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May 05, 2006


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How glad I am that you've blogged 600 times. Wishing for 600 more. :-) Always enjoyable to come here for some enthusiasm, beautiful pictures, inspiration, and a drop of joy.

That first photo is just BREATHTAKING! I literally gasped when the page loaded.

(Your new adoptee is on the way, stay tuned.)

What a gorgeous tree. Spring has really sprung hasn't it?

Congrats on your 600th post.

Can't wait to see the socks, Margene. And 600 posts! Congrats on your milestone. May is indeed beautiful!

The office park where I work is awash in pink and purple, white and yellow. Ah, the lusty month of May.

You're such a tease. We want socks!

I love May. We have those pink-flowering trees (no idea what they are) all over and it just changes the entire city. Congrats on #600.

That tree is gorgeous, Margene. The limb looks like it's adorned with pompoms!

GORGEOUS TREE! Can't wait to see your socks! Oh and anything I can get for you this weekend?

All the buds on the flowering trees and lilacs in my neck of the woods are this >< close to bursting! It's so exciting. There is nothing like catching the scent of lilacs wafting on the air...

Oh, I'm going to have to add Eleanora to my to-do list, aren't I?

LOL! I stumbled upon Tawana's site a week or so ago in a non-sockapaloooza persuit, and saw her socks and fell instantly in lust. Glad to know they have found a good home.

Thanks Margene! I'm so glad you like knitting it! Honestly, the toe is my very favorite part of the whole sock. The shaping is tapered so it fits AMAZINGLY well. and I just finished the toe on my next sock design, I think you'll like it :)

Congrats on 600 posts too! YAY!

isn't spring wonderful? every year i forget just how glorious it is, and every year i'm surprised again. here's to 600 more - congratulations.

Congratulations on post 600. This is one of the aspects of blogging that I most enjoy - how it is a very zen, in the moment thing, but how, over time, that creates a history, a thread stretching back that narrates a piece of our lives and thinking.

And the Eleanora sock is beautiful, just beautiful.

Woo-hoo on 600! I just hit 200 the other day. :)

isn't spring wonderful? every year i forget just how glorious it is, and every year i'm surprised again. here's to 600 more - congratulations.

Your sockapaloooza socks are lovely (I went over to Tawana's site for a sneak peak). And congrats on your 600th post!

Wow, 600 blog postings! You are pretty reliable, on a daily basis, so that has to add up.
Those sockapalooza socks are sure pretty!

Love the picture of the pink flowered tree! Thank goodness winter is over...........

What a beautiful tree! No lilacs here yet but they're coming. I love them so long as they're outside. Inside they give me a wicked headache. Have a fabulous weekend!

Nice pics. Only two days ago I hauled the very same colourway of CTH suri alpaca out of the stash, purchased from the same source. What are our plans for this yarn?

*gasp!* That tree is amazing! Don't you just LOVE Spring?? Eleanora is looking gorgeous!

Happy Spring! Happy 600th Post! Happy SockapalOOOza!! See, it wasn't me. :)

Now that my sockpal's socks are finished I'm getting back to MS myself! Your alpaca MS looks a lot better than mine.

Oooh, I love that Suri Alpaca. Have you decided what to do with it yet?

Beautiful tree! And that Suri Alpaca! (Cherry Tree Hill's booth will be one of my first stops at the MD S&W; I hope they have some of that gorgeous stuff there!)

That tree is gorgeous. It's no wonder that you find it irresistable. Congrats on your 600th post too. Even 100 seems very far away right now.

Happy 600th, Margene! The blooms are simply marvelous. My lilacs are going crazy right now as well and they smell so heady and wonderamous. :) Have a good weekend and Happy Knitting!

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