Unintended PJ Day

Must Finish Jaywalkers

Dear Beth:

You asked if I how I was resisting the urge to throw aside my Jaywalker socks and cast on the Prove it all Night STR. Thanks for asking...I am doing my best to remain very ‘Zen’ about the situation and finish the few small things I have on the needles now.

Firstjaywalkersideone_1 I've been lollygagging and taking much to long to finish this poor pair of Jaywalker's. One is now finished and the other has been cast on.  The incentive of STR in the Prove It All Night colorway is strong, especially when I listen to Bruce (as I have been doing quite a bit lately). I want to play with my Prove it All Night. Well, not just play (I've been doing that), but KNIT IT. (Must remain Zen.)

Firstjaywalkersidetwo_1Now I wonder why I had to make the cuff so long and why is my foot a 9 1/2 when a size 6 would be finished much sooner?  (Breath.) I understand you have much smaller feet so you cannot feel how painful this really is. Oh wait, yes you can!  You knit a pair of socks  for me for Sockapal2za.  I dearly love them and wear them often and thank you again. As we know from our blog pal Stephanie, a single sock has over 17,000 stitches. Knitting socks is a commitment, especially for someone else.

I did get a little side tracked with a pair of  Voodoo's made from alpaca and a lovely Koigu gauntlet, too.  I had so much trouble with the second Voodoo, which is simple 2x2 rib, but I started it with a 1x1 rib and then cast on again with only 46 stitches instead of 48...gah! (Breath...think Zen.) My excuse is that I was at Stitch 'n Bitch and you know how distracting Susan can be. The second gauntlet will be started in time for our SnB party next week (we're celebrating our 2 year anniversary!). It is easy stockinette and will clearly a good project for 'non-thinking' moments. Wish you could be here to join our fun.

I know you still miss Lotus (it was just too big for my 'new' body to continue) and I know you will keep a close eye on my progress with Rosarie. She is a beauty and has been my main knitting.  I don't want to set aside Seaweed for long as Cassie is excited about her progress.  It is just too bad that there is so much beautiful yarn, so many fabulous patterns and grandiose ideas floating around this house.  It's a good thing I'm in the StashALong that Kim started so I can get a handle on all this knitting. (I will be Zen enough to get through it.)

Well, I best be off to see if I can get a few more stitches in this Jaywalker.  Will I finish it this weekend, find time for Rosarie and maybe put a few more rows on Seaweed? Or will all those little things distract me again?  I'll let you know next week. Enjoy your weekend.

Your friend,

PS. This silly meme was started by JenLa and La just wouldn't let me pass. You can see I'm a Western Grrl.  (La, is that ugly enough?)


I know what you mean about the long cuffs on socks. Ever since my first pair, I only make the cuffs 4 inches...saves on knitting time and yarn!(Plus I like them a little shorter.) I usually have enough left to make a smaller pair for my 7 year old daughter. She thinks it's great to have a pair of hand-made socks identical to Mom's, and I feel like I've gotten all I can out of my yarn!

Having knit 1.5 pairs of socks in very thin yarn for a man with big feet, I can totally relate.

And I'll keep wanting to see Seaweed done if it helps. Promise. C'mon, now. You don't want to turn into me, flitting from one thing to another, do you? ;-)

Di-straction! Di-straction! Have a great weekend Margene!

I have to say that if I had such scrumptious yarn staring at me I'd find an excuse to knit it now. (I know excuses are not very zen.) Like Cara and her alternating socks solution. Best of both, right? I'm really no help at all. Always pushing everyone to be bad. ;)

Your Jaywalkers look fabulous.

Margene.. I'm curious as to how many stitches you needed for the 9 1/2 foot JW. I see that there are a few options for larger sizes. Long cuffs, long feet.. it isn't fair. But remeber, we DO get the breeze in a crowd.

Oh dear; you've posted something negative about me on the Internet. *sob*

I agree with Cassie........I can't wait to see Seaweed finished and modeled. I love everything about it, especially the color.

I want to know why the pig is looking with such interest at the pink purse (in the avatar). Just what is in that pink purse, anyway? Just what is that purse made of? Hmmm.

Wow, you weren't kidding about the similarities! ;) Great Western girl minds think alike.

Or, maybe the pig has a crush on the pink bag?

Margene - I love your trashy western avatar! Good work! oh, and the jaywalker looks pretty good too! ;)

*sending Zen fortitude*

I'm jealous of your little size 9.5 feet - I have 11s. :)

And that's a very ugly avatar - good job!

Well, dayum, YOUR ugly avatar is the first one I've been able to view in Firefox. Must be they've "fixed" their problem just for you. Ha! Trashy western grrl.

And speaking of anniversaries.....don't you have another important one coming up on Jan. 25?

Ah screw the jaywalkers. PROVE IT BABY! PROVE IT! ;-)

I'm going to have to give in and make a pair of Jaywalkers in STR soon. I think I'm the last knitter in blogland who hasn't made them. :(

Margene, I don't think your avatar is ugly at all - as a matter of fact, it's a fairly wholesome in a Hee-Haw kind of way .....

I can relate to the size 9.5 feet, that's for sure. Good luck with the 2nd Jaywalker!

I LOVE your avatar. As a western girl myself, it made me smile. I'm here to give you moral support on finishing Jaywalker before you start in on STR. I'm one of those who has to finish one thing before she starts another, so I understand where you're coming from. Have a great weekend.

i usually measure the length of sox cuffs and sometimes even hat depth with a dollar bill. except for my god sister who has lovely thin legs and can wear a dollar and a half cuff.
your cowgirl horsegirl piggiegirl is holding a skein of yarn right?

marie in texas

I want to see those Daisy Dukes on you at the SnB Anniversary. :)

Lovely Jaywalkers! And hey, glad you like the calendar. I didn't realize until you mentioned it how many of the photos in there I had shown on my blog - guess they really were my favs.

Darn Bloglines.... I missed a contest! Oh well. I'm thinking about starting Jaywalker for my daughter - we'll see if it actually comes out nice with the yarn I'm thinking of using from my sock yarn stash. Gotta. Use. The. Stash.

Ooooh! I especially like how you got your hat, your bag and your pet accessory to all match!

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