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Cassie had a post last week about the search for beauty,  which was inspired by a hand made card a friend had sent to her.  The post was, in turn, inspiration to me.  We all love to behold, create, and have beautiful things in our lives.  Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but it can also be in every little part of our daily lives.  Every thing we do in the course of the day is a part of the process of our lives and it seems a shame to ‘hate’or dislike any part of the gift of life.

Admittedly cleaning the house isn't something most of us enjoy but, what if we looked at it with gratefulness, a joy at what we have that others may not.  Instead of complaining about the need too dust or vacuum, perhaps we could acknowledge each item we own as we dust…touch it; honor it as the gift that it is and the beauty it brings into our home.

As we clean the floor imagine what it would be like to have a floor of dirt or no floor at all, just a bit of sidewalk.  We should all be more aware of our surroundings and feel blessed to have what we do have.  All the things we dislike in our lives are still a part of the daily process.  Even the smallest pea adds flavor to a large pot of soup.

The same can be said of knitting. As we pull out and restart a project we can become upset, unhappy that we didn't do it right. Instead of angst, we can be thankful we have the ability to see the error and redo, that we have nice yarn and knitting needles with which to knit and in many cases we have a stash of yarn that will keep us knitting for years to come without purchasing another thing.  Part of the process of knitting and of life, is the ebb and flow, the ups and downs, the good and bad.  Nothing is perfect, nothing in life goes without a hitch, and without loss you can’t be grateful for what you have.

It looks like Stephanie’s  Knitting Olympics has hundreds of participants.  It will be quite a feat to knit a challenging project in 16 days.  There are already two challenging projects on my needles, but I want to do my best to meet a challenge of Olympic proportions.  There can be no project acquisition as I have the StashAlong goal to meet (that alone is a challenge!).  I am not a Type A personality and don't handle stress well and dislike deadlines, too. So, what can I do in 16 days that will keep me knitting with the hoards?

In the spirit of Eddie the Eagle  this is an alternate challenge.  Eddie gave the Olympics his best shot even though he could not win. He trained and played his best, while he had fun and enjoyed the process.  If ever any athlete was about the journey it was Eddie.  If you want to knit during the games and enjoy your knitting, without deadlines or duress, you can join me in an Eddie Along. It’s all about the process here.  Pick a project, knit for the love of it and soar like Eddie. If you finish…good for you, if not, you win anyway.


This button is for you any who would like to enjoy the process without pressure.  There are only two roolz:

1. Cast on (or knit a long neglected WIP if you choose) February 10th (any time you like) and end during the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games on February 26th, or not. 
2. Enjoy the process, each step, forward or back. It’s all good.

You could actually join both KALs but, that would mean little or no complaining (well, let's say no hissy fits) if you make an error or need to frog.  Everything in 'the process' is good.

Takeyourlifeintoyourownhandsandtakeaflag_1Thank you for all your fun comments on my Jaywalker socks. To address the questions about the orange flags I'll give you a bit of background.  Downtown SLC has very wide streets for which we thank Brigham Young. He wanted a street in which he could turn around a wagon and four horses easily. Plus the blocks are very large as seven blocks are about 1 mile.  Anyway, there were too many auto pedestrian accidents a few of years ago and many people were not only hurt but killed. 

With a big campaign to make drivers and peds more aware of each other, changes were made to the crosswalks.  The main cross walks now have a big LOOK sign painted on the ground as you enter the street and there are also count down clocks so you know how much time is needed to get across the (very wide) street. Because the blocks are each so long there is a crosswalk at the mid-point of the downtown blocks. Each one, especially a crosswalk without lights, was set up with a bucket of orange flags (Martha, you had that vision right!) so any pedestrian can easily be seen if they carry a flag.  There have been very few auto/ped accidents since the changes were implemented. So now you know the rest of the story.

Liz of Pocket Farm has a new home! (Please change your feeds.) It's a great new place, Liz.  Does this mean we'll see more of you?

One more thing...did you know there are mittens in Utah's desert?


Anyone who wants to appreciate the ease of modern life is welcome to join me in a 19th century tent in a field any time! Let me tell you, it gives me great joy to vacuum and clean the toilet after spending a weekend without either.

No pressure? That's my kind of KAL. I've never joined one, precisely because I hate feeling put upon. I have enough stress and pressure in my daily life as it is, and knitting provides solace from that.

and PS: I love to clean. I find it very therapeautic.

Count me in on your "no pressure" KAL--I think it's a great idea :)

I'm Eddie-ing along with you! ;)

exactly what are we supposed to imagine when we are cleaning toilets?

I'm in! Cool idea. :)

The Eddie along is a great idea...right up my alley and just my speed! Thanks Margene!

I have to admit the last time I dusted, I did happen to think back as I picked everything up. The next time I clean the toilet, I'll just have to be glad I don't have an outhouse. Although maybe I wouldn't have to clean an outhouse...

I have an Ansel Adams print of the Mittens. And now I will think of you whenever I see it! :-)

Count me into the Eddie-Along. I love the idea of the Knitting Olympics, but if I'm going to take on a really challenging project, I don't want to have to do it in a hurry.

I considered the Harlots KAL, I even had a project picked out (a new pattern for Magknits that needs to be completed by the end of March for a May publication date) and then I decided No. I have enough pressure getting this new design from mind to paper to needles without trying to finish it in 17 days as well so I an going to take your approach. As you say .. It's the process ;-)

Oh, your KAL is so tempting, Margene. I do have that Nordic sweater for my grandson that is at a point where I could probably finish during the Olympics. Had Stephanie's rules not precluded something that was already in progress, that would have been my project. However, I did sign on with the Knitting Olympics and will try to follow through. (Not everyone crosses the finish line, don't forget.)

Margene, I love you.

Margene, I love you, too.

Great post, Margene! (okay, you got me - I always say that) I think your idea is great - I plan to be a spectator in these Olympics for that very reason; plus I have several things on the needles already.

Oh yeah, and keeping with the theme of the previous commenters before me, I love you too! :)

can't do it... must not succumb to 'knitalong' pressure... ;)
Thanks for the warm welcome to my new home...not sure if it means I'll be around more... I just wanted to spread out a little. :)

Hee, hee! I like that plan. If I weren't about to go into a baby-knitting marathon (for others children, not my own. Let's not start rumors) I would join you.

Heck, we need some of those flags for Boston, The Walking City.

thanks for showing us your sox. i have Fred Flintstone feet; the shoebox fits them, size 3 in childen's shoes. but i can see that folk like you and my God Sister who have toe shaped toes, benefit from the circle toe shaping. i'll try that on her next pair.
My Zen Friend; you and i agree on the cleaning . i did a major clean out when i returned from Texas. i taught my children be mindful when they take out the garbage; thankful that they have so much that there is some (make it as little as possible please) to be thrown out...i guess we live by non-ferengi rules of anti-aqusition.

I really love your Eddie-a-long KAL. I want to join, too. It seems to have hit a nerve with many people. I am trying harder every day to just e.n.j.o.y. t.h.e. p.r.o.c.e.s.s. Thanks!

I totally understand about enjoying and being thankful for even the most "annoying" of things. DH was diagnosed with MS and now has a hard time walking for long periods of time. . . talk about being thankful!! Everyday, I am.

I love the "process knitting" idea. I am part of the Olympics, but I may have to join you too, since I may need to take the pressure off.

I think it's a great idea to have flags at the walkways, in SoCal, I think we can use them.

Harlot's Olympics aren't supposed to be about making ourselves crazy, they're supposed to be about challenging ourselves, which is a process, too, right? What I am loving about them is the inward look everyone is taking in order to figure out what they consider a challenge at this point in their knitting life. To put a certain amount of pressure on yourself within certain parameters is to learn something about yourself. Possibly your breaking point :) Blogland will be an interesting place at the end of it! I'll have to catch up on all you Zen people AFTER the olympics-I'm going to give it my best shot which means no blog surfing! Good luck to everybody!

I'm so in!

I found it odd that the Sally Melville purls book[purchased only cause of your arm thingies] just happened to be open on the process vs product essay when I stumbled upon the Olympics. I am signing up *if I can nail down a project* but it was one of those things that make you go hmmmmmmm moments

I am new to your blog -- found you through Cara's blog and the Jaywalker KAL. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated this post. I have been having wicked ugly trouble with my Jaywalkers, and also been considering doing Yarn Harlot's Olympics. My project would be my first big fair isle thing -- a sweater vest for my husband. Guaranteed to make me hate either the project, or fair isle, or knitting, or maybe even my husband by the end of February. LOL! So thanks for the alternative! I'll be slapping one of your buttons on my blog!

Of course I'm in for something as clever as this - that cabled cardigan I've been neglecting needs some love!

Margene, how is it that you are so often spot-on with where my head and spirit are? The Flame is out of town for 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to re-focusing on some old processes and developing some new ones for home and health, not just knitting!

I imagine that I'll both Eddie and KOlympic-along. What a wonderful idea.

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