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October 04, 2006


You are so talented and I just know you're a wonderful teacher. It takes patience and that's something I truly lack. I just stay away from teaching, myself. ;-)

I really liked your "t". It reminds me that my mom learned "bunka" (japanese embroidery) from my paternal grandmother; together they have produced some breathtaking work. I have always admired it, but now knowing what goes into handcrafting (via knitting) it floors me even more.

gah! that's incredible work.

Exactly right. We say that teaching is a mitzvah. And it is. That piece your student did is stunning.

Great T.

I hear you saying that all the time when I get frustrated lol Teaching is definately one of the most rewarding things and by the sounds of it they had an awesome one!

Your students are lucky to have you! Brings back the memory of my needlepoint classes. Every week I think this will be the one that I go back to it, but it isn't working out so well just yet. Maybe next week......

What a great T! I'll bet you're a great teacher. I haven't done any embroidery for years, but just looking at that wall full of colors is making me want to start again. (Honey, I'm taking up another stash-requiring hobby. Honey? Put down that suitcase!)

Wow. I admit I didn't love the one bit of embroidery I did. I do, however, enjoy cross stitch and am waiting for my newest addition to be reframed a 3rd time. I have a couple more on the night table and have unearthed a petit point--which I have never done before. With you as a teacher though...perhaps I could like embroidery a bit more.

I've never tried embroidery, but I do love cross-stitch. There's something about the slow-going-ness of it all that is really good for me. Teaches patience, forces you to slow down, all that. Some day I'll have to try the other kind of stitching, and I'd love to check out that shop some time when I come to Utah! (In about 6 years, when I finally finish the cross-stitch project I am currently sporadically working on, anyway...)

Wow! I had no idea! How wonderful! And I was just thinking I wanted to take a needlepoint class, now if we only lived closer...

I'm quite jealous of those who get to be your students in person, but very thankful you're sharing your teaching with us in the blogiverse.

Wow, I haven't touched my cross stitch or needlespoint in ages (was always better at the cross stitch). I still have a small painted canvas of a cat face that I just love but have never done anything with. I wish we lived closer and you could be my teacher!

Fantastic! You're a natural-born teacher. ;)

wonderful post - It is so nice to hear about yet another of your many talents. :-) I haven't done needle work for years, but I can certainly appreciate the beauty of what you've shown. wow.

How fortunate you are to have not only have the expertise in such a creative art, but also the extra qualities necessary to pass on your knowledge.

I can tell from getting to know you at SnB and from reading your blog that your classes must be enormous fun as well as informative and inspiring.

What a great post! I've dabbled in embroidery, cross-stitch (can't see well enough anymore)and needlepoint but never got far enough to have my fire lit. Guess I needed a Margene as a teacher!

Please show some of the Brazilian embroidery. That is so cool! I want to learn that next.

What gorgeous needlework. I agree that teaching is fulfilling. Teaching another person how to do something, or exposing a person to a new way of thinking is exciting.

I am so glad you have had the chance to share this gift. It is such a good balance to your "work world" the rest of the week, and you pour out what you have absorbed in a lifetime's worth of stitching. A wonderful post; darn, I just got "S" up and better start thinking about "T".

What a great entry, Margene. Fantastic!

All I can say is "Wow"! I'm sure you're a great teacher.

Is that the store in the same strip mall as the Wool Cabin?

That store is unbelievable. I can't get over the wall of thread! So much color! I bet you can feel your creativity surge just walking through the front door. :-)

I didn't know you were still teaching needlework. I'm even more amazed at your knitting/spinning productivity now.

I have many times admired your collection "needles with eyes". I wish I could study with you as a teacher!

That shop looks fantastic!

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