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October 12, 2006


I really enjoy your pictures of your state and, to be honest, I never would have known anything about it (apart from the whole Mormon thing) without you!

Thanks to you, I have long wanted to visit Utah. It is lovely and you are fortunate.

You certainly live in a beauty-full place! Look at all the different kinds of places there are. Thanks for the tour.

It is truly gorgeous. And I, once far ahead, have now fallen behind in the ABC-Along.

I guess I know what my T is going to be, although it's rather boring. I have NO IDEA what my U will be....underwear?

Beautiful pictures, even if some were borrowed:) I would like to visit Utah in the winter; I hear the skiing's pretty good :)

Utah is somewhere I'd never have imagined wanting to see if it weren't for you. Your pictures and writing have demonstrated clearly that there is more to Utah than Mormons.

Absolutely beautiful!

I was in Utah as a child - we came down from our home in Wyoming to go camping in Utah. Unfortunately, I remember very little about the trip, as I was about 5 or 6 years old. I hope to make some more Utah memories one day. Your blog always makes me want to visit! You live in a beautiful state, indeed! ;)

I never even considered the beauty of Utah before I started reading your blog. Since then I've seen it in person and agree that the scenery is simply gorgeous. But you forgot to mention the most beautiful thing about Utah and that YOU.

We've been from Promontory and the Golden Spike, to Moab,Arches and Dead Horse Canyon, to St. George, Brice and Zion, to Park City and the mountains...still haven't seen all there is to see in Utah. We'd keep coming back even if we DIDN'T have a baby granddaughter living there!

beauutiful. Utah is definately on my list to visit!!

The one time I visited Utah, we spent most of our time in the south, visiting Bryce Canyon and Zion National park. What gorgeous places.

Great photos (as always), and a lovely tribute to our beautiful state.

Margene I have always wanted to come and visit Utah so one of these days I will be knocking at your door! I want to go to your favourite restaurant and have breakfast too! The only red sand we have is in PEI (but no desert) and the mountains remind me of Alberta and BC (all of which I have had the pleasure of visiting or living there). When you are surrounded by such physical natural beauty it is so good for your soul.

I'm really glad I've been able to visit Utah as much as I have. Deep down I'm a mountain person, even though I've lived my whole life in the flat lands.

Thanks for sharing all that beauty on a regular basis. I've only visited Southern Utah, but I'd really love to see your part of the state. It looks breathtakingly beautiful.

I fell in love with Utah the first time I came here--about 6 years ago. I loved the Mountains and the snow (I came in January), then I had a chance to talk to the people and I felt so welcomed: everyone seem to be so courteous and respectful.
Although I love NY, UT has won my heart, especially Cache Valley.

You know I love Utah..............one of the very best places to motorcycle, in my humble little opinion. Next time, we'll have to motor your way and pay you a little visit.......vvvrrrrooooommmmm..........

Bryce Canyon takes my breath away! As do the flowers in summer and fall colours in our No. Utah mountains

It's great that you live in a place that you do, clearly, love and appreciate. Beautiful!

Thanks to you, I can now say I have been to Utah twice in my life, and I loved the beauty of it and want more! Thanks for assembling this breathtaking gallery - the state tourism board should hire you.

I never thought I would say this because I was so anxious to move away, but I really, really miss Utah! I even miss the extreme season changes (i.e. only 2 weeks of spring and fall). I really think there are some tough things about living there, though. Even if you ARE a conservative Mormon (which I am), it is really an unusual culture, and so I've always had a lot of sympathy for people who aren't a part of the culture at all--they have a lot of patience to deal with our little bit of funniness! But it's true, there are so many good things about Utah, too. We miss the skiing, and, of course, the mountains, and just the feel of the air! It's a great place.

It took me a long time to stop being so picky, but I really think there are wonderful things about almost all places. So glad you love it there!

Those pictures are truly amazing. I can't wait to meet you either, nor to read about Norma's underwear. (I sympathize with Norma, and think you are lucky to have Utah. When I blogged an alphabetical tribute to my husband, I found U the hardest letter.)

I am so with you on the love-hate thing. My fondest wish for years has been to GET OUT of Utah, but it looks like that may be a long way off. So I have started, instead, to try appreciating what is lovely here. There really are a lot of wonderful aspects, mostly the one you hit on here -- it's beautiful!

Thanks so much for sharing. I didn't realize just how beautiful Utah was. Now I know.

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