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January 18, 2006


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wow, great pictures! when I saw the licence plate, I read 'needlepoint' (just a few letters are missing).

Nice pictures and nice pair of Jaywalkers! I just cast on mine...

love the socks pretty colors to go with the pretty Utah photos!

you just inspired me to startitis on the second of my jaywalkers :)

Your Jaywalkers look great. I love the colors.

You've inspired me! I cast on again last night -- tweaking the numbers one more time -- because I'm a jaywalker at heart and I refuse to be left at the curb! I'm determined to finish them before I start my Knitting Olympics project, too. Yes, I am crazy.

Your socks rock! ;-)

LOVE the colorway!

Oh god, she's bit. Wonderful post...from the pose, to the setting, to the license plate, and the grrl.

How cute are you, perched on your car?! I love it! Ooooh, that's right...Judy told me you teach needlepoint. Girl, you are good at SO many things!

Beautiful socks---I'm with you on the kitchener toe, and am not familiar with the round toe. I'm gonna have to look into that one.

The only thing more impressive, would be to get a photo of Rocky (with the flag in his hand) helping you across the street.

Very cool! Gotta love those colors!!

Salt Lake City is one weird animal, innit? An orange flag to walk in the crosswalk? Geesh. I guess that's better'n being almost mowed down, as I was often in Paris and London. So if a car hits a pedestrian who isn't carrying an orange flag, is it considered the pedestrian's fault?

P.S. Oops. Nice socks. (hee, where's my head?)

Those are the most fun FO pictures yet! They look great.

You look pretty good while Jaywalking ... I need to pull mine out of limbo and finish.

Lovely socks :-) really pretty colourway. I must resist buying any more yarn! I am not exactly in the stash along but I am doing my best to reduce the stash before Hubby blows a gasket - It is getting increasingly difficult to get to the wine cellar as all the wool boxes are in the way:-)

Excellent photo shoot! I should have you style my FO photo shoots. :) The Jaywalkers turned out really well, too!

Lovely socks but I smiled more at your being outside to model your socks! Did you get any "oh my, nice socks!" from anyone or did they ask why you're carrying an orange flag? LOL

Oh thank you Margene! It's another emotional hangover morning here (boring I know) and you are the PERFECT antidote! I'm so glad you persevered and have given the socks a thumbs up. I can make hundreds of these socks, but honestly, without the Margene seal of approval, there's something missing. BRING ON POP ROCKS! L, C

Great socks. I'm so glad they turned out well for you. I'm looking forward to starting some myself!

Yay! Great socks! Here in Boston, we don't really know what jaywalking is, as both driving and being a pedestrian are sporting events in a way. You'll have to explain the flag thing to us.

Great socks and fun pics as always!!

I'm with you--bring on the Socks that Rock!!!

I love them, and I love the photo shoot. The orange flag and the license plate coordinate well with the Jaywalkers. I echo Pumpkinmama in my confusion about the orange flag, so what's the story?

You have the most creative way of displaying your knits. I love the Jaywalker photos. Very cool!

Love the license plate!

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