll send them along.


Those are great rovings to inaugurate the new wheel with and beautiful colors too!

Isn't Vermont lovely? When I lived in Montreal I'd head down to Burlington every other month or so -- the drive was always well worth it!

That photo of Norma and Vincent is great! I'm so happy you had sucha wonderful trip. :-)

Vermont is so beautiful, and I'd like to visit someday.

Hurray for Vs everywhere.

Thanks for giving me a vacation back east. Lovely pictures!!

Sigh. I'm really homesick now. Really really really. Sigh.

"Wicked wacky"? Boy, you learn fast!

When I moved to Boston, my roommate and I pledged that if either one of us used the word "wicked" sincerely (and not to mean "evil"), the other was to adminster a slap across the face. Luckily, she moved back to Pennsylvania, so I'm safe.

Great package! And beautiful pictures!

You were in the same part of Vermont my husband is from. In fact, you probably drove by his old house on your way to the islands. What a beautiful state!

Great photos and delightful travelogue... Vermont is maybe the one place in New England I could feel at home!

Great photo of Norma and Vincent. I've been thinking all morning about what her "V" post will be and here you are with yours. I really need to do the ABC along next year!

Lovely Vermont photos - and NummyNumNum rovings! Can't wait to see how they come out with your new wheel! :)

Glad you enjoyed my home state!

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

Love your YA haul! Those rovings are yummy! They should make your new wheel just purr with happiness!

so pretty! everything -- the roving, vermont....

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