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Walking across the street in downtown SLC can be a dangerous activity.  The Mayor had orange flags set up at every cross walk just so pedestrians can get the attention of oncoming traffic by wave one.  It's crazy downtown this time of year!  And jaywalking!?  Well, that is totally against the law and you could end up dead or with a heavy fine. Add that to the list of things in Utah that must be done in the privacy of your own home. So a few nights ago, behind closed doors, I started a pair of Grumperina’s  Jaywalker Socks and joined Cara’s KAL.


This beautiful color of Koigu has been languishing in my stash and the best part is that I have 3 skeins.  How nice that I can make the socks as long as I like.  There will be no close calls or shortages for me! When I bought this color (#105) it looked mostly dk. maroon, with pink and gold bits here and there, but now that I'm knitting it's apparent there an abundance of green.  It's OK...I can handle it mixed in with the other colors, plus watching the pattern form is just so much fun.  It feels good to have a sock back on the needles.

MissemilieYummyyummykoiguforemilieA couple of months ago I knit a pair of socks for Smith's cousin Emilie.  She has called every few days to tell me how much she loves them, which is surely a hint that she'd like another pair. They are happy socks that fit her feet well, and are warmer than any other socks she has, so it's no wonder.  While stash diving for Jaywalker yarn I found another wonderful Koigu in bright happy colors that Emilie will enjoy.  She likes her socks to be ankle high and she has very small feet, all which mean a pair of socks will knit up quickly. I think she deserves another pair before I move on with Jaywalkers for myself. 

It has been snowing off and on all week, mostly in the mountains which have received between 3-4 feet.  Yesterday the sky was cloudy in the morning and cleared slowly until the end of the day. It was a picture perfect day in Utah.




Beautiful snow pictures and even better koigu pictures. You are very good to Emilie!

Picture perfect? I'll say. What beautiful scenery. And what a gracious knitter.

Oh, those are nice! I can't wait to start on my Jaywalkers for the knitalong!

The mountain pictures are beautiful. Put a lump in my throat. Love the new jaywalkers.

My jaywalkers are for my step-daugther, Jessica, and they've been languishing while I knit hats for Knit Unto Others. Now that I'm finished with that (for now!) I can work on the socks again. And the best part? Jess only wears a size 6 shoe!

You're too funny, Margene - better stay in those crosswalks! I knew there was a sock going on at your place. ;)

That is a beautiful color of Koigu. Both of them!
When we lived in NJ, cars wouldn't stop for you even if you were in the crosswalk and waved them down. I even had a cop tell me that the cars "had the right to run me over". Is it any wonder we moved away?

Love those Jaywalkers. Emilie looks like a doll--and I love her subtle hints!!

Love the smile on Emilie's face! And your mountains.....

JAYWALKERS ROCK! Swear, M, they're the only socks I'll ever make. That's okay, right? ;-)

Who wouldn't love a pair of socks in that lovely pink Koigu!? Lucky Emilie.
And it seems to me that every day's a picture perfect day in least here at Zeneedle!

Koigu...must have Koigu... :)

Wonderful pictures. You do live in a beautiful place. I like your colors in Jaywalker socks.

Love the socks, and love the yarn you're planning on using for Emilie's socks! About the snow, in Utah, do you ever say things like "This weekend, we're going to the snow"? When I lived in Chile, is usually rained in the valley and snowed in the mountains, so people would quite literally drive up *to* the snow. (Many people even built little snowmen on the hoods of their cars in an attempt to bring some snow home with them, but they usally melted from engine heat). Just curious...

Oh sure, rub it in!

It's great when the people we knit for really appreciate it, but then we have to keep it up! Pretty soon it may become your full time job to knit for Emilie! :)

Oh, that Koigu colorway (both of them actually) are so beautiful. I love Koigu.

What an idea with the flags! There are several crosswalks here in town that could use something like thatm although I doubt it would help. The city putting signs in the middle of the road didn't do the trick. The socks look fantastic. Love the colors!

Beautiful socks! One day I will get to other passion is genealogy and I would do anything for a week at that library!

I need to make a pair of Jaywalkers myself. Everyone else has loved making them, so why not?

We haven't had any snow here along the Front Range, but the high country has been getting hammered and the Vail area is the happiest it's been in years!

Oooooo--I love the color of Koigu you chose; it's knitting up beautifully. I still can't find a colorway in Koigu that screams "me", so the search goes on :) Emilie's Koigu is very pretty as well, she's a lucky lady to get some handknit socks.

Look at the mountains! Lovely as always.

Happy knitting!!

I really like that cheerful pink Koigu! It reminds me a bit of that seashell-colored yarn you made the Latvian Lace Socks with. Very nice stuff.

Must download Jaywalker pattern...

The socks are yummy...I have yet to try Koigu for socks. Your photos have made me feel homesick, which is weird if you think about it. I'm from, and in, Connecticut!

I am so tempted right now by everyones Jaywalkers I am seeing... you are evil. I have a clapotis and vintage socks to make for Mama Mao BEFORE the 21st... TEMPTATION!!

and yet I find myself praying that a LYS in Seattle will have that colour because it is gorgeous!!

I love the koigu socks you knit for me too! (kidding)

i started a pair of jaywalkers two days ago! those are the ones i've been knitting on two rows at a time, two rows on my bus ride to work, short ride, two at each break. the patter is nearly thoughtless but has plenty of texture. wonderful. if i remember rightly, i'm using 'sock it to me' yarn, it has lots of short burst of color; looks like someone stepped on a box of crayons.

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