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MountainsafterthestormonsunSunday winter returned to Salt Lake after a long, long absence. The day before we hit a record high of 58 degrees! The long awaited snow started about 10:00 am and came down all day long with only an accumulation of 3" on our lawn. The lake effects where and how much snow falls, so some places had more, others less.  Smith went to a car show and I sat in front of my big window and knit while watching the snow.  It was better than a movie, as the snow was ever changing, from large fluffy flakes to small hard compact dots, including everything in between.  It was like watching a ballet of white as the flakes danced in and out of my view.  Later, while taking the boyz for a walk, the only sound was the crunch of snow under the weight of my steps. On Monday the sun came out to show of the beauty of our mountains covered with white. It was our last day of sun and the last couple of days there has been more snow.

RosariefoldedoversectiontwodoneIt was a pleasure to sit with my knitting all day Sunday and I enjoyed more time with Rosarie. It took 10 days (finished on Tuesday) to knit the second repeat of 38 rows, which means I'm not too far off my goal of one repeat a week. (Red scarves took precedence.) On the 35th row of the next repeat the armscye steeks will begin.  I'm so grateful that Jade Starmore took time to adapt the pattern to my extra long body.  Don't you just love the color blending?


ProveitsockhalfdoneThe STR Prove It All Knit Night, Fancy Silk Sock (from Knitting Vintage Socks) continue's to grow, albeit at a snails pace.  The pattern and yarn together create a very Victorian look. I do love Socks That Rock yarn, as it knits like silk, eh Cara?

KnitredsockswithbeckyAnd just because I'm a glutton for punishment socks...I've joined Becky’s Red Hot Sizzling Socks. The only red yarn in my stash is Bearfoot (Ruby River) sock yarn. As soon as the STR socks are finished this will be my next sock. Must keep knitting from the stash (12.5 weeks to go)!

And just in case you're keeping track, Seaweed grew a full 8" this week. Knitting continues apace and on through the weekend. Enjoy them both!


The weather has been crazy here too, but it keeps things interesting. Rosarie is stunning! Have a wonderful weekend.

Rosarie is so lovely, can't wait to see her finished!

Love that Bearfoot too! I think Bearfoot may be my new favorite sock yarn :)

Enjoy your weekend, give Smith and the boyz a hug and a chirrrp!

Rosarie is gorgeous! Could we have a look at the seam?

All of your reds look wonderful! Also glad you finally got some snow - we are bare here as well and have been unseasonably warm.

I love the color blending in that sweater as well. What lovely work, Margene!

I wish that we too would get some snow. We are having a disconcerting run of early spring like weather. It feels more like March than January. Your Rosarie looks fantastic!

Rosarie is such a beautiful pattern of colors!

Winter has disappeared from the Northeast...very strange. I'm hoping it comes back if just for a little while ;-)

Have fun with those lovely socks!

Rosarie's colours show so beautifully on the screen, I can only imagine how lovely she is to see in person. I'm constantly awed by the creativity and talent of yarn makers and knitwear designers. To be able to envision a garment like that and see it through to creation is quite something.

So far, we've had a mild witer, even by Charleston standards. Snow would shut the city down.

Rosarie is so pretty. What great work!

What a gorgeous sweater! Did Jade personally adjust the pattern for you??

God look at that Rosarie GO! It's beautiful. I love watching snow fall and I REALLY love being outside after a snow fall when the world feels quiet like it's wrapped in cotton. PIAN is just beautiful. Thanks for knitting it up for me!

Yes, winter has disappeared from here. I'm disgusted. Rosarie is AMAZING. The colors are sooo beautiful.

Rosarie is lookin good! The colors are really beautiful!
That bearfoot is going to make some smokin socks! That is the point though, right? ;)

Pretty peekchure!

Hey, I have that STR colorway too. Maybe my next Jaywalkers that work will be in that....

I joined the red sock knitalong too - your yarn is lovely!

You're just trucking right along, aren't you?! ;) See you Saturday.

What lovely colors in Rosarie! Your writing makes wish that winter would move in to stay for a while in Rochester NY. We are having strange fits of warm and cool and only a small amt of snow.
i am knitting a muff for my nephew's wife at her request (from B Galeskas Felted Knits) and it feels like she may only want to use it once or twice this year!

Rosarie - gorgeous! Red socks - did you know that red is my favorite color? I'm just saying is all.

Rosaire is really starting to blossom - if you see what I mean?

So beautiful, all of it. I LOVE red.

Rosarie looks incredible! Speaking of winter, I'm not quite sure where ours went. Our weather has been so erratic lately: the other day we had torrential rain winds of up to 70 mph, trees were toppled and power went out all around the region; today it's sunny and supposed to hit 55 degrees. This is New York in January? Scary.

Your Rosarie is gorgeous! I'm glad you post your winter pictures as we get very little of it here in Texas - I've not even worn my coat this winter.

We're seeing winter around here too, although not much snow. The wind has stopped (or at least isn't blowing as hard), which is quite nice for a change. Rosarie looks marvelous - the colors are just divine. I'm glad your other projects are moving along - you're just so busy.

Rosarie is absolutely gorgeous! That day of knitting and watching snow sounds absolutely dreamy. Sadly, there's no sign of snow in my area of Chapel Hill this year. Luckily, I'm moving back to Winnipeg soon! (And thus will get my fill of snow next winter.)

Rosaire is just beautiful. I have two skeins of STR in my stash and I have yet to pull them out for a sock.

I love knitting while it snows, well that is if the kids are not begging me to go play in it!

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