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Closeupofmymountainbowl The weekend was full of spinning, knitting and shopping.  It was so nice to have the sun return and chase the chill away.  The week to come will have perfect fall weather and yet, cool enough the snow may stay on the mountain peaks.  The shopping we did included a new camera and the picture on the right is one Smith took of the mountain bowl that has a bit of snow in it all year long. You can see it in the photo above, but now we can bring it to you up close and personal (if you give it a click).  Close-ups of knitting will be shown on this blog soon. The next couple of weeks will give me enough time to figure out how the camera works so it can bring home great pictures of Rhinebeck. We leave 4 weeks from tomorrow!

Ashlandbaytopfromgbffhartwell Beautifullybalancedskeinofashlandbayyarn In preperation of Twisted Knitters Along (yes the blog is up!) I've spent the last couple of weeks spinning a beautiful Ashland Bay Amethyst Merino Top purchased at the GBFF.  It really has been  a heavenly fiber to spin and I filled two spindles with it.  Saturday morning was spent plying a skein, 150 yds., on Lizzy.  After winding the yarn onto a niddy noddy and giving the skein a bath, it was a humbling experience to hold the skein in my hands. I had spun this...with my two hands, and it really was nicely done.  The job of spinning wasn't quick, but the point wasn't speed .  The point was creation, making something useful and beautiful...with my hands.  The skein ended up balanced, which made me wonder, "How could I make this beautiful, nicely balanced skein?  Where did this skill come from?  Could it really be that 3 months of practice has given me the needed knowledge to end up here?"  The whole process fascinates and surprises me.

Blogless Karen has a post on the Twisted Knitters blog that shows the hand spun and knit socks she has created since learning to spin.  When I brought up the idea for this dye, spin, knit along, she dyed up some fiber and created her latest pair.  They really are wonderful so check out the blog and join us in some fun!


A new camera! That's exciting! 4 weeks. That's even more exciting!!

Beautiful handspun! 4 more weeks. I can't wait!

I love the colors in that Ashland Bay fiber...very pretty. Great job on your skein!!!

Beautiful yarn, Margene! You are a spinner now!

The yarn is beautiful.

I can't wait to see your close-ups. What kind of camera did you get?

Omg. That is stunning!!

I am in awe of your spindling talents (technically, you are a spindler if you spin on a spindle, a spinster if you spin on a wheel!). I truly believe this ability is something genetically imprinted on us as humans...spinning (or spindling) is what enabled us to leave the cave! Can't wait to see what you do with a wheel!

Congratulations on your beautiful yarn Margene! Isn't it nearly like creating a miracle or something?! I'm absolutely fascinated with the entire process and even through the washing - each phase is unique and surprising every time. Still suprising because I'm still such a novice at it - but always satisfying. That colorway is beautiful by the way - and now I'm off to check out the new BLOG! Yippee!! :)

That is breathtaking yarn. You are so very very talented.

I love spinning but boy do I need a new spindle. I guess I need to stop drooling over the Greensleeves website and just break down and GET something. Heh.

P.S. that is BEAUTIFUL yarn. :)

I can't BELIEVE how beautiful your spinning has become in such a short time....and the volume you produce on a spindle is impressive. It didn't take me long to realize I didn't have the patience for spindling and had to jump to a wheel. I spun a little bit the other night for the project. A lovely merino top that I bought the FIRST year I went to Rhinebeck. I figured it was time, with the next one coming up! When you're here, you can try out my wheel!

Oooo, that roving is beautiful! Your spinning is divine as well. I'm off to check out the blog!

What a beautiful skein! And I love the close-up from the new camera!

Ah, yes. The Pied Piper leadeth again. What be that mellifluous and melodious sound that cometh from thy spindle, milady? Listen my child and you may hear....Sssocks, sssocks, sssocks....

Ah, I've been toying with the idea of a new digital camera -- one that has macro abilities (for taking flowers' pictures). Do tell us how you like this one, and possibly the details of what model, brand, lens, etc.

SO tempted to go out and buy myself a spindle!

Well done, Margene.

Gorgeous handspun. I love the purpley goodness of it. What camera did you get?

I am SO very impressed by that lovely, well-balanced skein. Beautiful work! Your hands caught on fast. :-)

I notice that's one of your older spindles in the photo. I'm dying to heard about the new Mjolinor (sp?) though.

Really nice yarn & love the color. Can't wait to see more pics. We don't have mountain bowls here, but we do have some big pockets of water. Thanks for sharing...

I love the picture -- your yarn, made by your hand, held in your hand.

Your yarn is great Margene!

Your spinning is wonderful. It's impressive that with a little practice, so much progress can be made in such a short time.

The color of your yarn is stunning!

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