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When It All Comes Together

Fabulous Friends in High Places

Kim arrived on Saturday with a big smile on her face and jumped out of her car to give me a big hug.  We passed hugs back and forth from all our Blogland friends and quickly headed off to meet Susan for lunch.  Again the feeling was that we had been long time friends which is nearly true. Kim's Everyday Cardi KAL was one of my first and so we have 'known' each other since my first days of blogging.  Lunch was full of fiber talk, laughing, enabling and just joyful grrlfriend time.

Kim and I spun together every chance we had on Saturday. We helped each other out of knotted messes while comfortably chatting and encouraged each other in our newly found passion of spinning.

Moosesightingatsilverlakeonsunday_2 Kimlauriemecamilleatsilverlake Sunday we had to take her to Silver Fork and Silver Lake and invited Laurie and Camille along to enjoy the day.  As we strolled along the board walk we spotted a moose laying down, nicely hidden in the willows, only his antlers peeking out. (He's there, honest.)  It was cool and comfortable in the mountains with large rain clouds building up overhead and a nice cool breeze.  It was very hot and humid in the Salt Lake Valley so it was so nice to be in the cool mountains.

FourchicasatsilverlakeonsundaySusanssinlgesskeinhangingperfectly Smith enjoys wonderful women and felt very comfortable with his chatting, entourage of 'wild', independant women.  As I said to Kim...'It takes a might fine man to be better than none'.  And Smith is just that...might fine.  He snapped pictures of us when we stopped and helped me with a photoshoot of the Vinatge Victorian Socks (details later).  Susan had asked that I take a photo of the beautiful yarn she spun last week. This is a skein of singles that turned out to be beautifully spun and perfectly balanced, and because she didn't love the color, she gave it to me.  What a lucky grrl I am to have so many generous, caring friends in this world where the landscape is second to none.



Well, I'm down at sea level, but would love to drop by for one of your world-famous tours!

Good friends, lovely scenery and a hubby who enjoys wonderful woman.......does it get any better? Sounds like a fun weekend!

I imagine Smith was loving having 4 beautiful woman at breakfast! Sounds like such a great time.

I'm booking a plane ticket NOW. :)

Kim looks marvelous, and I'm glad you all had a wonderful day. Good call hitting the mountains for cooler air. I LOVE the photo of the moose antlers!

Norma, can your flight make a quick stopover here in the heartland?

A bountiful weekend indeed. Good friends, good conversation, a good man, great yarn, and a beautiful view. What more can a grrl ask for, really?

Sounds lovely Margene, especially the spinning and the cool parts.

Seeing that moose was wild, wasn't it? Hey, when I woke up this morning the temperature was FIFTY-THREE! Let's hear it for cooling trends!!

Thanks again for such a great weekend---you guys are the best! I'd write a post this morning, but can't get Bailey off my lap, so it might have to wait until tonight. Ha!

You make Utah seem like a real knitter's (and spinner's) paradise. The tourism department ought to be underwriting your fiber budget, I think!

Love the moose antlers. :-) The picture reminds me of an ostrich with its head in the sand, thinking that you can't see him. ;-)

MUST get Susan to share her secret for making such well-balanced singles! I can't imagine ever being able to do that.

Sounds like fun. Kim looks terrific. As do you all.

Silver Lake is as beautiful as ever! I know you all had a great time together. You are the most hospitable person I know, making all of us feel welcome to your part of the country.

How fun! More blogland meet-ups in SLC!!!
So glad that you got to be in the mountains, given the heat!!!

Love the shot of the Moose!!!

One of my co-workers is heading to the Salt Palace later this week to assist with re-assembly of a trade show display... I wish I could stow away...
; )

Wonderful way to spend a weekend! And I'm so glad you're acknowledging that spinning is a "passion" for you!

What a beautiful picture of the lake! How lucky you are to be able to go there and immerse yourself in nature on a regular basis.

What a beautiful picture of the lake! How lucky you are to be able to go there and immerse yourself in nature on a regular basis.

In the town I live in everythings so flat. I so enjoy looking at all the beautiful scenery you have all around you! It sounds like you had one heck of a terrific weekend.

Lovely scenery - lovely friends. How fun for Smith to spend time with you and the frequent knitting visitors you have!! I'm sure he just eats it up. heh

I sure envy those cool clouds, although the temp must have dropped bet. 20-30 degrees here too. Love the moose antlers, and envy the spinning time. I am not quite ready; tried to talk to Glenn and spin a bit and messed up after a great run going, but I AM getting it! Send info about that spinning class...

I see the moose!

Looks like a great weekend visit!! I'm so happy it is overcast today and fingers crossed for 80s tomorrow!

Smith is definitely a keeper! Susan's yarn looks great too. Yeah for fiber friends!!!!

Fun times!

Another fabulous weekend at Chez Margene & Smith! That last picture - ahhhh....

Life is good. People friends, solid spousal units, excellent yarn, and a beautiful day in the mountains.

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