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February 21, 2006


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Hold it----NORMA SKIMS???? OMG! You have no idea what this means, Margene...muuuhahaha!!

What fabulous prizes!

OK. Fess up the source for the green chibi...

Looks like a great haul for some lucky knitter!

Wow. Look at that prize!

Silver Fork Lodge! Dang, I missed entering the first drawing, but not so this time!

I knew all about skimming Ann -- she's quite up-front about it, much to the chagrin of *cough*Cara*cough* some -- and, I'll admit, I skim a fair bit myself, but I did NOT know that about Norma. ; )

What a lovely prize! :) And your Sunday breakfast is always fab. I have checked out their menu. YUM!! I don't read as often as I used to either...do you upload books to your iPod?

Mmmmm, now I want to go out to a fabulous breakfast.

Oooh Oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

Ha!! I need to get us a skimming button! is anyone going to tell Vicki she skimmed the part about where to send her answer??

HAHAHAHA!! Crap, now I'm an embarrassed skimmer. I want you all to know that I skimmed right over all the fabulous prizes, too! I got so excited about the question that I bolted right then and there and it wasn't 'til I was skimming someone else's comment that I first read about the prizes!

Oh, my face is red!

Hahaha...too funny. Well if I didn't know the answer (which I did) I do now!

Oh, come ON! You big liar! I do not skimp!!! Wait, what did you say?

I am such a dunderhead ... "It couldn't be KNITTING," I said to myself, "that's too obvious." Next time I shall try to remember .... when you hear hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras.

Congratulations to Lisa ... and I'm going to be sure to make a guess for this next one.

Green chibi? With smaller needles? Just like the orange one? Huh.

Great prizes!

Great prize!

Margene - as my family used to say - you give the bestest gifts! Now maybe I could get to see a Chibi up close and personal. Wish me luck!

Well, Silver Fork Lodge, of course. After all your descriptions, my husband is ready to plan a trip to Park City just to go out for breakfast!

That's an unbelievable prize -- how could I not enter? Go ahead, lead me into temptation. I'll come willingly. I'll even navigate while you drive.

You're such a generous knitter, Margene. I don't think there's anyone in blogland who is friendlier or more fun. Not that I'm sucking up to win the fabulous prize, nooooooooo.

*knocks Carole over* NO ME!! Pick me!!


*ahem* Sorry Carole...I saw chocolate and lost it...

Green chibis??? They're torturing me here.

Best prize package I ever saw! I just discovered Trekking and I think it's my new favorite sock yarn. Breakfast is sounding mighty good right now.

Now that is a great little prize package. I would be happy with a green chibi :)

Congratulations to Lisa!


Just wondered if you've worked with the Alpaca Cloud - I got my SP some, but haven't worked with it myself.

Congratulations Lisa! You give the best prizes Margene. And of course I know where you go for breakfast.... I look forward to hearing about it and seeing new photos every Monday. :)

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