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August 21, 2006


excellent Q.

Excellent indeed! Love the tree pic too.

the pic of you in the cottonwood is wonderful, both long limbed.

Geesh, would you look at those gams?

I love the tree picture. I used to love to climb trees andread there. Now I see that they are the perfect setting for knitting as well.

One Question....when is the Quiz?

This post is Quintessential Margene!
; )

You have the best weekends!

I'm picturing one of the boyz at the bottom of the tree, barking. ;-)

Thanks for the heads up about Susan. I swear, it seems like you plan some of your trips around the abc along. And why not? Perfect Q.

You come up with the BEST ideas!

Man, it must be so nice to live so close to so many beautiful places to visit!

Beautiful Qs, as usual, Margene! Thank you!

Due to M's recent illness, we weren't able to get over to Marble to the quarry there. I am glad someone had a Quarry for Q!

Lovely! makes me homesick for the canyon...

I always learn something from your blog, Margene. What a great story for "Q"! Knitting up in a tree - that is a new one!

Awesome quarry pictures, you tree climber, you!

Bautiful Q! That extreme knitting looks dangerous.

I've always been fascinated with the process the used to build the temple (I heard once that there is no mortar, but it's held together by the weight of the stones--crazy, huh?). It would be fun to see the quarry where it all started! Glad you got some good trekking in!

Good Q's.........

Hope you didn't fall out of that tree!

What an educational Q! I love the tree pose.

Margene, you are all leg! I'd LOVE to have your height! And I always like hearing about your hikes - you guys get around a lot. :)

Oh how fun! I know you must have been thinking of this as your Q post all year! I really need to do the ABC'along next year so I can plan ahead for day trips around our area!

Even though I got my yarn too late for the knitalong I'm going to be Trekking myself soon and using Mim's great Trekking sock pattern.

Your yarn and spindle and roving in the upper right photo are BEAUTIFUL Margene!!

I love that last picture!!!

How do you always get such wonderful picturess? It must come from living in a part of the country that is breathtaking. The midwest is nice, but we just don't have much breathtaking, although I do love my nearly daily any more cross across the Mississippi River.

What a great "Q," and it looks like you had a great trek :)

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