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September 22, 2006


Ok, I joined. You made it too easy not to!

Oh, I am SO in on this.

I will watch from the sidelines are cheer you all on! I have not been "bit" by the spinning bug yet, but I will definitely admire the handiwork! :)

I bought the book because it says Socks in it too... however, I think I loaned it to someone, and I don't know who it was!

Have a happy weekend, M~

Sounds like fun!

I want play!

This is a great chance for me to pick up my wheel that is just collecting dust. I am in :)

Yup Yup Yup. Good times!

I have plenty of roving and two spindles. I plan to start my learning and practice next month!

This is going to be good! Thanks for organizing!

I'm in! I need some more spinning companions.

I'm in!

Whooo, yikes. You think I can spin? The siren song is strong, though ... give me a week to find a local spinner to help me along, kinesthetic learner that I am...

I signed up. This will be so much fun.

If it's alright to switch things around a bit (I like to spin first, dye later), it sounds like one I can actually finish!! I'm in!

Definitly in. I can't wait until you guys get the bloggy up.


Here I come! :-)

Irrisistible! I'm so in and thinking already what to spin, what FO should come out of this. Wheeee!

I'm in ;o)

Wow, what weird timing. I just started spindle spinning 2 weeks ago, and now I discovered your blog ;)

No spinning here yet. I have a greater desire to learn on a wheel than on a drop spindle. I guess that's what is holding me back...no wheel.

Oh man. And here I was all set not to join anything and then you go put up something like this. Sigh. What's a knitter and spinner to do? You know I'm going to have to join and this will provide me some motivation to actually dye some of my fleece.

Oh, I want to join so badly! I've really gotten the itch to try spinning, but dangit, with lupus plus an SI joint out of whack, I can't work more than a couple of hours a day, so I'm not making much money.Add on top of that doctor's bills, a vet bill, etc.,and you get the idea. I'm so poor, I can't afford the roving or a spindle. I'm so poor, I'm 37 years old and live with my parents! *sigh* =(

Did you see the blue sweater at the State Fair that won Best of Show? (I think that was the award) It was hand spun, dyed, and knit. It was beautiful. I wish I could remember the name of who did it, she did a great job. I admire all of you with all your talent, you go girls!

i signed up! i've been waiting for this - hope my spindle spinning progresses, that my dyeing horizons widen, and that i can knit some handspun socks....

What a wonderful idea. I love the Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. It was one of the first spinning books I read cover to cover. I've been meaning to review it for a while because I think it's brilliant. I'm not sure if I can join due to time constraints - not sure if I'll get around to dyeing stuff in the next two months - but I will enjoy your progress.

I can't believe you guys have snow already!

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