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Polar Express

Snowcoldiceyday_1Zensnowyday_1Tuesday ended up to be a winter wonderland reminiscent of Cassie's post on winter light. A bit of Iceland has come to Salt Lake City. A thin white blanket covered everything, including the black ice on the roads. The commute was a nightmare for many, including poor Smith, as his usual 30 minute trip home took nearly two hours.  Many of us didn't even try to go to Stitch 'n Bitch.  While I might throw myself in front of a train for grrlfriends, this wasn't the night to do so.  Teri and I thought it unfair that Mother Nature would spoil our weekly night out with grrlfriends, but that's just the way it goes. Travel was just too dangerous.  Things were a bit better the following morning, but the sun caused a blinding glare on the snow and didn't warm the air much.

MurphyinhisknitsweaterOur little Murphy is 13, nearly blind and deaf, and skinny as a rail.  We made him wear the coat that Neena (yes, she can knit) made for him years ago. (He wasn't happy, but he survived.)  Without much body fat the little guy would freeze as the temperature Wednesday morning was 6 degrees. The cold, dry air is what produces Utah's famous 'greatest snow on earth'.  The resorts are full of the powdery white stuff skiers love...REAL snow. Clear days like this make the cold bareable as the mountains are gorgeous in their pure white coats.  (You'll just freeze your arse off while you stand there oogling the peaks.)


TrytryagainjaywalkersThe process of Jaywalking (I told you it was dangerous to jaywalk in Salt Lake!) can be filed under the old adages 'if at first you don't succeed, try, try again', 'third times a charm', and 'never, never give up'!  New yarn, something a bit thicker and softer than Koigu (some knitters, including Vera, have had success with Koigu), produced a less firm fabric...this might be the 'right stuff'.

The process continues apace.


Cold but so lovely! and a special pat on the bum for Murphy...He looks smashing if sheepish...stay warm, chica. or make a january getaway down here to paradise...

It looks like Cincinnati is about to join the rest of the country who's had snow today. Good thing I've got lots of knitting to keep me busy.

I love the snow photos! Charleston would totally shut down with an inch of snow since hardly anyone (including me) can drive in it. We think our low today of 43 is cold--well brisk.

What yarn are you using for your new sock? WildFoote? Nice color.

Beautiful snow pictures! It's been unseasonably cold here, but nothing like what you've been getting. Stay warm!

Oh, the snow covered mountains are gorgeous. Almost makes me wish I could ski. ;-)

The snow is so pretty. I know, I don't live in it so I don't know how disrupting it is... but it is really gorgeous. I love when folks post pictures of "their" snow.

I'm still suffering from not getting that estrogen release on Tuesday. But 100 S. was a sheet of ice when I left work at 3:00. Well, and you know me and my driving issues.

What yarn is that anyway? It's a yummy color.

Wow--Neena does intarsia? That's quite impressive! Sock is looking good.

Love it! It WILL work this time. I will guarantee it.

Brrrr.. and I thought it was cold at 31 degrees in Texas this morning :)

The new yarn looks fabulous! I was gong to try Koigu with the Jaywalker but I might look into something a bit thicker now that I've seen yours.

Needles crossed it works this time!

Oooh, the new Jaywalker looks lovely! And the snow, yes, the snow! It's 10F here. What a year, eh?

We had one of those delicious snowfalls yesterday morning - the kind where there's lots and lots of light snowflakes falling gently. Quite beautiful. Unless you're standing outside waiting for your everloving LATE bus to arrive...

Thinking happy 'third time's a charm' thoughts for you on Jaywalker. Beautiful colours.

Another adage--Practice makes perfect. What's softer than Koigu?

Murphy looks really sweet:-)
One year when my dog was still going to dog training ( we gave up in the end he just will not listen) we had a doggy Christmas party. I made Ben a little red jacket with white fur trim and a couple of paw prints on it and he wenrt as Santa Paws :-) He looked so cute (shame he still wants to fight every other dog he meets)

Oh, Murphy is adorable!

So what's the new yarn? Jaywalker looks like it's off to a great (re)start.

Same 6F here, this morning. I love the name Murphy...what a sweet looking old guy. :)

Murphy, you're hot stuff! ;)

"Softer than Koigu"? What could that possibly be? I think I see a center-pull skein in that picture, so that could mean Opal, Meilenweit, Jawoll, Regia... but none of those is softer than Koigu.

Lovely snow pictures! It sounds like that's going to be my view tomorrow morning... time to charge up the heated ice-scraper.

Oooh, Murphy, I recognise that look. Mutinous mini schnauzer ears say it all :I may wear this sweater, but you can't make me like it! Buddy, you are very, very cute, even if you're not enjoying yourself.

Aww poor sweet baby, he just didn't know it was the best thing for him. My husband is worried about our dog because it's very cold today and wnogin and he won't come int he house. BUt he's 2, likes the cold, and has a double coat anyway, he'll be fine, just wet when he comes in.

Good luck with the new yarn. I hope this is the right stuff. We've had unbearable negative temps and just above zero, but not more than single digits and hopefully are coming out of it today. It's been brrr since I returned from Louisiana, but I am enjoying the snow and the real feeling of winter here.

Aww sweet Murphy. I love schnauzers. I've got my fingers crossed that the Jaywalkers work out this time!! Embracing the process still doesn't eliminate frustration! The process is so much more fun when things work out the first (or even second) time! :)

Grrrl, you always have the "right stuff" - go get em!

Utah is lovely as always. Take care of your 13-year old. Our Caia turns 13 this Valentine's Day - we baby her to death.


Murphy's sweater just reminded me of my Schnauzer from childhood. She used to shake and shake until we put sweaters on her too. She lived forever though (until the age of 18) so she must of liked them a little bit!

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